IMG Chapter 28 Share the Meat With Me

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This was the first time Luo Lingxing was eating in the dining hall and he didn’t know how the food would taste so he randomly chose two dishes. Before leaving, he heard Yang Zekai make his order.

“A portion of braised pork, mixed vegetables, steamed broccoli, and sauteed bok choy,” Yang Zekai said while pointing to the four dishes.

When Luo Lingxing arrived at the seats, he saw Xia Yaun hold the chopsticks to his lips and say, “I wonder if they’ll have braised pork tomorrow.”

At this time, Yang Zekai brought back the dishes he ordered. When Xia Yuan clearly saw the dishes were his place, his eyes suddenly lit up and he subconsciously reached his chopsticks out, “Braised pork!”

However, Yang Zekai had expected this and swifty raised his plate away so that Xia Yuan’s chopsticks only landed on air.

You have your own,” Yang Zekai calmly said.

“But I don’t have braised pork, ” Xia Yuan said pitifully while staring at the braised pork.

Luo Lingxing firmly decided not to get involved and quietly ate his own food.

“Xiao Kai, let me have a bite. Just one bite,” Xia Yuan raised one finger and said with a smile trying to butter him up.

“You really want some?” Yang Zekai said enticingly with a slight smile and brow raised. His lips slightly lifted up and revealed a cute little vampire tooth.

Xia Yuan used all his energy to nod his head to show his determination.

“You can eat the braised pork if you want, but you also have to eat all of these mixed vegetables.” Yang Zekai used his chopsticks to stir the vegetables, indicating that all of these vegetables had to be eaten.

Xia Yuan’s face fell when he saw the vegetables. He was a true carnivore, he didn’t like to eat vegetables.

Yang Zekai saw his expression and knew exactly what he was thinking. He continued speaking, “You don’t have to eat them if you don’t want to, but don’t think about eating the braised pork either.” He then started eating his food and popursely picked up a big enticing piece or braised pork and waved it in front of Xia Yuan before shoving it in his mouth. Xia Yuan’s couldn’t stop drooling after seeing this.

“Fine. I’ll eat it. Hurry up and give me some braised pork!” Xia Yuan softly said in the end, compromising in order to get his braised pork. However, he said the last part very firmly.

Luo Lingxing finally understood why Yang Zekai ordered enough food for two people now and gave a soft smile. It looks like his childhood friend being a picky eater was something he worried about.

After eating, they rested for a bit before the afternoon classes started. Because the three people had different majors, of course the location of their classes were different as well. Luo Lingxing felt that it finally quieted down.

Although he only knew Xia Yuan for a single afternoon, that person had an overly familiar personality and loved to talk. Going with his momentum, the two of them didn’t have a sense of unfamiliarity at all.

The first class in the afternoon was system guide studies. In this world, the system is part of every person. Therefore, a corresponding class was set up to teach the students how to recognize and use their systems.

Usually, their system will awaken by the age of eighteen. At this time, the system is usually at a level 0 since it was only just awakened and usually the person isn’t familiar with their system yet. Therefore, they need to study progressively to understand their system’s functions to level up their systems.

Of course, some children will have the same class systems as their parents so their parents may teach the child the basics knowledge about their system. However, if they want to fully understand their system, they need to learn in the classroom setting. 

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