IMG Chapter 22 Performing Arts Major

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Luo Lingxing checked on his terminal and learned that he needed to head to the administration office to register to resume school. Moreover, the administration office in the Imperial University was on the third floor of the first building.

Every new student that was admitted to the school should have received an electronic map with a detailed mark and name of every specific place. Luo Lingxing, thankfully, kept this map or else he would have been buzzing around like a headless housefly.

Opening the map, he quickly found where the first building was located as well as his current location. He then followed the map over.

*knock knock* He politely knocked on the door to the administration office.

“Come in,” a voice came from the inside. Luo Lingxing opened the door and entered.

“Hello, I’m a new student from the class of 2016 1 . I took last year off and was planning on returning this year,” Luo Lingxing said in neither an overbearing or weak voice.

The director in charge looked up to see Luo Lingxing, thinking that he looked very familiar, but couldn’t remember from where . The director didn’t think too deeply into it and went to find the file on Luo Lingxing but came up empty.

“Our school doesn’t have a student named Luo Lingxing.”

“My name used to be Su Lingxing,” Luo Lingxing continued.

As expected, Su Lingxing’s information was quickly found and the director in charge finally remembered who this familiar student was. This was the Su Family’s eldest young master that was famous throughout the whole Empire.

You’re called Luo Lingxing now?” The director subconsciously asked. He only realized after he asked that it might have been a bit unnecessary.

All the documents that Luo Lingxing brought over had the name ‘Luo Lingxing’ on it. This made the director think of the incident from a year ago that the Su Family stirred up. This eldest young master of the Su Family should have already been kicked out of the Su Family so it was normal for him to change his name. It’s just that he didn’t have enough power so it was impossible to change all his documents to a completely different name with just a year’s time. It was like he was changing to a completely different person.

However, the secrets from those large families, it was better that a small director didn’t try to understand too much about it. The more you knew, the more dangerous it was, after all.

“You don’t have a celebrity system so you cannot be a performing arts major. I can put you under a different major,” the director said.

“I want to study performing arts,” Luo Lingxing insisted.

“All the students in the performing arts major will eventually go into the performing industry, and their system will be of a major help to them. You don’t have a system. You’ll be unable to find a standing in this industry, so I’m having you change your major. This is for your own good,” the director said again, analyzing the pros and cons for him.

“I thank you for your kind intentions, director, but I still want to study performing arts.” Luo Lingxing was firm on his opinion.

“You…” The director was a bit angry. Why isn’t this child listening?

Looking at the stubborn student, the director wanted nothing to do with him, “That’s impossible. If you don’t have a celebrity system, you can’t be a performing arts major. You need to change your major.”

Luo Lingxing slightly furrowed his brows. It was clear that the director in front of him was determined on making him change his major, but he was also determined to stay as a performing arts major!

Just as Luo Lingxing opened his mouth to say something, a soothing voice drafting from outside and cut him off, “Director, why didn’t I know that there was this requirement to be a performing arts major?”

Both the director and Luo Lingxing shifted their gaze to the door and saw a carefully dressed man standing there with a slightly serious expression. Because he took good care of his heath, there wasn’t any trace of age on his face and it was hard to tell how old he was.

“President An,” the director in charge respectfully greeted him.

The person that entered was the president of the performing arts department: An Zhiqun. He was already over eighty years old this year, but he was still considered young since the average man in this world can live to over two hundred years.

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1 2016: I highly doubt this number is the year he entered the school. It’s most likely like the 2016th class to enter since the school opened or something.

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  1. What major does the director even want Luo Lingxing to switch to? They said Luo Lingxing can’t enter the performance arts department because he doesn’t have a celebrity system, but he also doesn’t have any other kind of system.

    Plus it sounds like a celebrity system just helps you to act, which is something that a regular human could do with enough talent and training. There are probably systems that help you do things that would be impossible for most if not all humans. Like a surgeon/doctor system that let’s you see a patient’s vitals. Or an engineering system that let’s you make really complex models in your head. Honestly it seems like the performing arts department would be one of the easier places for a person with no system.

  2. Man, that Director is so patronizing. If it were me, I might have dug my heels in and insisted on performing arts just because of his attitude.

  3. Hahaha, I’ve been indoctrinated. When I saw the strong words and “President ” I immediately thought ML… And then I saw the 80 years old. ” Not Ml…” Completely disregarding the fact we already know who the ML is in the first place 😂

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