IMG Chapter 82 Tiramisu

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After Luo Lingxing returned home, he was so entangled with Han Shuxin that he even had to coax the little girl all the way until the next day and convince her to stay home. But it wasn’t easy for him to leave for the military district to do his training.

In the end, if he hadn’t promised to go visit her next weekend and give her ten autographed photos, the little brat might have even followed to school, which would have been very inconvenient.

“Big brother, you have to come see me next weekend.” When Han Shuxin was picked up by Han Junyu, she reluctantly glanced at Luo Lingxing, and worried that he’d forget, she continuously reminded him.

“Okay, I’ll definitely visit you next week,” Luo Lingxing replied with a smile.

Only then did the little girl turn around to follow her dad home. And Luo Lingxing finally let out a breath of relief.

Although he really liked children, he never got many chances to interact with children and didn’t have a lot of experience. And so, these last two days, he experienced something new but was also a bit tired from it.

Luo Lingxing decided to return to school early. In the past, he always went back to school on Monday for class but considering how tired he was from these past two days, he planned to return to the dorms on Sunday. That way, he’d be able to sleep in before classes the next day.

Han Junzhan took over the job of sending Luo Lingxing back to campus, and Luo Lingxing didn’t think anything of it since Han Junzhan had been the one driving him around recently. He was already used to this expensive chauffeur.

Han Junzhan didn’t visit Luo Lingxing’s dorm again. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to but that Zhang Xuan just so happened to need him for something, so he could only regrettably drop Luo Lingxing off at the entrance before leaving.

As soon as Luo Lingxing entered his dorm, he saw Xia Yuan playing with his handheld computer on the couch. When Xia Yuan saw him enter, his eyes lit up.

“Xiao Luoluo, you’re back.” Xia Yuan had a sunny smile on his face, making those who see it instantly feel better.

“Mn, why did you also come back early?” Luo Lingxing was also shocked to see Xia Yuan here. He thought that he would be by himself tonight.

Xia Yuan curled his lips and said, “It’s boring at home, so I came back early.”

Not long later, Xia Yuan’s eyes lit up again as he looked at Luo Lingxing. He didn’t say anything as he continued to look at him like this.

Luo Lingxing was helpless and could only take out the box of cake that he had just made from his bag and handed it to Xia Yuan who was waiting to be fed. As expected, his eyes lit up as soon as he saw it and his smile became even brighter. If he had a tail, it definitely would be happily swaying side to side right now.

Taking the cake, Xia Yuan couldn’t wait to open it and exclaimed, “It’s actually tiramisu. Looks so good.”

Luo Lingxing smiled and shook his head. He turned around to place his things inside his own room. Xia Yuan’s exclamation earlier suddenly reminded him of the video he shot yesterday and never uploaded it onto Bilibili. Seconds later, he heard Xia Yuan’s startled cry from outside.

Luo Lingxing paused his actions, and quickly opened the door of his room and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xia Yuan hugged his computer and looked very excited as fumbled around about something and said excitedly, “Xiao Luoluo, my favorite food uploader posted a new video. Guess what they made this time?”

Luo Lingxing had thought something had happened, but when he heard this, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

Although Luo Lingxing didn’t cooperate with him, Xia Yuan was still very excited and revealed the answer by himself, “Tiramisu! The new video he uploaded was actually tiramisu, and you just gave me tiramisu! It’s really too perfect. When I watched his videos in the past, I’d always wanted to try his pastries. I didn’t think I’d get the first chance to eat his pastries this time. Although it’s not personally made by him, your cooking is also delicious. I’m so lucky!”

Xia Yuan sat down to watch the video as he spoke, completely not caring if Luo Lingxing answered him or not.

Sound came from Xia Yuan’s handheld computer, and it wasn’t low either. And the voice that came from it was clearly sent to Luo Lingxing’s ear. It was a very familiar voice.

“Hello, everyone. I’m God Luo. I’ve seen recently that a lot of people want to see how tiramisu is made. Hmm…this matter is a bit troublesome. I’m not an expert in western foods, and I’d never made tiramisu before. However, in order to fulfill everyone’s wishes, I looked up the tiramisu recipe online just now and prepared the ingredients. This will be my first time trying to make it, so everyone can just watch along.”

And so, the prepared ingredients were placed on the table. The camera happened to be able to capture everything.

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 48 grams of granulated sugar, 1 gram of salt, lemon juice (white vinegar) 5 drops, 48 grams of cake flour, 24 grams butter (vegetable oil), 250 grams of mascarpone, 150 mL of whipping cream, 75 grams of water, 2 egg yolks, 20 mL of coffee, 2 gelatin pieces, an appropriate amount of cocoa powder, and an appropriate amount of Ladyfingers.

Xia Yuan intently watched it as if he immediately saw everything that was showing in the video. It was like he was crouching in Luo Lingxing’s room, waiting for the other party to send the video.

At this moment, there were many fans like him. Everyone was watching with keen interest, and there were even some who were watching the video while having their meal.

The fans stared at the video without blinking, and when they saw him start making the tiramisu, they all became very excited and started leaving comments one after another.

“God Luo really is making tiramisu! The little brother who was going to confess, you can finally start preparing your confession.”

“Little brother who’s gonna confess, you have to come online and tell us the result after you confess.”

“If that girl doesn’t agree, you can bring the tiramisu and confess to me. I’ll definitely accept you.”

“…” These teasing bullet comments could be seen everywhere.

“These are all the ingredients you need. Up next, we’ll start making the cake base. This is relatively simple…” Luo Lingxing used simple words to explain the complex directions from the online recipe, and very easily made the cake base that was very beautiful and alluring. Even if he didn’t add any other ingredients, it was still very appetizing.

“After the cake is baked and while we’re waiting for it to cool, we can do the most important step. We’ll use the mixer to mix the two egg yolks until it thickens. Then mix sugar and water, then cook until it boils. Once it boils, turn off the heat. Then use the mixer to slowly pour in the prepared egg yolk mixture into the sugar water and beat it continuously for five or more minutes…”

For every step, Luo Lingxing used his clear voice to explain in the details of the steps that they needed to pay attention to. Of course, there was a shining light from the quantum computer on the side which clearly displayed the recipe for the tiramisu. However, the attentive people could tell that the recipe displayed from the quantum computer was a lot more complex than Luo Lingxing’s. Moreover, there were some parts that were unclear, and after listening to Luo Lingxing’s explanation, they had a feeling like “Oh, so that’s how it’s done.”

“Alright, now we’re at the last step. We’ve already processed all the ingredients, and now it’s time to start putting it together. We’ll cut the baked sponge cake into two and cut off the edges. We’ll brush a layer of coffee liqueur onto the top of the cake, and add in half of the cream roux. Once we even out the cream roux, place on the other piece of cake and add another layer of coffee liqueur, then spread on the remaining cream roux. Afterward, sprinkle the cocoa powder and use the Ladyfingers as decoration, and you’re done. Everyone can give it a try,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. The delicate tiramisu that he had just made was in front of him.

“Oh… This is my first time trying to make western pastries. I don’t know how it’ll taste, so I’ll give it a try,” Luo Lingxing said. He picked up a small piece of cake and placed it in his mouth, sampling it. The camera captured his lips and everything below that. During this time, there were countless fans that were captivated by those ruddy and tender lips. Hearts appeared in those obsessed fan’s eyes, and the bullet comment exploded again.

“My God, he’s a tempter! He’s too alluring. He’s even more enticing than those colorful uploaders. God Luo, show us your face. I promise I won’t harass you.”

“OMG, Mommy, I’m sorry. I suddenly realized that I like men.”

“o.O Are you a man?”

“I’m a straight, very straight manly man. However, after watching this video, I feel like I’m going to be bent. Moreover, I’m very willing to become bent. What should I do?”

“God Luo, quickly show your face or else so many men will become bent by you. You must take responsibility.”

“If God Luo shows his face, I’m afraid even more men will become bent. I suddenly feel that as a single woman, it’s better if God Luo continues on like this.”

”In this day in age, handsome men always end up with other handsome men, making a beautiful woman like me stay single. It’s so unfair, sob sob sob…”

The bullet comments continued nonstop and became full of comments, obstructing the video a bit. Xia Yuan really wanted to turn off the bullet comment but also didn’t want to miss out on everyone’s comments. He wanted to interact with them and decided to watch again later without the bullet comments.

Luo Lingxing’s video still continued.

“I tried it and think that the recipe online doesn’t need to be copied exactly. If you reduce the coffee and cocoa powder, the flavor will be much better. You guys can make slight adjustments according to your own tastes. Those who want a lighter flavor can add less coffee. Those who like a stronger milky flavor can add more cream. Alright, this video will end here. I’ll see everyone again next time.”

“Damn! My God Luo really is amazing! He was able to make it this good on his first try. How will a klutz like me make this?”

“I think when my Mommy gave birth to me, she gave birth to the wrong gender. To be such a klutz, I should probably be a man.”

“You’re wrong. God Luo is also a man and he still did a good job. You should probably be a transvestite.”

“Did you guys see? God Luo recreated the online recipe for the first time, and after just taking it, he was able to tell where it was lacking and even give us suggestions on how to change it. He really is a God.”

”God Luo, I really love you. Can I ask if you’re lacking someone to hang off your coattails? One that can’t make pastries but can eat them.”

“God Luo, you should open a dessert shop. I promise I’ll visit every day. I really want to eat the dessert that God Luo made. They’re too tempting.”

“Agreed. God Luo, open a shop. Open it and fulfill the hearts of us foodies.”

“I’ve decided. I’m going to look on the virtual network again. God Luo’s lips are too tempting. I want to see them up close.”

The bullet comments showed many fans had the same idea. The current online network could be viewed in two different methods. The first was the same as before, with the computer as the medium. Everyone could type or leave voice messages. And the other method was holographic virtual reality. Everyone could use their quantum computer or helmet to connect to the virtual world.

There were naturally two ways to watch Bilibili. And since the virtual method was more intimate and real, there was usually a fee. Moreover, the fee paid will be proportionally divided to the uploader.

Since Luo Lingxing had accidentally captured his lips in the video, the fans all became crazed. And being hyped by themselves wasn’t enough, so they crazily watched it together with the others. And so, Luo Lingxing’s video had several times more clicks than previously, and the fans using virtual viewing was dozens and hundreds of times more than before. And like this, Luo Lingxing’s income from Bilibili became very impressive. Of course, Luo Lingxing wasn’t aware of any of this at this moment.

“So amazing. I really can’t tell that this is God Luo’s first time making tiramisu. It looks so exquisite and tasty. It must be very delicious. I wonder who’s tiramisu is tastier, Xiao Luoluo’s or God Luo’s?” When Xia Yuan finished watching the video, he couldn’t help but say to himself.

Luo Lingxing: Can you be compared against yourself…?

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