IMG Chapter 8 Meeting the Agent

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“See if there’s anything you need and I’ll have someone go buy it.” The more Aunt Li looked at Luo Lingxing, the more she liked him.

“There’s no need for that. Everything looks good,” Luo Lingxing replied. He wasn’t one to care much about these things, besides, everything in the villa really was good. It all looked very cozy.

“You must be hungry after landing. Tell me what you’d like to eat and I’ll1 cook it for you.”

“Thank you Aunt Lin. You can just make whatever, I’m not picky,” Luo Lingxing replied with a small smile. He actually wasn’t planning on eating. After his cultivation disappeared, his body also changed and he often wasn’t hungry. He clearly ate while he was on the airship and yet, he was now hungry again.

“Alright. Then wait one moment, little young master. I’ll go prepare dinner for you now.” Aunt Lin cheerfully went into the kitchen.

Luo Lingxing took out his luggage and put everything away one by one. Afterwards, he opened up his terminal’s contacts and found a person named Chen Hongliang. He dialed the contact and it was picked up not too long later. A screen immediately appeared showing a sloppy looking man with a haggard face and a messy beard.

The Chen Hongliang from his memories wasn’t someone who was extremely handsome, but he never looked this dejected before. This caused Luo Lingxing to momentarily wonder if he dialed the wrong person.

However, when the other person clearly saw him and spoke, Luo Lingxing’s hesitation disappeared.

“Lingxing? Is that you, Lingxing?” Chen Hongliang’s eyes slightly brightened for a moment, but they quickly dimmed again.

“Mm,” Luo Lingxing calmly replied.

“How are you doing? I heard that you were injured before and hospitalized,” Chen Hongliang exerted an effort to lift his spirits and asked.

“I’m already recovered. I want to act again. Help me find some roles,” Luo Lingxing directly said.

Chen Hongliang is his agent, although he wasn’t his first agent. When Luo Lingxing still had some fame as a child actor, he had a gold-ranked agent. However, when his company shelved him, the agent also left him without the slightest hesitation.

At that time, the news about Luo Lingxing not having a celebrity’s system was widely spread throughout the whole nation. Almost none of the agents were willing to accept him except for Chen Hongliang who voluntarily took him in. Although Chen Hongliang was also in a similarly desperate situation at that time, he wasn’t willing to give up just like that.

Chen Hongliang then searched everywhere for roles. Although, he hit a wall at every turn the two never gave up.

It was precisely because of this reason that the first person Luo Lingxing thought of when he decided to return to the entertainment industry was this agent.

It was only that before Chen Hongliang was able to implement his ambition, Luo Lingxing got injured and was hospitalized. There was no contact for the year after that so many people thought that Luo Lingxing had passed. Even his fans that grieved for a short period happily went to bathe in other celebrities’ lights.

As for Chen Hongliang, his body didn’t possess a high grade agent system and so other celebrities looked down on him. His company also didn’t support him and left him to fall to his ruin. His contact hadn’t expired and he couldn’t afford to pay the large penalty, so he could stay and waste away at the company.

He originally thought that his life would just crumble away like that, but in the end, his only artist had actually appeared. Furthermore, as soon as he appeared, he said he wanted to reenter the entertainment industry. This made him ecstatic, but also filled him with deep worry.

This past year, he was distressed with life and tired of seeing social snobbery. This caused his originally passionate heart to wither away. A person with a low grade agent system and a small actor without a system, how would a duo like this be able to survive in a complicated circle like the entertainment industry? Perhaps even the company they signed with may make things exceedingly hard for them.

“You don’t possess a system and there aren’t any AI script groups. I’m afraid there aren’t any directors that would be willing to start using it,” Chen Hongliang said gloomily.

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  1. I’ll: She sometimes refers to herself as “Aunt Lin” to sound more affectionate, but since that doesn’t translate well, I’ll leave it out. ↩︎

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