IMG Chapter 23 New Classmate

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“Our performing arts department indeed doesn’t have such a rigid rule, but all the students do possess a celebrity system. This is a tractful understanding that we all have. It can be said that it’s for the sake of the student’s future. So students with a different system should transfer to a major in correspondence to their system,” the director in charge said.

“The students can change their major at their own will, but if they are not willing to, then we cannot force them,” An Zhiqun said. He then turned his head to look at Luo Lingxing and asked, “Are you willing to change your major?”

“I am not,” Luo Lingxing bluntly answered.

“Then you need to be aware that if you don’t have the help of the celebrity system, you’ll face many difficulties and obstruction in the future in the entertainment industry. Even if that’s the case, you still want to stay?” An Zhiqun said while looking at Luo Lingxing.

The corner of Luo Lingxing’s mouth slightly raised into an imperceptible curve. He confidently said,” I won’t just sit there and silently accept it.”

An Zhiqun never thought that Luo Lingxing would reply like that. He slightly raised his brows and felt that this student was very interesting. This was the first time he heard someone without a system reply to him with such determination. It seemed like he was confident that he would be able to carve his own place in the entertainment industry even without a system.

An Zhiqun was excited for the new wonders that this student would bring to him, but as for now…

“Then you better remember everything that you heard today. The entertainment industry isn’t child’s play.” An Zhiqun didn’t look at Luo Lingxing again after he finished speaking. Instead, he turned to look at the director in charge and said, “Help him with the formalities to resume classes.”

The director in charge didn’t say anything else after hearing what the president said and quickly helped Luo Lingxing complete the formalities.

“Since you took a whole year off, we cannot preserve your old credits. You must attend classes with the incoming freshmen again. This will be your class as well as the name of your homeroom teacher. You can go look for your homeroom teacher. He’ll take you to your new class,” the director in charge said while handing Luo Lingxing a card.

“Thank you, director. Thank you, president. I’ll take my leave first then,” Luo Lingxing took the card, thanked the two people and then calmly walked out.

“President, since he doesn’t have a system, he’ll definitely suffer in the entertainment industry in the future. So why are you having him continue as a performing arts major?” The director couldn’t understand.

“A system is only there as an aid. Even if there is no system, that doesn’t mean that person can’t enter the entertainment industry. Those that are currently successful in this industry are those that depend too much on their system. It feels like they would be unable to do their job if they didn’t have the system. What the world needs right now is someone to tell them that perhaps, having a system isn’t the most important thing,” President An Zhiqun replied. A rare smile showed on his face, however…

“That is just on the premise that this child can get past the ostracization of those people who consider a system to life. If he can’t overcome that little obstacle, then the rest is useless.”

The director in charge considered it a bit after hearing that, but still couldn’t really understand it. To them, a system was already a major of their lives, after all. Since it belongs to them, then naturally it’s better to have it help them.

Luo Lingxing took the card and found his homeroom teacher, Li Chengwang, and arrived at his new classroom, performing arts class 1.

“Everyone quiet down. We have a new classmate today. Let’s have the new classmate introduce himself,” Li Chengwang said.

Luo Lingxing casually walked onto the platform, not the slightest bit intimidated. Today, he wore a white shirt along with some casual jeans. It wasn’t too formal or sloppy and gave off the feeling of a handsome man with an elegant personality.

Although his appearance wasn’t considered outstanding compared to those beauties and adonises of the performing arts major, his elegant personality left a deep impression in everyone’s hearts.

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