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Once the afternoon classes finished, Luo Lingxing planned on heading back and preparing some food. He absorbed some Power of Faith today and if he adds in some more spiritual foods, then he could try establishing his foundation. After accumulating energy for the past year, he was finally about to break through. Luo Lingxing was a bit moved. He had only felt like before when he first started cultivating in his last world. He didn’t think he’d once again have the same feelings when he had to restart his cultivation.

Luo Lingxing concentrated on making spiritual food. Once it was complete, he suddenly realized that the Power of Faith in the air once again increased a bit and were rushing towards him. Although he didn’t know what happened to bring this on, it’s clear that the Power of Faith that’s accumulated in his body has finally reached a certain thickness.

Luo Lingxing didn’t even have time to deal with the spiritual food before rushing to his room, setting up a simple barrier, and then proceeded to sit on his bed to start his foundation.

When Xia Yuan returned to the dorm, he heard a piece of news that he wanted to share with Luo Lingxing. However, he didn’t get a chance to look for Luo Lingxing before he was attracted by the mesmerizing scent floating from the kitchen.

From his many years full of experience in eating, he could verify that there was definitely something good to eat in the kitchen. Even though he already had dinner with Xiao Kai, he still patted his belly and felt that he still had a bit more room in there. Therefore, Xia Yuan happily ran to the kitchen and threw any thoughts of Luo Lingxing to the back of his mind.

Inside the room, Luo Lingxing mobilized all the Power of Faith inside his body and fully concentrated on starting his foundation. The Power of Faith in the surrounding area kept steadily floating towards him all up until the next morning when he finally completed his foundation.

Still sitting on the bed, Luo Lingxing finally opened his eyes. Both glittering like they contained numerous starts floating inside and luring others inside.

Although he didn’t sleep all night, Luo Lingxing felt that his spirit was very powerful at the moment. When he tried to mobilize the Power of Faith in his body, he discovered that the Power of Faith is almost similar to absorbing spiritual energy in his last world, but when he used the Power of Faith to complete his foundation, the foundation became more solid and pure than before. He was ecstatic to find out this piece of news.

There isn’t any spiritual energy in this world, but Power of Faith actually gives him even more benefits. This made Luo Lingxing tighten his resolve on becoming a celebrity, and he even wanted to become a superstar on the same level as Ye Luohan. That way, he’ll have more fans who like him and there would be a steady flow of Power of Faith for him.

Rubbing his belly, Luo Lingxing felt a bit hungry and suddenly thought of the spiritual food he made last night that he never ate. He planned on going to eat it, but as he opened his door, he was blocked by Xia Yuan’s bright smiling face.

“Luoluo, the food that was left in the kitchen was yours, right?” Xia Xuan said excitedly, his eyes shining brightly.

Luo Lingxing nodded his head and saw that Xia Yuan smiled even more brightly and then said, “Luoluo, where did you buy it from? It was so delicious! I want to eat it often in the future.”

Xia Yuan said while reminiscing on the flavors from yesterday. It tasted better than anything he ate in the past.

“I made it myself,” Luo Lingxing honestly said.

“No wonder! Even though I’ve eaten almost all the delicious foods in the Empire before, I was wondering why I’ve never eaten that before. So you were the one who made it… What? You made it?!” Xia Yuan suddenly reacted to what he said and scared the hats off of Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing could only nod his head, but this caused Xia Yuan to become even more stirred up, “My god! Your cooking skills are so good! Just like Xiao Kai’s! The things you make are so delicious! True delicacies! I almost swallowed my tongue when I was eating it. It’s just a shame that Xiao Kai doesn’t cook for me too often. When you cook in the future, can you make a bit more and give me a portion?” 

After Xia Yuan said he, he became a bit embarrassed and lowered his head.

Actually, it’s not that Yang Zekai isn’t willing to cook for him, but it’s that he’s afraid if Xia Yuan is always eating snacks like that, he won’t eat proper meals. Therefore, he put up a restriction. If Yang Zekai was here right now, he would definitely smack his head for his foolishness. He sold himself out just for a bit to eat!

“Sure. If I cook in the future, I’ll definitely make a portion for you as well,” Luo Lingxing hastily said, afraid that Xia Yuan would do something rash. Suddenly, Luo Lingxing felt great pity for Xia Yuan’s childhood friend.

“Wow! Luoluo, you’re so great!” Xia Yuan cheered happily. He then remembered something and relayed it to Luo Lingxing, “Oh right! I wanted to tell you this yesterday but you were already asleep by the time I got home. You sleep quite early.”

“What did you want to tell me?” Luo Lingxing hasty cut Xia Yuan off, or else with his ability to chatter, he wouldn’t get to the main point even after five minutes of talking.

Xia Yuan opened up his terminal and moved to the campus forum. He pointed to a certain post and said to Luo Lingxing, “This is it. This should be your acting class from yesterday, right? You’re really too amazing. You portrayed Ye Xuanming really well. Ye Xuanming is my favorite movie character, ya know? A lot of people in the school are talking about you right now. If you dress up as Ye Xuanming and perform, I’m sure you’d definitely get a lot of followers.”

Luo Lingxing stood next to Xia Yuan and carefully looked at the post. No wonder he suddenly felt an increase in Power of Faith yesterday. So it was because of this.

Now is currently the time where he’s looking for a film role. Although he has a lot of confidence in his skills, the people of this world still hold a high attachment to systems so even if he wanted to find a production to act in, he probably still has to wait a bit longer before he can find one. That doesn’t mean he can waste this time though. Especially since he just completed his foundation so he needs a lot of Power of Faith. That means he needs to find another method to obtain Power of Faith.

Originally, he didn’t have any plans on what to do, but the post he just saw gave him a new inspiration. The internet in this world is greatly advanced. It’s really simple and easy to get someone’s love and follow, it’s really a lot easier than his previous world. All he needs to do is utilize the internet and he’ll definitely be able to collect more Power of Faith before he officially gets a role. Even if it’s only a bit, it’s still better than nothing. 

However, he was still puzzled on what method he should use. Should he do another performance and upload it online? That isn’t too good, he currently isn’t in the best condition to film. If he continuously makes videos now, then when he actually gets a role and becomes famous, it’ll be easy for these videos to be dug out and become a black history for him. It’ll be easy to give his audience a bad impression that way, therefore, it’s best if he can do something that doesn’t reveal his face but still gain the love of others.

It’s just that something like that is hard to find.

“Up next, we’ll make the butter into these petal-shaped molds. Everyone look, doesn’t this make it a lot prettier? A lot of appealing?” A pleasant voice floated from the side, cutting off Luo Lingxing’s train of thought.

Xia Yuan’s eyes were shining brightly and he was doing his best to control his drool. He ran to Luo Lingxing’s side and pointed to the completed cake on the screen and said, “Luoluo, can you make this kind of cake? It looks really, really yummy.”

Luo Lingxing casually glanced at the cake on the screen and shook his head, “I’m not really good at making these kinds of things.” 

He learned all his cooking skills from his last life. Back then, these kinds of cakes didn’t exist.

When Xia Yuan heard this, he immediately let out a disappointed cry, “Ah, what a shame. You actually don’t know how to make it. Then does that mean I’ll never be able to eat it?” His expression was one full of loss, like his whole world was going to collapse.

Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but be amused by him and said, “Your childhood friend doesn’t know how to make it either?”

“He won’t make it for me.” Xia Yuan became angry once this was mentioned. He clearly was very talented and yet he wouldn’t make cake for him to eat. He only got to eat his homemade cake once a year on his birthday, he was so stingy! “Forget it. I’ll just watch the video to satisfy my craving.” 

Xia Yuan started watching it again after saying so. Luo Lingxing was very curious and also looked over. It looked to be a video on how to make cake, but the strange thing is that there were tiny words flying over the video begging the person in the video and saying that wanted to lick the screen,

“What is this?” Luo Lingxing asked while pointing at the video.

“It’s a Black Forest Cake, it’s sooo yummy. This person really knows how to make it. It’s making me want to go out and buy one right now. It’s a shame that there aren’t many good sweets shops inside our school,” Xia Yuan said with a twist in his lips.

“No, I’m asking why there are so many letters flying through the screen. Isn’t it hard to watch the video like this?” Luo Lingxing said.

“Oh, that. Those are the live comments. They’re all sent by other people who are watching the video. If you don’t want to see them, you can also hide them,” Xia Yuan hid the comments as soon as he said so and gave it to Luo Lingxing to see.

“Other people who are watching the video sent it? There’s so many comments, that must mean a lot of people are watching?” Luo Lingxing subconsciously asked.

“Of course! This food uploader is very amazing! Everything he makes is very enticing and he has a lot of fans because of that,” as soon as Xia Yuan started talking about food, he could go on blabbering about it forever. As long as no one cuts him off, then he could talk about it all day without stop.

“Does he have that many fans? Just for shooting something like this?” Luo Lingxing felt like a whole new world opened up before him. Furthermore, it’s a whole new world that he was desperately looking for.

“That’s right. But I think that if it was Luoluo who made the video, I think it’ll be a lot more popular than his!” Xia Yuan casually said, but he didn’t realize that Luo Lingxing took it to heart.

Perhaps this was a good way to gather Power of Faith. In any case, the food was the main subject when filming something like this. He didn’t have to reveal himself at all. And once he officially started acting, he could leave these videos in his past.

He wanted to start as soon as he came up with the idea. Luo Lingxing planned to first understand what an uploader was as well as what he needed to make these kinds of videos. In other words, he needed to research these new things first.

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Thank you guys for your patience! This was a long, but fun chapter. I’m so happy he’s going towards the food host route. I LOVE food novels. Teehee~ 

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  2. So basically if there just so happened to be another cultivator in this world, they would also become a celebrity?

    On a completely unrelated note, it sounds like that Male God was really good at playing a demonic cultivator.

  3. “Luoluo, where did you guy(buy*) it from? It was so delicious! I want to eat it often in the future.”
    Perhaps this was a good way to gather Power of Faither. (Faith*)

    Aside from this few mistakes I think that reading this chapter is smooth. BTW there are also few word mistakes in past chapters. And the use of a and an.
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  4. If I were him, I would have been really mad that the guy ate my food without permission. Especially since he used spiritual stuff. It sounds like once he runs out, he’s going to run out permanently, so I don’t understand how he act act so carefree about it.

    1. I was going to make the exact same comment! You do not eat others food without permission! That guy went from ‘annoying’ to ‘despicable’ in like millisecond. And his food was made with ingridient that he has no way to replenish. Just reading made me this mad, I think if I was there I would’ve beaten him up.

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