IMG Chapter 39 Caught Red-Handed

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Luo Lingxing started filming again, taking out the finished Dragon Beard Cake and said, “Once it becomes like this, then the Dragon Beard Cake is ready. Now we just have to take it out of the wooden container, let it cool, cut it up into long strips, and arrange it nicely on a platter. The Dragon Beard Cake is rich in flavor and sweet to taste. This is something that even the elder can eat.” 

“Today’s video will end here. I hope everyone learns the steps and can try it for yourselves in the future” Luo Lingxing said with a calm smile.

That last sentence was one that Luo Lingxing saw many videos end with.

The video was finally finished and Luo Lingxing saved it with satisfaction. He turned off the video camera and planned to upload the video to his terminal soon. Later, he would upload it to the Star Network’s Bilibili. Although there might not be a lot of viewers in the beginning, he was confident that he’d get more and more viewers as time went on.

Holding the strange confidence he had, Luo Lingxing planned on returning to his room now to upload the video, however, he found Han Junzhan standing by the door when he turned around.

Luo Lingxing, “…”

Han Junzhan, “…”

“Hi,” Luo Lingxing realized that neither of them was saying anything and the atmosphere was being awkward, so he took the initiative to open his mouth.

Han Junzhan’s gaze landed on the Dragon Beard Cake that was just cooked and said, “You made this?” He asked even though he had stood there and watched it being made.

“Mn. If you don’t mind, you can try some,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile. Actually, he wanted nothing more right now than to go back to his room and upload the video. Whoever wanted to eat the cake could have it.

Han Junzhan nodded his head and stepped forward. He reached for a piece of the Dragon Beard Cake, wanting to try it.

“Take your time eating. I’m heading upstairs first.” Luo Lingxing fled while hugging the video camera, not giving Han Junzhan a chance to speak.

Han Junzhan wasn’t planning on saying anything else either because he was completely focused on the Dragon Beard Cake right now. Although the pastry didn’t look too big or too extravagant, it had an extraordinary flavor when eaten. Especially since he saw the whole process of it being created, he had already high expectations for pastry and couldn’t wait to try it. After finally having a taste of it, he was even more pleasantly surprised.

Once Luo Lingxing returned to his room, he rushed to register an account on Bilibili under the name of God Luo. Afterwards, he uploaded the video and finally completed his mission. Luo Lingxing happily closed the site and patiently waited for the Power of Faith to come.

There still wasn’t much news on Chen Hongliang’s side, but the news that he was searching for roles for Luo Lingxing gradually spread throughout Hua Hai Entertainment and caused many artists to discuss this matter.

“A little artist without a system and an agent with a low level system. What an interesting pair, but how could such a pair get famous?” a new artist that just entered the company sneered, not realizing that he was actually the little artist who had recently entered the entertainment circle.

“Exactly! I heard that the company had planned to shelf him last year. I never imagined that he’d be so unwilling that he’d have his agent search everywhere for a role. The result, of course, was that the agent hit a wall at every turn and no one was willing to use him.”

“Right, right! And he used to be so powerful in the company. He had the support of the company and the Su Family. And now? The Su Family kicked him out and the company cast him aside. I doubt he’d be able to hold up against two such heavy forces.”

“His actions are only giving us something to gossip about. This won’t impact anything and he won’t be able to overcome these obstacles.” 

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