IMG Chapter 38 Filming Gourmet Food

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“Hello everyone, I’m God Luo,” Luo Lingxing introduced himself to the camera. Since everyone uses an online name, Luo Lingxing decided to use the name everyone called him in his last world since he couldn’t think of anything else, so he introduced himself like that. “I’ll be showing everyone how to make Dragon Beard Cake today. It’s very easy to make and delicious. Everyone can make it with me.”

“Firstly, we need to prepare some ingredients. We need 250 grams of glutinous rice flour, 250 grams of regular flour, 250 grams of field bindweed, 250 grams of white sugar, 25 grams of cherries, 25 grams of green plums, 25 grams melon strips, 25 grams peach kernel, and 25 grams of raisins. That should just about sum it up. They’re mostly commonly used ingredients except for the field bindweed. However, you should be able to buy this at the supermarket.

Everytime Luo Lingxing named an ingredient, he would move the said ingredient closer to the camera lens so that everyone could have a good view of them. After he finished introducing all the ingredients, he started to make the dish.

Although Luo Lingxing’s voice wasn’t as refreshing and clear as Xia Yuan’s, it was still really pleasant to listen to. His voice wasn’t too loud or soft and left people with a comfortable feeling like a cool breeze was passing through their ears. The more they listened, the more they’d want to hear it.

“It’s not difficult to make Dragon Beard Cake. You must first prepare the field bindweed by cutting them into 3 centimeter pieces. Next, wash and dice the green plums, melon strips, peach kernels and then put them to the side for later use.”

Luo Lingxing was very experienced in making this and he quickly prepared all of the ingredients and put them on a plate for later use.

“Afterwards, steam and cool the four, break them down into small particles and shift. Then combine it with the glutinous rice flour, field bindweed, white sugar and 200 grams of water. You must be extra careful on the ingredient proportions. If you use too much or too little, it’ll affect the flavor of the Dragon Beard Cake.”

Luo Lingxing warned while he was mixing everything. The resulting dough that he mixed wasn’t too dry or too soft.

“If you use too much water, it’ll become too dry once it all evaporates, therefore everyone must pay extra attention to this step. One you try making it a couple of times, you’ll figure out the correct proportions.”

“Up next, once everything is evenly mixed, pour the mixture into a wooden container, press the mixture down until it’s even, then you can place the cherries, raisins, sliced green plums, melon strips, and cherry kernels on top. Afterwards, you’ll steam it for an hour and it’s ready.”

Since the Dragon Beard Cake needed some time to cook, Luo Lingxing used this time to examine the footage he just shot. He nodded while he watched the video, clearly very satisfied with the results.

Since Luo Lingxing was completely focused on the video camera, he didn’t notice Han Junzhan who was standing at the dining room door. Who knows when he came or how long he’s been standing there.

Actually, when Han Junzhan came downstairs, his only intention was to pour himself a cup of coffee. However, he heard a voice coming from the dining room and unconsciously walked towards it only to discover that Luo Lingxing was making desserts. Moreover, he was in the middle of filming the process of making it. His soft voice, experienced hands, and fine fingers that picked up each ingredient all freely attracted Han Junzhan’s attention. He stood there watching it, and the cooking process was finished in no time.

Once Han Junzhan came back to his senses, the first thing he thought of was to escape back to his room before Luo Lingxing discovered him. He wanted to pretend like nothing happened. However, the delicious scent of the Dragon Beard Cake that was coming from the steamer basket kept enticing him, making him unable to take a step away. 

Luo Lingxing opened the steamer basket lid to inspect the Dragon Beard Cake and the scent intensified causing Han Junzhan to solidify his steps. He could only stand there, expressionlessly enjoying the smell.

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  1. It’d be hilarious if every time Luo Lingxing posted a recipe there was at least one ingredient that only existed in his previous world.

  2. Hell damn, now I’m starving. I don’t understand how Chinese people can come up with exquisite names for their food, yet the appearance is so simple,but the taste is very rich. I envy them.
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    Even I wouldn’t be able to go if someone is making that kind of delicious food.

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