IMG Chapter 83 Movie Invitation

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His classes went on as usual as well as his training. Chen Hongliang also bustled around everyday to find more opportunities for Luo Lingxing. On this day, he received a strange call. And once the call was finished, Chen Hongliang didn’t return to his senses for quite a while, and he stood still, unmoving like a statue.

Ten minutes later, the passing people on the streets heard a shocking shriek. And soon after, crazy, loud laughter sounded. The pedestrians who had stopped quickened their pace. Their faces had an expression of shock.

“He made it! He made it! Xiao Luo is gonna blow up this time!” Chen Hongliang laughed for a full five minutes before controlling his emotions with much difficulty. Although the matter wasn’t finalized, Luo Lingxing will be able to go far in the future after having this kind of opportunity.

After calming down, Chen Hongliang realized that the pedestrians looked at him like he was a madman. There were even some people who had taken out their terminal to start recording. His face reddened, and he ran out of there as fast as he could.

Meanwhile, Luo Lingxing was still in the classroom listening to the lecture. He was currently listening to the system application class, and as usual, he shared the system interface using Gao Fei’s system.

Luo Lingxing was very curious about the systems of this world. In his opinion, some functions of this world’s system were similar to his cultivation skills of his previous world. However, it wasn’t as flexible and varied as his cultivation skills. On the other hand, it was similar to a low-level cultivation skill.

“If you want to use the flying features of the system, then your system must reach the third level first. If your system level reaches this degree, then when you’re shooting ancient films, you won’t need to use the wires to fly in the air. This is much more natural and safer than using the wire,” the teacher explained to everyone as he played the slideshow.

Luo Lingxing could fly by himself as long as he cultivated till the fusion stage. When that happened, he wouldn’t need to hang from the wire either.

“There’s also a martial arts function. As long as you input the martial arts, it will be able to automatically control your body to perform the desired effects. It will make the filing more perfect and strict. Of course, there are many other functions as well, but you need to reach a certain level before they activate. Therefore, besides studying the classes for your major, you must also work hard to level up your system. The higher the level of your system, the further you’ll be able to go in the future.”

The teacher spoke very eloquently, but Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but sink into thought.

While the teacher was explaining these system functions, he thought that even if he didn’t have a system, he could do it better than the system. For example, that martial arts function. To those cultivators from his previous world, perfecting and accurately controlling those martial arts moves weren’t anything difficult. As long as you were quick and you had keen senses, one can immediately detect the other party’s moves, as well as predict what they would do next, and easily dodge the attacks. They didn’t need to rely on a system at all.

Therefore, Luo Lingxing was very confident that he would be able to go far in the entertainment industry. In the past, he thought that you absolutely needed a system in order to stay in the entertainment industry, but now, he knows that as long as he cultivates and becomes stronger, he could still succeed even if he didn’t have a system. In fact, compared to the system functions, his own abilities were a lot more amazing and practical.

“Alright, class will end here for today. Everyone, go back and familiarize yourselves with the functions I explained today. Class is dismissed!” Once the teacher finished speaking, he left the classroom.

The students were still curiously playing with their systems since they had all only awakened their systems for about a year or so. They didn’t know much about the system functions and were very curious.

“Classmate Luo, do you want to review the functions? I can stay for a bit longer,” Gao Fei asked.

Luo Lingxing was about to shake his head when he received a video call notification. He apologized to Gao Fei, then lef the classroom to take the call.

“Xiao Luo, Xiao Luo! I have good news for you!” Chen Hongliang’s excited expression appeared on the screen. Even if they were separated by the screen, anyone could still feel his joy.

”What happened?” Luo Lingxing asked in a low voice.

“Xiao Luo, do you know Director Qian Xuewen?” Chen Hongliang’s eyes shined brighter when Luo Lingxing nodded his head.

”He gave us an acting class before,” Luo Lingxing replied.

“Director Qian is currently preparing to shoot an interstellar mecha movie. His crew gave me a call, wanting you to audition for them. This is Director Qian’s movie!” Chen Hongliang excitedly said.

Luo Lingxing only had one work under his belt and it was also a very minor side character. Although he attracted many fans recently, there were celebrities everywhere in the entertainment industry, so he wasn’t very remarkable.

He (CHL) originally wanted to pick two TV series for him (LLX) to raise his popularity. And as he was considering doing a movie, he didn’t expect that they would get the opportunity to audition for a movie as their second work. Moreover, it was a movie prepared by Director Qian Xuewen! This was basically a meat pie falling from the sky!

“Do you know how well-known Director Qian Xuewen is in the directing world? Every film he’s directed has been very popular, and he has helped raise many celebrities who have participated in his films. So many people line up hoping to participate in his films, and there are those who don’t even ask to be paid. Even if it was a small role, it would still greatly help their popularity,” Chen Hongliang said.

“You should know Ye Luohan, right? His debut film was directed by Qian Xuewen. Ye Luohan, who hadn’t debuted for long, became very popular with that film and his popularity has been spiraling out of control since then,” Chen Hongliang continued to explain as if he was very knowledgeable about all of Director Qian Xuewen’s legendary deeds, especially the information about who had become popular because of his films, who was almost past their prime time, and stories of those who had returned to their peak again because of participating in his films. As he spoke, he became even more excited, and his hands waved around in dance.

“I understand. When is the audition?” Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but facepalm his forehead as he spoke up to stop Chen Hongliang’s stories. He felt that this person could speak all the way until tomorrow.

”Hehe… I got too excited since I haven’t even heard wind about this movie yet and they had personally contacted me to have you audition. That’s why I’m so excited. I’m still arranging the script with them. I’ll contact you once I receive it.” Chen Hongliang couldn’t contain his excitement, and even till now, he still felt that it was a dream. The reason he called Luo Lingxing was also because he subconsciously wanted to share his excitement with someone.

“Okay, I got it. I’ll talk to you again once you get the script.” Luo Lingxing hung up the call as soon as he finished speaking in case the other party continued to excitedly praise how amazing Director Qian Xuewen was to him.

Although Luo Lingxing was calmer than Chen Hongliang after hearing this news, he didn’t expect Mr. Qian to directly invite him to audition. However, he still had a profound impression on Director Qian. Of course, it all started from that acting class he taught during the start of school. And afterward, he wanted to learn more about Director Qian Xuewen. He knew some of his deeds and knew that if he was able to participate in one of Director Qian’s films, it would greatly help his popularity. However, nothing was decided yet, and it wasn’t a good thing to be excited too early.

And so, while at school, Luo Lingxing continued to live life as an ordinary college student.

Meanwhile, rumors of Ye Luohan returning to the entertainment industry this year had already become abuzz.

Although Ye Luohan hadn’t completely retired, he was basically acting as if he was retired right now. He would only accept one film a year at most and some senior endorsement roles. His fans supported and looked forward to this film the most. Even if he continued on like this, it seemed that his fans didn’t decrease at all. On the contrary, it rose every year. He was the well-deserved king of the entertainment industry, and the person all celebrities looked up to as well as aspired to be.

Therefore, every year when he accepted a film, it would stir up a huge sensation. Fans had also dubbed this “this year’s return.”

The prediction of Ye Luohan’s “this year’s return” had already begun when ‘The Enchantress’ first started production. At that time, all the crew members who saw Ye Luohan almost went crazy. If the director hadn’t strictly prohibited them from posting any news related to Ye Luohan, the news of his return would have been spread everywhere long ago.

If Director Qian was the one who could make a celebrity popular, then Ye Luohan was the one who could make a director’s film popular. Each and every film he had participated in had become very popular. The directors who wanted to recruit him for their films were countless, but it was a shame that he only accepted one film each year. And the film he accepted indicated the upcoming trend of the next year.

And so it wasn’t only just fans who were looking forward to Ye Luohan’s return. All the directors were also looking forward to it just as much.

“Aaah… The Male God has returned. The Male God has finally returned for the year. I’ve been looking forward to it so much that my hair has turned white.”

“Sob sob… It’s great that the Male God has returned. I will finally have a new movie to lick my screen other. I’ve repeatedly rewatched his other films n times already, but I still think it’s not enough.”

“Ahhh… The Male God has finally returned for the year. I wonder who’s movie the Male God will join this year? Regardless of whose it is or what genre it is, I will always support the Male God.”

“The Male God is the best. Male God, quickly come out and let me take a good look at you. I want to see if you lost weight or became even more handsome.”

“I suddenly feel like life has become even more beautiful. I’ll have something to look forward to again in the future.” The online fans were crazily discussing news of Ye Luohan on all the major websites. Of the top ten topics on Weibo, Ye Luohan occupied at least half of them, and this was only after news of his return was released. If he actually did reappear to the scene, all the top ten topics would probably be occupied by him alone. This was enough to see how much influence this person had.

However, Ye Luohan’s return had nothing to do with Luo Lingxing, and he didn’t care much about it since his entire focus was currently on the script that he held in his hand ‘Interstellar Mecha’ that Director Qian Xuewen had given to Chen Hongliang. It was also the work that he (QXW)  had been preparing for this year. Currently, besides the main male lead who had already been decided upon, he was holding auditions for all the other roles.

“Xiao Luo, look over the script first and see if you like the role, then we can go to the audition,” Chen Hongliang said to Luo Lingxing. He didn’t tell Luo Lingxing beforehand that he wanted him to take the role because he didn’t want to affect Luo Lingxing’s judgment.

After Luo Lingxing obtained the script, he earnestly studied it.

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