IMG Chapter 6 Meeting the Fiancé

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The airship flew a whole day before finally arriving at the Emperor Star. From above, Luo Lingxing gathered that this plant is a circular one. However, its outer appearance is different from the Flowing Cloud Star. When you look from above, the Flowing Cloud Star is a green colored planet, its surface shrouded in trees. Many parts of the planet were similar to the mountain forests that he used to cultivate in, therefore, he felt very comfortable at that planet. The Emperor Star, on the other hand, gave off an ice-cold feeling.

From his memories, he learned that the Emperor Star is the Empire’s most flourishing planet. Because of its advanced technological developments and numerous buildings, its outer appearance isn’t as beautiful or welcoming as the Flowing Cloud Star’s. Even if that’s the case, everyone still flock to the Emperor Star to advance their careers.

The airship landed in a designated stop. After exiting the airship, you could see countless people waiting outside, probably waiting for their family members. Although Luo Lingxing grew up here, he doesn’t have any family here anymore so he doesn’t count on anyone to be waiting for him.

“Young master Luo! Young master Luo! Over here!” Someone holding up a sign shouted. It’s a pity that this person didn’t attract Luo Lingxing’s attention. It wasn’t until he was standing in front of Luo Lingxing that he realized that this person was calling him.

“Are you calling me?” Luo Lingxing widened his eyes, a bit of confusion floating in them.

“Are you young master Luo Lingxing?” The person asked.

Luo Lingxing nodded. It looks like this person was looking for him. Luo Lingxing looked at this person and carefully searched the memories of the host, but couldn’t find any information regarding this person so he probably doesn’t know him.

“Do you know me?” Luo Lingxing directly asked.

“I was sent here to pick you up by young master Han. My name’s Zhang Xuan. I’ll be taking you back.” Zhang Xuan instinctually moved to pick up the other person’s luggage, but was dodged by the other person.

Zhang Xuan’s eyes showed a hint of surprise. You have to know that Zhang Xuan’s skills are considered quite good in the military, and yet the other person was able to dodge him with just a step. Moreover, he wasn’t able to react to it at all. He looked at Luo Lingxing again with a bit of scrutiny and interest.

He was very unwilling when he first received the mission of picking someone up, but now, it seems to be very interesting.

“I don’t know a young master Han.” Luo Lingxing searched his memories again and didn’t find any inkling of these two people. He didn’t plan on paying attention to them and headed to leave.

“Hey, don’t leave. If you leave, how will I explain this to the general?” Zhang Xuan didn’t think that this child’s guard would be up so high. He could only rush to catch up with him and open his terminal’s video function. I’ll just have the general himself talk with this child.

Luo Lingxing looked at the person displayed by the terminal. He knows that this was a video. He already got used to videos in the past year and now won’t be as shocked as before.

He felt that the person that appeared on the video was a bit familiar, but after a while, he still couldn’t think of who it could be. He needed to recover his cultivation as soon as possible. Otherwise, even his memory would start to go bad. 

Han Junzhan, “…”

Luo Lingxing, “…”

The two people were separated by the video, a pair of big eyes and a pair of small ones stared at each other. Neither of them were planning on speaking. The Zhang Xuan who was standing on the side was the one who couldn’t take it anymore and said to Han Junzhan, “General, you tell him yourself. Weren’t you the one who sent me to pick him up? If you don’t tell him, he’s not going to come with me.”

On the other side of the video, Han Junzhan was staring at Luo Lingxing, measuring him up. This was probably the first time he actually looked at the youth. Although the engagement was set up half a year ago, he acted as if he was carrying out a mission back then and didn’t really look at him. Moreover, back then, Luo Lingxing’s body was in poor health, his whole body had a sickly pallor. He now looks a lot better than before.

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  1. Well, it’s obvious for people to be cautious when meeting someone they didn’t know, right?
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