IMG Chapter 31 The Empire’s Male God

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After listening, Luo Lingxing discovered that this ‘male god’ that they were talking about is the legendary Ye Luohan of the entertainment circle. His position is one that nobody can hope to surpass.

If you say ‘male god’, everyone would naturally think of him because for the other superstars, everyone would add the world ‘god’ after their surname. So there is only one ‘male god’ and that’s Ye Luohan. You can clearly discern how high his position is from this.

It has only been a short ten years since Ye Luohan made his first appearance. In total, he’s acted in twenty movies and dramas, and the number of products he’s been the spokesperson for are even less. However, someone like this is still unforgettable and cannot be erased in the hearts of the people. 

As everyone knows, if the celebrities in the entertainment industry do not maintain their exposure rate, then it’s really easy to be replaced by the new celebrities that appear and their fans will eventually forget them. Ye Luohan is an exception in this case. Even if there are only a couple pieces of news regarding him a year, his fans would still remember him and never abandon him. Not only that, he would even steadily gain new fans!

This is really not in accordance with the rules of the entertainment industry, but it’s still a part of reality. This caused many people to rack their brains to discover why this is, but the only conclusion that everyone can obtain is that: this is only something that Ye Luohan can do and he is the only one of such a high position in the entertainment industry.

The productions that Ye Luohan are in are extremely few, but every one of them are the creme of the crop. When one is released, it’ll signify the tragic viewing ratings for all the other dramas of that time slot.

Because of this, before a film is set to be released, all the directors will always investigate and see if Ye Luohan will be shooting in any movie or drama and if they will be shown during that time slot. If they are, then even if they have to make haste efforts or shorten their time slots, they will do so as to not have the same time slot as Ye Luohan.

Thus, everyone discovered this new situation. As long as one of Ye Luohan’s dramas is being broadcasted, there will not be another drama being shown in the same time slot. Even if all the other broadcasting channels are empty, nobody would care.

“Director Qian is here,” an unknown person shouted. Everyone suddenly quieted down and and closely stared at the door. The students that were originally sitting cross-legged suddenly stood up in uniform, their postures even more strict than a soldier’s. Nobody wanted to give a bad impression to Director Qian.

Not long later, Luo Lingxing saw a middle-aged man wearing casual clothes walk through the door. His face carried a warm smile and he looked like he was someone who was easy to get along with. That is, of course, if those black pupils didn’t contain a faint trace of sharpness and scrutiny. 

“Hello students. I’ll be the instructor for your acting class today. My name’s Qian Xuewen. Everyone can just act casual in my class, there’s no need to be so nervous,” Qian Xuewen’s voice was as warm as his smile, making the once nervous students gradually relax.

“School has started for a while now already and you guys must have already attended a couple of acting lectures, so I’m sure everyone here knows how to perform a bit. What I mean is everyone should be able to use their own styles to display different human characteristics and show it in front of everyone. For this class, I won’t blabber away on these things that everyone should already and we’ll head straight into the demonstrations. I have some short scripts here. Everyone will come up in a bit and choose the role that they’ll act out. Don’t worry about not acting well. I’ll propose some suggestions based on your performances. If everyone is diligent in learning from their experiences, then you all will definitely have improvements,” Instructor Qian Xuewen said.

Once everyone heard that they will directly perform in front of such a famous director, they were both happy and pressured. 

They were happy because if they managed to perform well, then they’ll leave a good impression on Director Qian. They may even be able to work together in the future. However, they also feel immense pressure naturally because the other person is a really famous director, he would definitely have strict requirements. New students like them that just entered the academy, perhaps everything they do would be endlessly criticized. 

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