IMG Chapter 37 I’m Back

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“Do you have anything else you want to buy, little young master?” He Yi faced Luo Lingxing and asked.

Luo Lingxing shook his head.

“It’s getting late so let’s head back.”

“Mn.” Luo Lingxing replied calmly, head down while still inspecting the video camera.

Aunt Lin wasn’t the slightest bit concerned with the young master’s indifference because she was too happy. The young master who was rarely home during the day was actually at home today. It was definitely because today was the day that the little young master came back and that’s why the young master came home early today. She was, of course, ecstatic that the two people had a good relationship.

Not too long later, Luo Lingxing’s voice came from outside, “Aunt Lin, I’m back.” 

“Little young master, you’re back! I already prepared lunch. You and the young master should come and eat,” Aunt Lin said with a grin on her face.

Hearing Aunt Lin say ‘young master’ caused Luo Lingxing to look towards the person standing beside her. Sure enough, he saw Han Junzhan sitting on the sofa. It seems like the person that was seen on the video before really was Han Junzhan.

But why did he keep staring at him? Luo Lingxing felt a bit perplexed and looked at what he was wearing. Everything looked normal so he rubbed his face and didn’t find anything on it either. So why did the other person keep looking at him? Moreover, he was obviously staring. Even if he could act calm in this situation, it was still a bit awkward.

Luo Lingxing actually really wanted to ask, but seeing Han Junzhan’s unhappy face made him wonder if he did something to upset him. However, he just returned home. He couldn’t have done something to provoke Han Junzhan while he was at school, did he? So he must have done something just now, but he only said one sentence when he came back.

A lightbulb suddenly came into Luo Lingxing’s head. He suddenly thought of something and said to Han Junzhan, ” Junzhan, I’m back.”

Han Junzhan calmly took back his gaze, as if he wasn’t the one that was staring at others. However, if you looked closely, you could see that Han Junzhan’s lips curled up just a bit.

Luo Lingxing let out a sigh of relief, thinking that he was mad because he was neglected. It seemed that the people here took formalities seriously. There were two people in the living room originally and he had only greeted one of them. No wonder the other person was unhappy. He swore to remember this for the next time.

“Young masters, please come eat,” Aunt Lin beckoned to the two, acting like she was unaware of what just transpired between the two.

After they finished eating, Luo Lingxing returned to his room to continue studying the video camera. He was preparing to shoot a video soon. It was better to do these kinds of things early since he thought there was a lot more Power of Faith to be earned.

Everyone was busy with their own matters in the afternoon. The only areas that were empty were the kitchen and dining room 1 , so Luo Lingxing decided to film in the dining room since it would be a lot cleaner than the kitchen and the video quality there would be a lot better.

Since this was his first time filming anything, Luo Lingxing took almost half an hour to set up the filming equipment in the dining room. After he finally adjusted everything, he prepared all the ingredients that he would need. He then shot a short segment to confirm that his face won’t enter the screen before finally beginning shooting for real.

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1 dining room: The word he uses is mainly meant for restaurants. So just imagine he bought one of those portable stovetops to film in the dining room.

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