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“From our last few classes, I trust that everyone already has a fundamental understanding of their systems? For today, I’ll explain to everyone how to upgrade your system,” the teacher said on the platform. The attendance rate is always the highest for this class because everyone is interested in their own system and very willing to listen to the lecture.

“Teacher, we have a new transfer student. He didn’t attend the previous lectures,” a student suddenly said.

“Lin Hai, did you forget? He doesn’t have a system. It wouldn’t affect him even if he didn’t attend any of the classes,” Liu Quan, the student sitting next to Lin Hai said.

“Oh, right. How could I forget that?” Ling Hai played along and gave a pat to his head. However, his expression didn’t look like one who forgot, but it looked like he brought it up purposely.

The two people echoed each other in their acts and stirred everyone to give off huge “haha” laughs.

“Enough, let’s start class,” the teacher said, but didn’t make any extra moves to reprimand the students at all.

Luo Lingxing’s expression didn’t change, as if he didn’t hear what everyone said. He concentrated his stare at the platform and blackboard.

“Everyone, open up your system interface first,” The teacher said on the platform.

Luo Lingxing discovered that nobody did anything, but a half-transparent screen appeared in front of everyone. The screen was probably half the size of the desk and simply displayed some buttons and icons. Everyone’s screens were roughly the same.

Furthermore, other people can see each person’s system screens very clearly. This fits perfectly with Luo Lingxing’s intentions, he also really wanted to understand the systems of this world.

He was very interested in the appearance of these systems because these systems were very different from the cultivators’ mental cultivation methods and secret manuals from his previous worlds. However, the systems still gave the people here many benefits, very similar to those cultivational techniques but still completely different. It wasn’t as powerful or diverse as the techniques he cultivated and it was more restrictive to each system grade and inherited functions.

“Luo Lingxing, why are you still in the classroom? You don’t have a system so you don’t even have to attend this lecture. Don’t you feel uncomfortable seeing that everyone else besides you has a system?” Liu Quan seared.

Luo Lingxing cooly peered at Liu Quan and his single look shut Liu Quan up, even his whole body became petrified like it was being pressed by some extreme weight and he was unable to open his mouth.

The student sitting next to Luo Lingxing saw that he was very interested in the systems and shifted his system interface closer to Luo Lingxing and said, “This is my system. If you don’t mind, we can study it together.”

“Hey, Gao Fei 1 !  What’s the point of letting him see your system? It’s yours, not his. You can let him see it during class but can you let him use it outside of class? Stop pretending to be a good person,” Lin Hai curled his mouth and said with much disdain.

“I…” Gao Fei’s face reddened by what Lin Hai said, extremely embarrassed. 

“It’s fine. Don’t mind them,” Luo Lingxing said with a smile.

He won’t be polite to those that provoke him, but similarly, he’ll harbor good feelings to those that treat him well.

Lin Hai and Liu Quan were all Su Lingping’s people. It wasn’t difficult to figure out who was behind these two people’s constant attacks towards him. He didn’t plan on dealing with Su Lingping in the beginning, but this person kept coming to annoy him. He hated houseflies the most. 

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1 Gao Fei: His name means Goofy or fly high. Why would you name your kid that orz

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