IMG Chapter 4 Four Older Brothers

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“I understand,” Luo Lingxing replied agreeably, but what he says and his actions may not necessarily match.

If you ask what Luo Lingxing is most vexed about after coming into this world, well, it’s precisely this matter with Han Junzhan.

Speaking of this matter, it was the host who indirectly caused this engagement. The host was originally engaged to the young master from the Xi Family, who were in similar social statuses with the Su Family. However, once they found out that the host’s system never awakened, they canceled the engagement and made a new engagement with another young master from the Su Family. This matter is something that severely hurt the host.

Once the Luo family brought him back and heard about that matter, they wanted to make the Su Family regret abandoning Luo LingXing and help him recover from his heartbreak so they arranged an engagement with the Han Family. Not just that, but it was with the Han Family’s current generation genius. The one who is considered to be blessed by the gods, Han Junzhan.

Of course, Luo Lingxing only found out about this later on, and it was already too late to regret it by then. He isn’t opposed to relationships between males since it’s quite common for two males to become a daoist couple in the cultivation world, but he really dislikes having to be bound to a stranger like this.

It was fortunate that their engagement was settled in secret. Other than the two families, no one else knows. He knows the other party isn’t interested in him at all and was only forced into this by the two heads of the families, so that means he still has a chance to break off this engagement. 

Everyone in the Luo Family was filled with worry and reluctance upon discovering that Luo Lingxing was heading to the Emperor Star.

“Little brother1, your body only just got better so why are you in so much of a rush to go to the Emperor Star? If you like acting so much then we can invest in some films here for you to shoot! How about that?” His third older cousin, Luo Bingze said in an overbearing tone.

Luo Bingze is in charge of the Ze Cheng Corp. They assemble the most famous and powerful hover cars and airships in the entire Empire. Even the big shots in government and military all purchase their vehicles from his company. The company is now even involved in the more influential mecha industry. The amount of money the company makes completely cannot be calculated. 

“Exactly! In any case, investing in a movie is just a trifling matter considering how much money third brother makes. Tell us which script you like and we’ll go invest in it. That way, you don’t have to leave here,” His fourth older cousin, Luo Bingxu parroted.

Luo Bingxu is Luo Lingxing’s third uncle’s son. He’s only two years older than Luo Lingxing. He’s currently a 21 year old attending university.

“Third brother. Fourth brother. I’m currently still a student. Although I had to take a year break, I still need to go back and finish the remainder of my studies,” Luo Lingxing said.

He was a student at a university in the Emperor Star’s capital. He had just gotten into the performing arts department last year and should’ve been celebrating his shining future, however, he was tested and determined not to have a system and was chased out of his family instead. Afterwards, he became injured and was forced into taking a year’s rest from school. He decided that he must go back and finish his schooling no matter what because those courses may help him understand acting better.

“Little brother, if you want to finish your schooling, then I can help you transfer to a university on the Flowing Cloud Star. You can stay here and continue your studies with Little Four2,” the silent second older brother, Luo Bingshuo, finally opened his mouth to say.

“Brother, I want to return to the Emperor Star,” Luo Lingxing persisted. 

Luo Lingxing knows that his four older brothers treat him very well and that they’re just worried that he’ll get bullied once he returns to the Emperor Star, but he’s not the same Luo Lingxing as before. If someone wanted to bully him, then they’d first have to consider their own competence. However, he hasn’t had this feeling of being doted on and loved for so long.

The last time he experienced this must have been more than a thousand years ago, before he became a true cultivator. Back then, his imperial older brothers also doted on him like this.

“Since little brother is being so persistent, then we can’t say anything either. Take this permit card with you. If you encounter any difficulties on the Emperor Star, you can use it to directly enter the army headquarters to find Han Junzhan,” his eldest cousin, Luo Binghan3 handed a thin card to Luo Lingxing.

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  1. Little brother: Although they’re all cousins, a lot of times families will refer to each other as brother/sister depending on which side of the family they’re from. Find out more in the Termbank. The “little” here means he’s the youngest in the family. ↩︎
  2. Little Four: It’s common to call someone by their rank in the family instead of name. Here it means he’s the fourth oldest in his generation in the family. ↩︎
  3. Luo Binghan: I know it’s a bit weird they all have similar names but it’s usually tradition to have the same middle name in the family. The only reason the MC has a different middle name is because he was born outside the family. ↩︎

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