IMG Chapter 30 Attending Director Qian’s Class

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After the system guide class finished, Luo Lingxing had a better understanding of these systems. Although he can’t use this information yet, there will come a day where he could use the information so it was always better to be prepared.

The next class was the acting class. The acting class in the Imperial Academy didn’t have an assigned instructor, but all the instructors that came would all have prestigious backings. The instructor for today, for example, is said to be the legendary director Qian Xuewen. 

“As expected of our school being the number one school in the empire, we really go all out! Look at the other schools. Which one of them can be like ours and invite huge stars from the entertainment industry to teach our classes.”

“Exactly! I chose to become a performance major because of this! I heard that our teacher for today is the bigshot director Qian Xuewen.

“For real?” the students all gathered around to discuss after hearing this.

Luo Lingxing opened his terminal and looked up information pertaining to this director Qian Xuewen. The more he found out, the more amazing he thought this person to be.

Director Qian produced countless movies and dramas. Each one would attract a lot of attention, and numerous artists would rack their brains to try and join in on his productions because the movies and dramas that he directs are guaranteed to be well-received and become popular. Even if they act in a sole role, as long as they’re in the production, they’re guaranteed to have a massive fanbase for a short while. He’s one of the directors that artists want to collaborate with the most.

Director Qian is most skilled in fantasy type productions, and the work that stirred up the deepest impression and is the most discussed is his <Records of the Demon Cultivator>. It’s known that this drama popularized all the actors that participated in the shooting. Even if they were small roles, they still gained fame. Moreover, this drama brought out many movie kings and queens.

It became a legendary existence in the industry.

“My goodness! Director Qian is actually coming to instruct our acting class! We’re so lucky. If we perform well, maybe Director Qian may choose one of us. Even if it’s a small role, it’ll be an amazing start for us,” a female student said excitedly.

“What are you thinking? We’re already very lucky to have Director Qian come to instruct us, and now you want a supporting role in his film? You’re overthinking! Those second and third rate celebrities and crazily fighting for their roles. How would new students like us even dream of getting one?” another female student couldn’t help but pour cold water on her enthusiasm.

“You’re right, but I can still dream. Just let me have my daydream.”

“Speaking of the director, I’ve thought about another male god. I haven’t heard any news of this male god in a long time. I wonder how long he’ll disappear for this time.”

“Sigh… that male gold will only accept one or two roles a year. It’s just not enough! I’ve watched the drama he shot this year more than a hundred times and I still couldn’t help but lick the screen! He’s just too handsome!”

“Exactly! So handsome! His beauty exceeds the earth. How can the world have such a handsome person? I’m afraid a person that can compare to this male god just doesn’t exist.”

“No way. Our general Han Junzhan is also very handsome, alright! He’s probably the only one that can be compared to our male god.

“We have two adonises that can serve as our eye candy this year. We’re so fortunate!”

“Do you even have to say it? Wait! We need to go watch the movies and dramas that our male god stars in. I need to reevaluate it again from the beginning.”

Luo Lingxing silently sat to the side while listening to the girls’ discussion. He didn’t plan on listening in but heard Han Junzhan’s name and couldn’t help but listen more.

Who would’ve thought that the stoney-face Han Junzhan would actually have so many female fans. This ‘male god’ that the girls were talking about and could compare to Han Junzhan was probably also very handsome.

As expected, regardless of which world you’re in, you’ll encounter these people who only cares about the handsome faces.

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