IMG Chapter 5 Older Brother’s Too Powerful

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Luo Binghan is a general in the army. You could say that he and Han Junzhan are comrade-in-arms. However, he is usually stationed on the Flowing Cloud Star so he rarely goes to the Emperor Star.

“This is an official permit card. If you encounter any unsightly people that try to hinder you in the future, you can bring this out and they will definitely show you some respect.” Luo Bingshuo directly inlaid a microchip on Luo Lingxing’s personal terminal.

Luo Bingshou is currently a new rising star in the world of politics. Although his current position isn’t very high, with his abilities and the Luo Family background, his promotion will happen sooner or later.

“This purple card 1 doesn’t have an upper limit. Take it with you and buy whatever you want. Don’t try to be frugal just to save me some money. Our family has enough money to last a couple lifetimes and still have a lot left over.” Luo Bingze handed Luo Lingxing a luxurious glossy purple card. 

The little fourth brother, Luo Bingxu, enviously stared at the permit card that allowed his little brother to sufficiently live at ease in the political world, in the military, and even in the business world. He covetly swallowed his saliva, he also wanted one. However, once he remembered how his little brother had suffered in the past and what he’s about to face now, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

“As your fourth brother, I may not be as rich as your other three older brothers since I’m still in school, but this is the newest edition mecha that I created. You can take it with you and play with it when you’re free.” Luo Bingxu handed over a space hub that was about the size of a button. Inside was indeed the newest edition mecha that he developed.

Luo Lingxing took the hub, and after hearing what his fourth brother said, couldn’t help but lift the corners of his mouth. He learned a lot of common knowledge this past year. He knows that although his fourth brother hasn’t graduated yet, he’s already become a very distinguished figure in the world of mecha. Every piece of mecha he creates leaves even the military in astonishment. Adding on the fact that this is the newest edition, well, everyone would just die from jealousy, alright?

He doesn’t really consider things such as fame and fortune to be very important since he had it in abundance in his last life, but these were all prepared by his older brothers so of course he was moved.

“Thank you guys,” a rare, emotional sentence came out of Luo Lingxing.

“You have to take good care of yourself once you get to the Emperor Star. If Junzhan picks on you, then tell me. I’ll help you teach him a lesson,” Luo Binghan warns again, unassured.

“You have to come back often to visit us. We’ll definitely go see any movies you film!” Luo Bingxu said.

It was difficult to obtain a younger brother so he was really reluctant to seperate.

“I’ll take care of myself. Also, I hope that I can rely on my own abilities to get into the entertainment industry. Can you guys not get involved for now?” Luo Lingxing said.

It’s not that he had rigid morals and refused to enter through the back door, but it’s because he discovered that if he used his own abilities to obtain the love of his fans, the Power of Faith he gathered was a lot purer than when he relied on others. Furthermore, he was confident in his skills.

“I understand. If you have any problems, don’t forget to tell us,” his brothers made him promise.

His three uncles also separately came to urge him afterwards. And in the end, it seemed as if the whole family came out to send him off to the airship destined towards the Emperor Star.

Even though Luo Lingxing rode on flying swords in his last life and had seen all sorts of sceneries, when he saw the vast outer space, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

Compared to the endless, pitch-black space, humans were just like insignificant ants. And in this vast space, it felt as if regardless of how amazing humans are, they still can’t escape the confines of space.

As expected, there’s always a greater force out there than oneself. Luo Lingxing was suddenly filled with excitement for his new life.

He hadn’t felt this excited in a long time. It seems that perishing with Mo Hanhai wasn’t a bad thing.

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1: Purple card: Think of a black card for the VIP’s of the VIP.

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