IMG Chapter 40 Sending to the Dorms

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A couple artists were talking bitterly together. These are all old schoolers that have been with the company for many years already. In the past, all the company resources were always given to Luo Lingxing to use, so they’ve had complaints for a long time already. They considered themselves Luo Lingxing’s seniors who were better than him. He only had a better family background than him, that’s all, and yet they had to always make way for him. Now that they know Luo Lingxing has fallen from his place, they can finally let out that breath of anger they were holding.

The chairman of Hua Hai also heard of this matter and immediately summoned Chen Hongliang over.

Chen Hongliang was thoroughly disappointed with the company. However, right now he was still considered a contracted agent with the company so if the chairman called, he had no choice but to go.

“Chairman Qiao, were you looking for me?” Chen Hongliang entered the chairman’s office and saw the big-bellied obese man sitting behind the desk. His heart was filled with resentment but he had to resist the urge to act out since this was still the company’s chairman, after all.

Qiao Zhenhai looked at Chen Hongliang and casually said, “I heard you’ve been busy lately with trying to get roles for Su Lingxing?”

“That’s right. He’s one of my artists,” Chen Hongliang simply stated his position.

“Su Lingxing doesn’t have a system. He’ll never be able to get far in the entertainment industry, so if you put all your strength into helping him now, you’re just wasting your efforts,” Qiao Zhenhai said.

“He’s an artist that I’m in charge of right now. Besides, I’m free right now anyways, so what if I’m helping him out a bit?” Chen Hongliang sneered.

Qiao Zhenhai was a bit choked up. Since Hongliang had a low level agent system, the company didn’t place great importance on him. If it wasn’t for the fact that Chen Hongliang was searching everywhere for roles, then he would have forgotten that the company had an agent like him.

“Then I’ll give you a different artist. You’ll represent a newcomer. I guarantee it’ll be a lot more prospective than representing Su Lingxing,” Qiao Zhenhai said, thinking himself to be charitable.

In his eyes, Chen Hongliang was only helping Su Lingxing because he didn’t have any other artists so he was free everyday. Therefore, if he was given a new artist, then he’d definitely abandon Su Lingxing.However, the truth was different from what Qiao Zhenhai had imagined.

“There’s no need for that. I like representing Su Lingxing very much,” Chen Hongliang directly refused. Firstly, he didn’t know if the company was being sincere in giving him a new artist. Moreover, Luo Lingxing was the one who reached out when he was at his lowest point, so he couldn’t just abandon Luo Lingxing like that.

“Don’t you know that the Su Family is currently trying to suppress him? Even the company doesn’t dare help him now, so how can a little agent like you dare to help him obtain roles?” Qiao Zhenhai was clearly unsatisfied with Chen Hongliang’s behavior.

If he didn’t confirm that the Su Family was purposely suppressing Su Lingxing, then how could he have shelved him? Not to mention his background, his acting skills were top notch. He had a chance to be a huge hit in the future. However, in order for the company to make money and the threat of the Su Family trying to repress this person, there was no way that his little Hua Hai Entertainment could continue supporting Su Lingxing, unless he wanted to lose his company all together.

“If the Su Family wants to repress someone, that’s their matter. I’m Su Lingxing’s agent. My job is to help my artists,” Chen Hongliang said in neither a servitle or overbearing tone.

If the company chairman was looking for him a year ago, he definitely would have acted cowardly. However, after what happened this year, all the sentiment he had for this company disappeared. Now, he only hoped for the contract to expire quicker so that he could leave the company.

“Heh. Who do you think you are? Do you really think you can support an artist that the Su Family wants to suppress? I tried to give you a way out and you refused. Since you want to continue on this dead end, then I won’t stop you. Let’s see how far you can go,” Qiao Zhenhai held a sneer, taking delight in the other person’s impending disaster.

“If Chairman Qiao doesn’t have anything else to say, then I’ll take my leave.” Chen Hongliang didn’t want to stay here and continue looking at Qiao Zhenhai’s ugly face. If this was the past, he might have been worried. However, ever since he picked up Luo Lingxing from the Xian Villas last time, all his worries has been released.

Although he didn’t know what the relationship the person who lived in the Xian Villa and Luo Lingxing had, considering he lived in a place like that, then that person must definitely be powerful. Therefore, it isn’t absolutely certain who’d get the slap in the face later on.

When Chen Hongliang left the chairman’s office, he was pointed at by many people, but he still kept his head up and back straight. He was currently representing Luo Lingxing, so he couldn’t let others look down on Luo Lingxing either.

“Yo. I thought you looked familiar. Isn’t this the great agent Chen? Why are you free to visit the company today?” a particular voice came from the side. Chen Hongliang calmly looked to the side and saw an extravagantly dressed woman standing there, sneering down at him.

This woman is Sun Lingyan, a gold level agent for Hua Hai Entertainment. She was currently representing three artists, one of which was one that the company was heavily backing. The other two were newcomers that had great potential. You could say that of the agents in Hua Hai Entertainment, she would be considered a senior.

Moreover, she was also Luo Lingxing’s previous agent.

When speaking of this, it really is very ironic. When she first started representing Luo Lingxing, she was an obscure and unknown agent. You could say that as Luo Lingxing grew and became popular, he also dragged her up as well. In the end, once she found out that the company was shelving him, she immediately took on other celebrities without a single hesitation.

“I’m not as amazing as Sister Sun 1 . I can’t just abandon a celebrity to get three megastars. That’s why you’re so busy that you don’t have time to come to the company. I only have this one, so I can still find the time,” Chen Hongliang sneered at her.

Everyone in the company knows that the only reason Sun Lingyan could get to this point is because of Luo Lingxing’s efforts. Although everyone else was celebrating the news of Luo Lingxing getting shelves, her situation is different. She was Luo Lingxing’s previous agent, after all.

After she quickly abandoned Luo Lingxing, many people in the company trash talked about her behind her back. Although everyone respected her on the surface, she knows that nobody truly accepted her in their hearts. Moreover, Luo Lingxing is the cause of all of this and that’s why, in her heart, Luo Lingxing was something of a taboo.

Seeing that Sun Lingyan was about to get angry, Chen Hongliang wasn’t stupid enough to stand there and endure her wrath. “Sorry, but I still have to deliver something to Lingxing. I won’t disturb you anymore, Sister Sun. Goodbye!”

After he finished speaking, he casually left, leaving Sun Lingyan to glare hatefully at his back.

After Luo Lingxing uploaded the video, he didn’t pay much attention to it anymore. However, he was intently looking for the surrounding Power of Faith to come. In the end, his Power of Faith didn’t increase even when night came. This made him search out and see the situation of his video.

Opening bilibili, he found the video he uploaded. There were only a few comments there and it was clear that not many people had watched it. However, the comments of the people who had watched it were all very positive, evidently liking the video very much. Luo Lingxing knew that he couldn’t rush this matter. As long as people watched the video, then he would gain more Power of Faith. Even if it was only one or two more, it was better than nothing.

The weekend passed very quickly with Luo Lingxing holed up at home reading. After staying there for two days, classes were about to start up soon. The one to send him back to school was still Xiao He as before. It’s just that…

“You’re coming to my school as well?” Luo Lingxing said to the person sitting across from him.

He had wanted to shut the door when he got in the car but then saw Han Junzhan following inside.

“I’m going to the military district,” Han Junzhan calmly said.

Luo Lingxing didn’t understand at first, but finally comprehended after thinking about it. It was  probably because he had taken his personal driver so Han Junzhan didn’t have anyone to drive him and thought he might as well hitch a ride to the military district.

“Xiao He, drop me off at a public car stop. I can take a public hover car to school so that you can send Han Junzhan to the military district,” Luo Lingxing said to He Yi.

He Yi actually didn’t want to reply at all. Everyone knows that the Han Family has more drivers than just him. If the young master wanted a ride to the military district, he could have had someone else send him. There was no need for him to squeeze into this car. It was clear that the young master just wanted to send the little young master to school. However, the young master awkwardly didn’t want to admit it and the little young master was slow about these things so neither of them could understand the other’s intentions. This truly worried them to death.

He Yi glanced at the rearview mirror to look at the young master Han who was releasing a frosty aura. Knowing he wouldn’t take the initiative to talk, he said instead, “Little young master, I’ll take you to school first. There’s still enough time to send the young master to the military district afterwards. Besides, it’s on the way.”

“Really? Alright then.” Luo Lingxing didn’t push any more and comfortably sank into the seat.

He Yi saw that although the young master’s expression didn’t change, the frosty aura that surrounded him warmed up a lot. He knew he guessed correctly and quickly started the car.

During this period of time, he was able to see some things clearly. Although the young master and the little young master are engaged, everyone knows that this marriage was set up by the heads of the Han and Luo Families. As for the persons involved, they could be considered nothing more than strangers and the main reason the little young master was staying with them was for him and the young master to cultivate feelings. It’s just that the speed they’re progressing at seems even slower than a tortoise’s pace. Who knows when they’ll finally gain mutual affection and be ready to enter the matrimony room.

Uhh… It’s truly not easy being a servant for the Han Family. Not only do they have to take care of the young master and the little young master, they must also worry about their relationship. He must definitely request a raise when he goes back!

He Yi drove until they arrived outside of Luo Lingxing’s dorm. Since the Imperial University encompassed a huge area, the school permitted the student’s car to drive inside the school on this day of the weekend, even though it’s normally not allowed.

“Okay, I’m here. Thank you, Xiao He,” Luo Lingxing got out of the car and said politely. He then saw Han Junzhan, who should have been on his way to the military district, follow him out of the car.

Luo Lingxing gave Han Junzhan and confused look. Why did he also get out of the car?

“I haven’t been to a school in a long time. I’ll come up and see,” Han Junzhan concisely said.

He Yi wanted to kneel down to his family’s young master. If you wanted to visit your wife’s dorm room then just say so. There was no need to come up with such a lame excuse! Who knows how many years it’s been since the young master graduated from the Imperial University and he has never once mentioned wanting to come back to visit and yet, he now wants to take a look all of a sudden?! Who would believe that! Moreover, this was the dorms! What was there to look at in the dorms?

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1 Sister Sun: Not actual siblings. But you can call seniors in your department sister/brother to show respect.

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