IMG Chapter 26 You Don’t Want me Anymore

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After he finished sizing up the dorm, Luo Lingxing’s gaze fell back on his future dormmate. Speaking truthfully, this dormmate of his looked very delicate, like a prince that walked out of a manhua. He had a slightly baby face with standard oval shape, fair white skin, and those exceptionally large eyes that looked as if they contained stars and gave others a profound feeling. That is, of course, if he didn’t speak or move then he could quietly be the handsome pretty boy. Of course, expecting him to actually quietly sit there and be a pretty boy wasn’t realistic.

Although his dormmate’s personally was a bit too carefree and a bit too lively, he looked to be very innocent. Luo Lingxing really liked to interact with simple people like this. He didn’t have to use too much brain power. His dormmate’s friend, on the other hand, didn’t look like a simple person. Thankfully, Luo Lingxing didn’t have to live with him.

After three minutes passed, the living room really did become very clean, as if what he saw before was all an illusion.

The Xia Yuan that was originally facing the corner and carrying out his punishment suddenly became full of energy again. He was completely revived and dragged the Luo Lingxing that was still standing by the door inside. He then excitedly explained, “This is my childhood friend Yang Zekai. He’s an agent major and lives in the dorms above us. Oh right, we didn’t get your name yet?”

Luo Lingxing looked at Xia Yuan’s shining eyes that were blinking at him and the pure and sweet smile hanging on his face. His mood became a bit better and he introduced himself, “My name’s Luo Lingxing. I’m a performing arts major.”

“Ohhh… Xiao Kai, I finally have a dormmate. School started so long ago and yet I was the only one without a dormmate. It was so lonely,” Xia Yuan said while pulling Yang Zekai’s arm, sharing his joy at the moment. 

Yang Zekai lifted his brows and said with a curled lips, “Oh. So now that you’re not lonely anymore, does that mean you don’t need me anymore?”

“Of course not! I’ll always need you, hehe. I haven’t cleaned my room yet,” Xia Yuan charmingly spat out.

Yang Zekai was always at his wit’s end dealing with this childhood friend of his. He was clearly a cute child that had a loveable appearance, but why did he have such a sloppy personality. If it wasn’t for him, this person would definitely be living in a trash heap. He really didn’t know what this person would do once he grew up? Furthermore, who else would be willing to come and clean up everyday? He was probably the only such unlucky person.

“I got it. Go welcome your dormmate first. I’ll clean your room,” Yang Zekai said helplessly. He gave Luo Lingxing a smile before walking into one of the rooms.

Xia Yuan took out his precious snacks that he was rarely willing to share with others, handed them to Luo Lingxing and said in a low voice, “These are my precious snacks. I’ll give them to you. You definitely cannot let Xiao Kai see them or else he’ll lecture me again.”

Although Luo Lingxing didn’t particularly like to eat snacks, he didn’t reject his dormmate’s kind intentions and thanked him, “Thank you. Then I’ll give this to you. It can be my meeting gift 1 for you. I made it myself.” 

Luo Lingxing thought it over and gave Xia Yuan the small pastries he made in the morning. There probably wasn’t a better gift than this for a foodie. Besides, seeing the happy expression on the other person’s face, he stopped feeling perplexed about the pastries being his morning leftovers. No one would know anyways.

“Wow! This is delicious! Luoluo 2 , you’re amazing, just like Xiao Kai,” Xia Yuan shoved the pastry into his mouth with one hand and gave a thumbs up and praised on the other.

“Luoluo?” This was the first time someone called him Luoluo since coming to this world. Everyone usually called him Xiao Luo and his family would call him Xiao Xing. However, this name also didn’t sound too bad.

“Yea! We’ll be dormmates in the future anyways. We’ll feel a lot closer calling each other like this. You can also call me YuanYuan, it’s cuter,” Xia Yuan said amiably. He had a sweet smile on his face as he continued the battle with the pastry. He then happily took it with him into the room to share it with Yang Zekai.

Luo Lingxing was also too lazy to correct his name and went into his room to put his things away.

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1 Meeting gift: Many times in Chinese culture, you’ll give someone a gift when you meet them for the first time.

2 Luoluo: Saying someone’s name twice is a cute way of calling them. You can take any part of the name and call it twice but it’s usually the last name or last part of first name. For example ‘Luo Lingxing’ would be ‘LuoLuo’ or ‘XingXing’

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