IMG Chapter 34 Crushed by the Imposing Manner

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“Su Lingping, what are you staring for? Continue your lines.” The students sitting below were unsatisfied. They were originally dissatisfied with these people that were going to ruin the drama for them, but seeing this lineup, they became engaged.

Su Lingping calmed his state of mind. Others may not know this, but that look from Luo Lingxing just now was as if he saw the real Ye Xuanming. His whole body felt like it was suppressed by his glare, causing him to be unable to say anything. However, looking at him now, Luo Lingxing is still just Luo Lingxing. It seems like everything he saw before was just an illusion.

It must be that he was too immersed in the act just now so it caused him to hallucinate. There was no way Luo Lingxing could actually portray the feeling of Ye Xuanming.

Meanwhile, Luo Lingxing was also emptying his mind and throwing himself back into acting.

At this time, Mo Pingxiu only dared to talk this way to Ye Xuanming because he had the support of many cultivators behind him. He thought that because he had a lot of people on his side, he didn’t need to be afraid of Ye Xuanming. So what if Ye Xuanming was amazing? It’s impossible for him to beat so many people.

“The only difference between demon cultivators and immortal cultivators is that we use different cultivation methods, but we are still of one kind. So why must you try to exterminate us like this? Compared to the magnanimous actions of the demon cultivators, those cultivators throw their righteousness in everyone’s face and conduct shameful matters that even demon cultivators don’t do, don’t they deserve to be punished more?” Ye Xuanming’s voice was low and his tone was also muted, but every word that he said entered the heart of everyone present. All the criticize and pain that was felt was clearly transferred to the heart of every person, causing them to all tremble.

“You… You’re trying to fool everyone with your words… A demon cultivator will always be a demon cultivator, void of any kindness! If we let you continue living, you’ll definitely become…” Su Lingping was completely suppressed by Luo Lingxing to the point that he was stammering out his lines, without any force. The remainder of the scene seemed to have finished like this.

The other students, “…” They were completely speechless. It seemed like in that split second, they saw the real Ye Xuanming standing in front of them, causing them to feel like they were really experiencing and witnessing the scene of the cultivators fighting for themselves.

“Instructor, we’re finished,” Luo Lingxing released his imposing aura and calming said to Director Qian.

Everyone only started reacting after Luo Lingxing opened his mouth.

“My god! So handsome! I was starstruck just now like I was actually watching the fight between the cultivators.”

“Me too, me too! Although Su Lingping stuttered a bit while playing Mo Pingixu, but the scene was still very exciting.”

“I never thought Classmate Luo was so talented in acting, I was mesmerized just now.”

“Right! With his skills, he can become a celebrity even without a celebrity system.”

A couple girls chattered away with brilliant smiles on their faces, clearly all very excited.

Luo Lingxing can feel the dispersion of Power of Faith in the air. Although it’s not a lot, it is still considered a good start, no? Moreover, he can clearly see that it floated from the girls that were just discussing him.

Seeing this, Luo Lingxing couldn’t help looking at those students, causing the Power of Faith floating from them to become even thicker.

Director Qian closely examined Luo Lingxing and then started commenting on every person’s performance.

Su Lingping’s showed an even uglier face, especially considering that his performance just now couldn’t even be described in the realm of “bad”. His hate for Luo Lingxing flared up yet again since it seems like every time he encounters this person, nothing good ever happens.

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