IMG Chapter 7 I’m Han Junzhan

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“I still have some matters to take care of so I won’t be heading back yet, you should head to the Xian Villa first,” Han Junzhan said concisely.

His voice carried a strictness that was specific to military personnel, but his low voice was still very pleasant. His voice sounded as if it could impregnate you just by listening to it.

When Zhang Xuan heard this, he couldn’t help but be startled. Han Junzhan always disliked others entering his home, and yet he’s actually commanding him to bring this person to the Xian Villa. This is simply too strange. In the past, even his comrades-in-arms, who risked their lives together, were seldom allowed to go there. This caused Zhang Xuan to become even more curious about Luo Lingxing’s identity.

“Who are you?” Luo Lingxing waited for Han Junzhan to finish speaking before asking his question.

Zhang Xuan can daringly say that he’s one hundred percent sure that he saw the always stoic-faced general frown a bit. Even if it was just for a moment before his face returned to neutral, he definitely saw it.

The general seemed to be in a bad mood right now.

“I’m Han Junzhan. Didn’t your uncle inform you before coming?” Han Junzhan coldy said. Although his intonation is the same as before, if you listened closely, you could hear that his voice became even colder.

“I remember now,” Luo Lingxing calmly said. His tone did not fluctuate at all. As if he’s just saying ‘today’s weather is very nice.’

He finally remembered who this person is. Isn’t this the fiancé from the engagement? His uncle did seem to have said something about staying at the fiancé’s place first to cultivate their feelings. Since this is someone he knows, then there shouldn’t be any problems.

“Let’s go then,” Luo Lingxing said directly to Zhang Xuan. He didn’t glance at the person inside the video at all.

A cold sweat dripped down Zhang Xuan’s forehead. This was the first time he’s seen someone openly ignore the general, it was just unheard of. He’s definitely going to brag to his buddies about this once he gets back to the base. That is, of course, if he doesn’t freeze to death by the general’s icy glare.

“Then I’ll take him over now, general,” Zhang Xuan said with a flattering smile. The screen went dark the next moment, evident that the other person hung up.

Haha. Who would’ve thought that there would come a day when the general gets humiliated. This youth may look frail and weak, but he was actually able to make the general change his facial expression twice in the matter of minutes. He’s truly amazing.

Han Junzhan owns numerous properties in the Emperor Star. His family is one of the first-rate families in the Emperor Star after all. Han Junzhan, however, usually only stays at one of those houses. Zhang Xuan directly took the youth there.

“You’ll be staying here for now. The general should be back soon, but if you have any questions, you can contact me. I’ll take my leave first.” Zhang Xuan safely delivered the person and left. He couldn’t wait to go back and brag to his buddies about what happened today.

Luo Lingxing entered the villa. Although the villa was very grand and luxurious, there weren’t many people or servants around so it gave off a cold feeling. It was completely different from what he felt when he was staying in the Luo Family on the Flowing Cloud Star.

It wasn’t like he was uncomfortable with this solitude though. In the country, he was often alone for decades at a time when he was cultivating so he was used to this desolated environment.

“You must be our young madam. Hello, I’m the caretaker1 here. You can call me Aunt Lin.” A woman who looked to be in her fifties walked over. She had a warm smile on her face, but her eyes showed excitement.

“Young madam?” Luo Lingxing felt very uncomfortable with this title. He’s a man, so why’s he being called young madam?

“You’re engaged to our young master, so of course you’d be our young madam,” Aunt Lin replied happily.

Although she didn’t have the qualifications to be there when the young master got engaged, she was extremely excited when she heard about the matter. The young master is finally also settling down.

She had heard that the young madam’s body wasn’t well therefore he was recuperating at home. This time, when she heard that the young madam was coming, she got up early in the morning to completely clean the villa, afraid that the young madam might have any negative impressions on the place.

“Hello, Aunt Lin. You can just call me Luo Lingxing,” Luo lingxing obediently called to her. But as for the title “young madam,” he really couldn’t accept it.

“How could I do that? You are the young madam. If you don’t like that title, then I’ll call you little young master in the future.” Aunt Lin thought it over and could only think of this title in the end. Although it makes him seem like he’s the young master’s younger brother, this seems to be the only suitable title for now.

“Alright.” As long as it’s not a title meant for women, Luo Lingxing didn’t care.

“Little young master, I’ll take you to see your room.” Aunt Lin happily brought Luo Lingxing to the second floor.

She came to the Han Family when she was nineteen years old. You could say that she watched Han Junzhan grow up and so she has very deep affections for the Han Family. Now that the young master finally has a companion, her heart is relieved. Although the young master ordered not to disclose this matter to anyone outside of the two families, as long as she can see these two get married, she’d be perfectly satisfied. 

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  1. caretaker: the direct translation should be female chef but her role is more like a caretaker. ↩︎

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  1. I get that compared to English, Chinese has a lot of very specific terms for saying what people’s relationships are to each other. So there are multiple terms for brother-in-law for older sister’s husband, husband’s younger brother, etc.

    To me it seems like there are multiple ways to handle this:

    1. Use the term that matches your family member (so older brother’s wife for the your older brother’s husband.

    2. Use the term that matches the person you’re referring to (so elder sister’s husband for your older brother’s husband)

    3. Use a new term that matches both the person you’re related to and the person you’re referring to.

    But the default in BL novels seems to be:

    4. Use female terms to refer to the person who you think is the bottom.

    Which I think most gay dudes would not appreciate.

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