IMG Chapter 27 There’s Also Braised Pork

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Other than being startled in the beginning, the environment in the dorm was quite comfortable. It wasn’t a bad place after cleaning up, especially the rooms.

Although the rooms weren’t large, it was very complete and well organized. You could feel the heart that the school put behind it.

Luo Lingxing put away the items that he brought. On the surface, he didn’t bring many things, only a small suitcase, and in the suitcase, he had some clothes that he commonly wore and tkeroseneetries. However, most of his stuff was actually placed in his space ring. Although the ring was originally meant to store his spiritual plants and it didn’t have a large dimension, it was still more than enough to use for now.

“Luoluo, we’re gonna eat in the dining hall. You should come with us! If you don’t go soon, there won’t be anything left to eat,” Xia Yuan’s characteristically refreshing voice sounded from outside.

Luo Lingxing thought about how he would have to interact with this dormmate for the next four years and they’d have to cultivate a friendship eventually, so he replied, “Alright.”

“Hurry up, Luoluo. The dining hall has delicious sweet and sour pork chops today! If we’re late, it’ll definitely be stolen by the others,” Xia Yuan urged. His voice carried a trace of impatience, obviously worried that the sweet and sour pork chops would be sold out.

Actually, he should have gone to the dining hall first before heading back to the dorms today. But because he knew that a new dormmate was coming, he excitedly went back to the dorms to clean up so as not to leave a bad impression on the new dormmate. However, in the end he wasn’t able to make it in time. If he also missed the sweet and sour pork chops because of this, then he would definitely consider today as the unluckiest day in his life.

Luo Lingxing quickly tidied up, got his keys, and left. He then felt Xia Yuan impatiently drag him outside. His childhood friend, Yang Zekai, seemed to already be used to this and acted indifferent and calm.

“Xiao Kai, you hurry up as well otherwise there won’t be anymore. I’m not gonna share with you,” Xia Yuan said with a slight pout.

“It would be a miracle if you didn’t ask me to share with you, but when have you ever shared with me?” Yang Zekai teased.

Xia Yuan slightly reddened by his words, but he argued back, “Who says I never did? I shared with you last time!”

“Oh right. We had veggies last time,” Yang Zekai cooly sold someone out.

“I still shared with you! Hmph! Luoluo, we don’t have to mind him. We won’t share with him even when there’s nothing left to eat! Let’s go.” Xia Yuan made a face to Yang Zekai and then pulled Luo Lingxing to the dining hall.

Luo Lingxing didn’t like getting close to others. He wanted to pull his arm back many times but never succeeded. He didn’t know if Xia Yuan was doing it on purpose or he was just too dimwitted to realize his intentions.

Luo Lingxing looked at Xia Yuan and finally decided that he was just too dimwitted. Since he looked at the food like a starving wolf that hasn’t eaten in days, it made him wonder if Yang Zekai didn’t feed him enough lately. Otherwise, why would he look so “starved”. 

Yang Zekai made an innocent expression because regardless of how much he fed him, Xia Yuan always had a starved expression.

What made Yang Zekai the most angry was that no matter how much that person ate, he never gained any fat on his body. He forever looked thin and weak and felt uncomfortable to the touch.

“I bought the sweet and sour pork. It’s you guys turn next. They’re also selling braised pork today but I didn’t see it until I ordered my sweet and sour pork. How about we each buy one and share?” Xia Yua carried his sweet and sour pork and started reluctantly at the braised pork.

“Hurry and go find a seat,” Yang Zekai pushed Xia Yuan to quickly find a seat.

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