IMG Chapter 32 Picking the Performance

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Everyone nervously lined up to choose their script, each hoping that they pick an easy one. They don’t hope to be outstanding, but hope that they won’t disgrace themselves too much.

“What did you get?” the students who already chose whispered to their companions once they returned to their seats.

“I got the little witch Youyou from <The Witch Lili>. What about you?”

“I got a little comedic relief character from <The Witch Lili>,” another person said with concern,

“That means we’re acting from the same script. That’s good. This script isn’t too hard. At least our luck is a lot better than Lin You.”

“What did Lin You get?” a girl asked curiously.

“A villain from <Qingshan’s Ambition>. They even need to cross-dress.”

“I feel a lot better now.”

“I got Lin Xiaofan from <Soul City>. I’m worried to death! This person is really hard to act.”

“My bros, you guys should be happy. I chose a female role. The heavens are truly against me.”

“These roles that we got are all ones that Director Qian directed. Do you think anybody is unlucky enough to get a role from <Records of the Demon Cultivator>?”

“There definitely will be! My heart suddenly feels a lot better now.”

“..” Everyone excitedly discussed the roles that they picked. Some were happy, and some were concerned.

Luo Lingxing had just looked up information regarding Qian Xuewen and knew that <Records of the Demon Cultivator> was one of the milestone films that Qian Xuewen directed. It’s one of the classics that still has not been surpassed until today. He quietly took a peek at the paper in his hand and became silent.

“Let’s start our performances now. All the students that picked <The Witch Lili> please come onstage.”

“Whoever sees me will become blind,” the witch Lili said painfully.

Chen Yihang said firmly, “Well I see there’s a problem with your body, will it be annihilated?”

Chen Yihang: “Who would’ve thought that being kind would be a flaw.”

Lili: “Kind? Let me ask you. What if, one day, Li Wushuang decided to raze the lands? Would you be able to ask him to be merciful? What about if, one day, we let another race rule the world and they massacre everyone. Would you be able to use your ‘kindness’ to move them? These are the so-called rules of your Jiang Hu, so you have no choice.”

Chen Yihang: “I do have a choice. I can leave Jiang Hu.”

Each act was taken from a more exciting part of the script so they finished very quickly. Afterwards, each student that performed were all extremely nervous while they waited for Director Qian’s comments. They felt a hundred times more nervous than when they were waiting for their report cards.

“The person who played Lili didn’t do too bad. However, you didn’t emulate the tone and attitude enough. I could still see how nervous you were. You need to practice your facial expressions more so that they can become even more precise. The person who portrayed Chen Yihang didn’t speak firm enough. If you said the last line ‘I do have a choice. I can leave Jiang Hu.’ like this, then it would have been a bit better,” Qian Xuewen commented on each part. He even spoke out about the little problems so that everyone can make the corrections.

“Thank you, Director Qian. We’ll continue to do our best.” The students that received their comments acted as if they received a treasure and happily returned to their seats.

“Up next well have the students acting in <Soul City> go onstage.”


The acting class is made up of two classes combined. These two classes all came to perform and get commented on. Each time they perform and receive commentary on their acting, they will all concentrate and listen closely so that they can receive more benefits.

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