IMG Chapter 3 You Have the Husband’s Family

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Luo Lingxing used to be a child star who had quite a bit of reputation, but when they couldn’t detect a system on him at the age of eighteen, he was shelved.

The reason why he wants to continue in the entertainment industry is because he discovered that being loved by others would produce Power of Faith. This Power of Faith is precisely those little white balls of light that were drifting in the air before. Using it, it can help him cultivate, and at the same time, nourish his body.

Presently, the Power of Faith that he’s able to absorb is slowly dwindling because they came from people who used to be fans of the host. If he wants to obtain more Power of Faith, the fastest way would be to return to the entertainment circle.

Although he’s never acted before, in the numerous years he’s lived, the thing he enjoyed the most was going to different stratums in society and pretending to be someone from a different social class. Blending in with the different lifestyles was the only enjoyment he had in his long life. And from his understanding, what they call [acting] is just pretending to be another person, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for him.

“But if you go to the Emperor Star, you’ll definitely run into those bastards,” Luo Jingfu was still a bit worried and gritted his teeth.

When he found this nephew of his a year ago, he was already at his deathbed, just holding on to his last breath. Every time Luo Jingfu remembers the powerless appearance of his nephew, he becomes filled with rage, wishing to rush to the Emperor Star and make all of the people in the Su Family pay the price.

Luo Lingxing’s mother was the youngest daughter of the Luo Family. She was kidnapped by an enemy when she was really young and her whereabouts became unknown. The Luo Family never abandoned their search for their youngest daughter, however, when they finally obtained information of her whereabouts, she had already passed, only leaving behind this young son.

Back then, they thought that since the child had lost his mom at such a young age, it would cause problems in his growth if he was also separated from his dad. Moreover, the Su Family had a good family background, they wouldn’t let this nephew of theirs suffer any hardships so they never exerted their presence or met with the nephew.

However, little did they know that everyone in the Su Family were all beasts wearing a human mask, especially their head of the family. Not even a year had passed since their youngest daughter passed before he married another. They thought, in the beginning, that their nephew would finally have a complete family, but who would’ve imagined that family would treat their nephew like that?

It’s a shame that it was already too late by the time they found out. They almost, nearly completely lost their little nephew.

Whenever they think of this, they start to hate the Su Family even more and become even more filled with regret. If they had brought the little nephew back home back then, then perhaps the nephew wouldn’t have suffered this much .

Luo Lingxing saw Luo Jingfu gritting his teeth and knew that he was regretting the past again and hating the Su Family.

He’s seen this expression numerous times already after reuniting with his family that he’s already used to it.

When it’s all said and done, nothing can be changed and their little nephew, Luo Lingxing is already gone and the person remaining is himself. However, since he’s occupying Luo Lingxing’s body, he’ll help him fulfill his wish.

“It’s fine, uncle. I’ll take care of myself,” Luo Lingxing said. He’s not the same Luo Lingxing as before. If those people come looking for trouble, then he won’t just grin and bear it.

The Luo Lingxing that came from the cultivation world is someone who is filled with pride.

Although he may not have a system, it doesn’t affect him from entering the entertainment circle. Although, it seems that the celebrities that want to go far in the entertainment circle all must have a celebrity’s system.

“Go ahead then, since you like acting so much. The whole Luo family and I will be supporting you from behind. Your husband’s family, the Han Family, will also become your pillars of support. Since you’re going back to the Emperor Star this time, you should just move in with Junzhan. You guys haven’t seen each other since the engagement was settled. You can use this time to cultivate the feelings between the two of you,” LuoJingfu said with a smile.

He became less worried at the mention of Han Junzhan. With Han Junzhan there, Xiao Xing1 definitely won’t get bullied. 

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I was worried that his uncle would be the one that bullies him, but I’m glad that’s not the case. TT

  1. Xiao Xing – It means little Xing. It’s common to take a part of someone’s name and add “little/big” in front of it to show familiarity. ↩︎

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      1. Maybe she was already pregnant when she was kidnapped? Or she was kidnapped as a child, grew up thinking she was an orphan or something, and then married into the Sun family.

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