IMG Chapter 25 Weird Dormmate

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Luo Lingxing stood at the dorm door dumbfounded. Ever since he transmigrated to this world, he’d always had a calm and serene expression. This was the first time that he’d shown such a stupefied expression. His four brothers would definitely be shocked if they were here to see it right now.

Luo Lingxing erased all the expectations he had about meeting his dormmate and really wanted to change rooms instead. However, he didn’t know if he still had time to do that.

The Imperial University dorms usually had two people per dorm. So if he moved into here, that means he would have to live the next four years in this kind of environment.

“Excuse me, please move aside,” a refreshing voice suddenly came from behind. Luo Lingxing instinctively moved to the side to let the other person pass through.

“Xia Yuan’Er 1 , how many times have I told you! You can’t just randomly throw the underwear around! Don’t just toss it everywhere! If you keep doing that, I won’t lend you anymore even if you run out!”

“Hehe. I promise I won’t throw them around next time, Xiao Kai. Hurry up and help me clean up. My dormmate is coming soon. I can’t let him see such a messy room or else I might scare him away,” Xia Yuan had a smile on his face and laughingly said to the man next to him. His tone was very natural, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. It was clear this wasn’t the first time this happened.

The person named Xiao Kai suddenly straightened his body, looked at Xia Yuan with a helpless look and said, “I’m afraid it’s too late.”

“Huh? What?” Xia Yuan didn’t react for a moment.

Yang Zekai looked towards the door and completely didn’t have any hope for Xia Yuan’s dimwittedness. He straightforward said, “Your new dormmate is already here.”

Xia Yuan followed Yang Zekai’s gaze and saw a handsome man standing by the door. He then dazedly said, “The clothes he’s wearing look very familiar.”

The important point that Xia Yuan focused on was always completely different from everyone else. Even though Yang Zekai was used to it, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes and say, “You asked him to move aside just now so of course it looks familiar. How else did you think you got into the room without taking out your room key?”

Yang Zekai was going to die from the idiocy of this childhood friend of his.

“Oh, right. I was wondering why I felt like I forgot something today. So that was it. Um… Hello. My name’s Xia Yuan. I’m a music major. We’ll be dormmates in the future. Everything you see now is just an illusion. Give me five minutes, no. Three minutes and I guarantee that I’ll show you the real appearance of the dorm,” Xia Yuan said while waving his hands around. He even wanted to go cover Luo Lingxing’s eyes so that he would stop staring at the room.

Yang Zekai speechlessly pulled Xia Yuan back. “Go reflect in the corner.” He then faced Luo Lingxing and said, “Please wait outside for three minutes. We’ll be done soon.”

After he finished speaking, Yang Zekai proficiently cleaned up Xia Yuan’s room. You could tell that this wasn’t his first time doing this. His movements were so experienced that Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but click his tongue.

Luo Lingxing used this time to carefully examine the layout of the dorm. He was currently looking at the common living room. There were two doors to the left and right of the living room. The bathroom and kitchen should be on the right side. It was great that there was a kitchen. That meant he could make some spiritual food for himself in the future.

On the left side, however, should be where the two rooms were located, one of which should be his. This made Luo Lingxing let out a sigh of relief.

He thankfully had his own room. Otherwise, he would have felt very depressed just thinking that he had to stay with this person who threw around his books, socks, and underwear. If that really was the case, he would have risked his life to get a new dormmate.

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1 Xia Yuan’Er: ‘Er is added after a name to make it more cute

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