IMG Chapter 36 Filming Equipment

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Luo Lingxing once again signed at how powerful the Star Network was. Anything that he couldn’t understand, he could look it up on the Star Network, it was really convenient. 

These food uploaders he was talking about are actually uploaders on this site called Bilibili. When Luo Lingxing went on the site, he saw that there were many uploaders posting all different kinds of videos and there were many fans using this site as well. Although he didn’t understand the content of most of these videos, it didn’t lacken his resolve.

The video upload frequency requirement wasn’t too high. You could upload once a week or even once a month if you wanted to. This way, if he has a shoot in the future and he still wanted to make videos, he only needed to take a bit of his time to create them. This wasn’t bad at all.

Naturally, since he decided to make videos, he had to do it with the utmost perfection. The first thing he needed was, of course, a set of filming equipment. Luo Lingxing wanted to just throw this task onto Chen Hongliang, but thinking that he probably isn’t free lately, decided to go out to buy some this weekend.

The Imperial University permitted it’s students to return home on the weekends and the person who picked him up this time wasn’t Chen Hongliang, but Xiao He. 

“Xiao He, where should one go if they wanted to buy some filming equipment?” Luo Lingxing asked.

“You can go to Shuma Shopping Center. Does the little young master want to head there?” He Yi asked.

“Mn, let’s head to Shuma Shopping Center.”

He Yi was very curious on why he wanted to buy filming equipment, but as a driver, he shouldn’t be too curious about things.

After being dropped off at the Shuma Shopping Center, Luo Lingxing became momentarily blinded by the myriad of filming equipment. He had no clue which one he should buy.

“Xiao He, do you know which one is good? I want one that can shoot really clear videos,” Luo Lingxing could only ask the person next to him.

“I’m not too sure either. Let’s go in and ask a salesperson. They can definitely recommend something to you.” He Yi was bringing Luo Lingxing into the Shuma Shopping Center and was asked this question en route. After arriving inside, they directly went to the sales counter to consult with a salesperson.

Luo Lingxing looked at all the surrounding filming equipment and He Yi was consulting with the salesperson.

“Little young master, what do you think of this one? The salesperson said that this is their most professional one that shoots the clearest videos,” He Yi held one of the electronics and said to Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing didn’t quite understand so he directly had the salesperson test the equipment for him and realized that it was indeed quite clear. Nodding his head, he planned on taking out his purple card to pay for it, but saw that He Yi already paid.

Luo Lingxing looked at He Yi but didn’t say anything. He never had a good concept of money, but to this new filming equipment on the other hand, he was quite interested in it and started playing around with it and consulting the manual.

He Yi’s communicator rang and he saw Aunt Lin appear on the screen when he picked up.

“Xiao He, did you pick up the little young master yet?” Aunt Lin asked.

“Mn, I already picked him up. I brought the little young master to Shuma Shopping Center to buy some filming equipment. We’ll be back soon,” He Yi reported.

“Okay, then. Hurry up. I made all the things the little young master likes to eat,” Aunt Lin said with a smile, subconsciously looking behind her. He Yi followed her line of sight and saw the dazzle of a familiar shadow.

After hanging up the video, He Yi kept thinking that the shadow he accidentally saw was definitely the young master. It’s just, shouldn’t the young master be at the military headquarters right now? So why was he at home? The young master was never home at this time of the day so he must’ve seen it wrong.

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For those wondering why he has to use a video camera in a interstellar world, well this novel was written in 2006 this concept is considered quite advance for then xD

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