IMG Chapter 2 Transmigrating to Another World

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Lush trees surrounded the area. Unknown, multi-colored wildflowers bloomed all around, adding vitality to the green surroundings. The sunlight peeked through the lush green leaves, scrambling into little dots.

A large hammock was hung between two trees. A youth currently laid on it, basking in the warm sunlight, feeling languid and content.

The youth was wearing a short-sleeved white t-shirt and some casual pants that exposed delicate ankles that could be grasped in one hand. The sight ignited pity from those that saw.

The youth was currently laying on the hammock with his eyes closed and an arm resting on his forehead to protect from the harsh sunshine. His fine eyelashes slightly trembled, and below his small and upright nose laid enticing, ruddy lips. Even though his fair complexion gives off a feeling of weakness, this appearance, generally speaking, is that of a delicate and handsome man. 

A servant dressed in a maid’s outfit rushed over from the distance. She stood in front of the youth and said, “Little master, there you are. The second master is looking for you.”

“I got it.” The youth’s voice was clear and gentle, as refreshing as a flowing river.

The frequency of the trembling eyelashes increased, slightly raising up and exposing star-like eyes. The pitch-black eyes were bright, sucking people in unconsciously.

The female servant had seen the youth open his eyes many times before, and yet still she gets dazed every single time she sees it.

The youth got off the hammock and glanced around. His gaze fell in mid-air, making others wonder what he’s looking at.

Actually, if there were cultivators here, then they’d be able to see the sparse white balls of light drifting around. These balls of light floated around the youth in a sort of systematic pattern. They were finally absorbed by the youth’s body and disappeared.

These balls of light are the biggest surprise that Luo Lingxing discovered after coming into this world. He relied on them to help him return to his previous cultivation.

That’s right, this youth is Luo Lingxing, the exceptional genius cultivator that mutually perished along with the Demon King. He originally thought that after self-detonating, his soul would return to the nether world. He never imagined that once he opened his eyes again, he would be in an extremely mysterious and foreign world instead. The people here are completely different from what he knew and the technology here is more advanced than any other place he’s been to.

Moreover, perhaps because he self-detonated, his soul was injured and all his cultivation was lost. Fortunately, he discovered that the people of this world did not know how to cultivate. So even if he didn’t have his cultivation, his life wouldn’t be at risk for now.

“Second Uncle, you were looking for me?” Luo Lingxing called out in front of a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man took good care of his health, so even though he was already fifty years old, he looks like he only just reached his forties. His rigid face was once considered very handsome during his youth.

“I heard you want to go to the Emperor Star?” Luo Jingfu lifted his head to see his slightly thin and weak nephew, a look of regret flashing through his eyes.

“Mn,” Luo Lingxing replied, indifferent.

When he was first reborn a year ago, his body was too frail so he couldn’t travel far from home, but now, after recuperating for a year, his body is in a much better condition than before.

“Do you not like staying here? What are you going to do in the Emperor Star?” Luo Jingfu doesn’t actually want his nephew to return to the Emperor Star because that is where the source of his nephew’s suffering is. He doesn’t want his nephew to get hurt again.

“It’s great here, but I want to continue… acting,” Luo Lingxing paused before saying.

[Acting] That should be what it’s called. He probably didn’t say it wrong.

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