IMG Chapter 1 Mutual Destruction

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Mo Hanhai is the most respected Demon King. For the past ten thousands of years, he has been attempting to lead the demons into attacking the human world to bring destruction upon the humans and conquer Earth.

Luo Lingxing is an exceptional genius in the human world of cultivators. In just a short thousand years, he has already become a master cultivator. He just needs a final push before he could ascend.

Mo Hanhai led the Demons in an invasion and Luo Lingxing led the human cultivators in the resistance, fighting the Demons for a full hundred years. It was a long battle full of suffering and tragedy. The whole human world was as if it was plunged into purgatory. The common people lived wishing for death.

In the end, Luo Lingxing exploded his core and dragged Mo Hanhai into mutual destruction. Only then did the people finally have brilliance and renewed hope. This is something that all humans will never forget.

On that day, it was clear and sunny, without a single cloud in sight. As if those hundred years of war never existed. The sky had never been more blue.

Luo Lingxing and Mo Hanhai each occupied a mountain peak, gazing at each other.

The man standing on the mountain peak had his body straight and hands clasped behind his back, looking very handsome. Under his straight eyebrows were a pair of shining and charming black eyes that were currently staring at the person across from him with a bit of fierceness. He was blessed with a straight nose and bright red lips that were currently tightly pursed. His white robes made him seem as if he had just descended from heavens. He was brimming with elegance.

That person is the leader of the cultivation world, Luo Lingxing.

As for the man opposite him, he had a rough appearance and was shrouded in black robes. Except for his unreadable face, the rest of his body was concealed by those black robes, giving off an uncomfortably gloomy atmosphere. This person is the leader of the Demons, Mo Hanhai, and the main culprit who started the battle against the humans.

“Let’s settle this today. If you lose, then take your men and run back to the Demon world!” Luo Lingxing freely said. His cold voice resembling fine pearls falling on a jade platter, resounding in the heart of everyone present.

“Then what if you lose? Will you offer the whole human world to me?” Mo Hanhai sneered. His voice was hoarse, like sandpaper, causing those who hear it to scrunch their brows.

“I won’t lose!” Luo Lingxing is as expressionless as always. His voice not giving off the slightest fluctuation. However, his mannerisms and expression underwent a change, making people intuitively trust in his words.

“Haha…” Mo Hanhai suddenly laughed mockingly, as if he just heard the world’s greatest joke.

Because to him, even though Luo Lingxing is a well known figure in the cultivation world, he is still only a thousand years old. Even if he has already become a master cultivator, he’s still not fit to be his opponent. He’s words are nothing but a fantasy and, in the end, he’ll be reduced to a laughingstock.

The demons heard their king laughing nonstop and their own bodies started convulsing with laughter. The sound of laughter quickly spread through the mountain range, but Luo Lingxing’s expression remained unchanged, as if he couldn’t hear it.

“I won’t lose, and you won’t win either.” Luo Lingxing suddenly says. However, it was a shame that the only person who could hear this sentence was himself.

In the next moment, the Mo Hanhai and Luo Lingxing, who were standing on the two mountain points, suddenly started fighting. It was a fight against masters. As for those with low cultivation, it could only be considered a battle full of suffering and torment since the two that were currently fighting didn’t conceal the pressure from their powers. Merely this and it already caused numerous cultivators to be unable to endure.

However, even if their bodies were suffering, they didn’t plan on leaving. They persisted on lifting their heads to watch their leader fight against the Demon King for their sake.

If you consider the Demon King’s cultivation to that of a cultivator, then you could say that he is also a master cultivator, but he’s been at this stage a lot longer than Luo Lingxing has. Since his experiences were also a lot richer than Luo Lingxing’s, it was obvious that he was leading the fight.

“If you surrender now, I could consider sparing your life and appointing you as my general. How does that sound?” Mo Hanhai spat out bait in order to entice Luo Lingxing, but all he got in return was Luo Lingxing’s ruthless attack.

Mo Hanhai seemed to have offended Luo Lingxing, and also started fighting more ruthlessly.

Luo Lingxing understood that if this continued on, he would definitely lose. However, he stuck by his words, “I won’t lose, and you won’t win either.”

He was loud enough this time for both of them to have heard.

“What are you going to do?” Mo Hanhai suddenly glared at Luo Lingxing, a bit of fear mixed into his voice. “You don’t want your life anymore?”

Mo Hanhai ferociously attacked Luo Lingxing again, not concerning himself with hitting the target, but getting far away from him instead. However, it was a shame that his stiff attack was blocked by Luo Lingxing.

“You lunatic! I won’t let you get away with this!” Mo Hanhai suddenly madly snared, unable to escape the barrier that Luo Lingxing set up.

“Today is the day that all demons will be chased off of earth! Explode!”

Following Luo Lingxing’s shout, an ear-splitting noise was heard from the air. The enormous force of impact from the explosion forced all the spectators to kneel down. The weaker ones were simply forced on their stomach, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The force of the explosion continued for a full two hours. Once the mountain range was once again peaceful, everyone discovered that the once towering mountain was completely flattened, and the two people that should have been fighting disappeared without a trace.

“Luo Lingxing self-detonated! He took Mo Hanhai with him,” an elder from the cultivation world murmured.

More and more people got up to pay respects to the great hero who sacrificed himself in order to save humankind. They glared at the demons with hatred and charged forward, fighting without regard for their lives. They finally thoroughly drove away the demons from Earth.

“And an exceptional genius fell, just like that. It’s truly a shame,” an elderly man sighed while shaking his head, his eyes filled with regret.

Another elderly man looked far into the distance and suddenly said, “It’s not necessarily a shame. This world was never meant to hold him. Perhaps he’s living well in another world!” 

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