IMG Chapter 33 Records of the Demon Cultivator

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“We’re now at the final script. The students that picked <Records of the Demon Cultivator> please come onstage,” Qian Xuewen said with a smile.

All the other students couldn’t help but smile. It’s not clear if they were smiling at the misfortune of the students that picked this script, or if they were encouraging them. In any case, all the students that picked <Records of the Demon Cultivator> had a bitter face except for one.

Su Lingping looked at the role that he chose and didn’t want to perform at all. He looked at the Luo Lingxing who was standing with him and his face became uglier.

<Records of the Demon Cultivator> is a story that tells of a story of an upright and humble genius cultivator that relies on his own hard work and diligence to become the pillar of his sect during his time. He was later harmed by a fellow disciple because of jealousy and sufficing to his demons, becoming a demon cultivator. Moreover, he was misunderstood by these so-called upright cultivators and targeted to death, forcing him to fight back in the end. Afterwards, he established the Demon Ying Sect and led the demon cultivators as one of the greatest masters of their time. It’s a story about being someone who no one dared bully.

The role that Su Lingping picked was just that jealous upright cultivator, Mo Pingxiu and the role that Luo Lingxing chose was the immortal cultivator that later became a demon cultivator, Ye Xuanming.

The scene from <Records of the Demon Cultivator> that they picked is one of the classic immortal cultivators against demon cultivators.

“My god! He actually picked Ye Xuanming! He’s going to destroy the image that I have of Xuanming.”

“Ye Xuanming is the role that the Male God played, nobody can surpass him. I’m already a bit reluctant to watch this.”

“Sigh… I didn’t think Director Qian would actually put <Records of the Demon Cultivator> in this lecture. This is an impossible mission! Those students are definitely going to be ruthlessly criticized, how pitiful.”

“Our Male God’s portrayal of Ye Xuanming is the classics of the classics! Nobody can surpass him. I really want class to end now. Although it’s rare to be able to attend Director Qian’s lecture, I can’t bear to see the image of my Male God ruined.”

When Su Lingping picked <Records of the Demon Cultivator>, he was originally afraid of being criticized for ruining this daram. However, now that all he hears is everyone talking about Luo Lingxing and not him, this is the first time he isn’t getting angry about it. He’s even rejoicing, his heart taking joy from other people’s misfortune. He can’t wait to see how this guy is going to ruin the drama and become hated by everyone later.

Luo Lingxing also heard everyone’s discussion, but he didn’t take them to heart. Although he’s never seen Ye Luohan’s portrayal of <Records of the Demon Cultivator>, this short scene from the script isn’t difficult for him.

“Is everyone ready?” Director Qian asked, his eyes seemingly to land on Luo Lingxing and faintly nodded his head.

Although he wasn’t sure how he was going to act, being this calm now is already a difficult feat to manage. Not even talking about these new students, but those old and well-experienced celebrities may not even be able to maintain this calm if they picked the role of Ye Xuanming from <Records of the Demon Cultivator>. Thus, he found this new student pleasing to the eye.

“I’m ready.” Su Lingping took the chance to reply in hopes that he could leave an impression on Director Qian and perhaps get a bit of help when he starts his career.

“Let’s start then.” One Director Qian finished speaking, he sat to the side with a serious expression. This is the most frequent expression he has on while he’s directing.

“Ye Xuanming, you better not resist. Since we were once disciples of the same sect, I won’t make things difficult for you. As long as you murder all those demon cultivators behind you, I’ll leave you your life,” Mo Pingxiu pointed his sword at Ye Xuanming and said with satisfaction. 

Ye Xuanming’s face was expressionless. He only stared at him indifferently, almost like stabbing a knife through Mo Pingxiu’s heart, causing him to be unable to breath. Mo Pingxiu took a couple steps back, stared blankly while forgetting his next lines. 

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