IMG Chapter 24 Inevitable Dispute

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“My name’s Luo Lingxing. I hope you guys can take care of me for the next four years,” Luo Lingxing slightly nodded while giving a simple introduction. He gave off the perfect smile that wasn’t too over enthusiastic, but also gave off a positive impression.

“Why are you here?” A voice suddenly sprang out, pulling all the focus away from Luo Lingxing’s body.

Luo Lingxing raised his head to take a look and couldn’t help but raise his brows. However, he only took a brief glance before taking back his line of sight, acting as if that person had nothing to do with him.

That person indeed had nothing to do with him.

The students that knew more about the inside story promptly kept their mouths shut. It was better for them not to participate in the internal strife of a powerful family. Of course, there were some that wanted to kiss up to Su Lingping, and those that knew Luo Lingxing was already kicked out of the family weren’t as tactful.

“Isn’t that the eldest young master that was kicked out of the Su Family? Why did he return? Does he want to return to the Su Family?” A man wearing mainstream clothes who sat next to Su Lingping said sarcastically.

“You got it wrong. Didn’t you hear him say he was Luo Lingxing? He’s surname isn’t even Su so how would he get back into the Su Family? That’s just wishful thinking, okay?”

“Exactly. The Su Family already kicked him out so there would be no way that they’d want him back. Can’t you see that he was even stripped of his surname? I also heard that he doesn’t have a system. How could a person like that study performing arts? Teacher, did you guys make a mistake?”

Everyone couldn’t help but start whispering after hearing what those three people said.

“Who would’ve thought that he’s actually the Su Family’s eldest young master. I heard that he was kicked out of the family because he didn’t have a system. How pitiful.”

“Right? He’s clearly so handsome and yet he was still ruthlessly chased out. I really can’t understand what the Su Family is thinking.”

“Lower your voice. Don’t let Su Lingping hear you. I heard that he really doesn’t get along with the Su Family’s eldest young master.”

“I think Luo Lingxing is a lot more handsome than that Su Lingping. Besides, look at his personality, he’s so elegant. I think I’m gonna be a huge fan of the new classmate.”

“Hehe… Me too. It’s rare to see a man with such an elegant personality nowadays.”

“It’s just a shame that he doesn’t have a system. He won’t be able to get far in the entertainment industry in the future.”

“It’s fine. We’re only freshmen. We still have a long way to go before entering the industry. This won’t affect us fangirling over him,” a female student chattering in the discussion.

“Everyone quiet down. Classmate Luo 1 , you’ll sit in the empty seat beside Lu Xiaoyue for now. Alright, let’s start class.” The homeroom teacher tried to keep the order and to avoid everyone’s random discussions, he started the class.

Luo Lingxing acted as if he didn’t hear everyone discussing him. He freely sat in the empty seat, ignored the warning glares that Su Lingping sent over, and concentrated on the lecture.

Since Luo Lingxing came late so this was already the last class of the day. Once class ended, Su Lingping didn’t even get a chance to stir up trouble with Luo Lingxing before he was taken away by the homeroom teacher.

“This is your dorm room card. You can move your stuff in later.” The homeroom teacher handed Luo Lingxing another card before promptly leaving.

Luo Lingxing looked at the dorm card in his hand. He knew that the Imperial University enforced all their students to stay on campus, but they had the chance to return home during the weekends.

Luo Lingxing was a bit curious on what kind of person his dormmate is. They would, after all, be living together for the next four years.

Opening the dorm door, Luo Lingxing saw… a completely messy room. Empty snack bags and books were randomly thrown down. There were even socks, underwear, and other personal articles scattered all around the room, not leaving any room for a person to walk.

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How would you guys feel having to live with such a messy person? I get so anxious if I’m in a messy room >.<

1 Classmate Luo: Usually in professional settings, people are never called by their full names but instead by “title+last name”

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  1. Ha ha ha😂. If only, but considering that that room is more of a pig sty than a dorm room. There will be a lot of bugs so a strategic retreat to the nearest supermarket for 1 or 4 cans of bug spray is the most likely first reaction for me.😅

  2. I’d take a broom and sweep everything in a trash bag, including his clothes, and throw it away along with the name tag on the dorm room. I mean I understand a bit of messiness but food everywhere? Nua -ah.

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