IMG Chapter 21 Resuming School

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Luo Lingxing was very interested in this world’s private institutions, or otherwise known as school. He knows that school is a place where you can obtain a lot of knowledge about this world. So even though he hasn’t been a student in a long time, he was very interested in checking out this school.

The Imperial University was definitely the best university in the Empire, there were no other contenders. It had the most comprehensive specialized majors compared to all the other universities. It was located in a suburban area of the central city and had a huge campus and complete facilities. It was like it’s own little city.

Since the campus currently wasn’t open to the public, the school gates were only open during the weekends. Normally, only the students from the film and entertainment campus were allowed out to go work. All the students from the other campuses had to stay on campus.

Because of this, Chen Hongliang and Luo Lingxing were stuck at the school’s main entrance.

“Hello, I’m Luo Lingxing’s agent. I’m here today to help him with the procedures to resume school. Can you help me open the gates?” Chen Hongliang got out of the car and went to the guard station and said to the person inside.

“Please provide proof of your relationship,” The guard inside the station firmly said.

“Sure, please wait one moment,” Chen Hongliang said with a smile. He then returned to the car to get the documents.

“Do you see those guards? You really can’t underestimate them. They’re no ordinary guards. They are all soldiers that came here after being released from the army. Any random one you choose will be an expert guaranteed. Tsk, tsk… As expected of the Imperial University, even their guards are on another level,” Chen Hongliang said to Luo Lingxing with regret.

“These are my credentials,” Luo Lingxing handed his papers to Chen Hongliang.

He didn’t take the skills of these guards too seriously. The reason being, no matter how skilled these people were, they still couldn’t compare to the cultivators from his previous world. Moreover, he didn’t pay mind to those cultivators either, much less these guards.

Chen Hongliang took Luo Lingxing’s credentials and handed it to the guard. He then said with a smile, “Our Xiao Luo tested into this school last year, but he had to take a year leave due to his health. His health is better now and so he immediately came to report back.”

The guard looked at the documents as well as the person sitting in the backseat of the car. Finally, he opened his computer to make a search. After finding what he was looking for, he nodded his head and opened the campus gates.

“You only have two hours,” the guard said to Chen Hongliang.

“Thank you.” Chen Hongliang quickly got in the car and drove in. This was his first time inside the Imperial University. Although he wasn’t the one that was going to attend, it was still a rare chance to be able to come inside to take a look. This may perhaps be his only chance to.

It was no wonder that the Imperial University was the Empire’s number one university. From the school gates to the instructional buildings, they drove no less than twenty minutes. If they were on foot, they probably would have needed at least two to three hours.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to fill out the forms to return to school,” Chen Hongliang said to Luo Lingxing.

“Do you know where we need to go to register?” Luo Lingxing calmly asked.

Chen Hongliang was choked for a second because he really didn’t know.

“Forget it. You head back first. I can do the rest myself. Don’t we only have two hours here? It’s the perfect chance to take a stroll around the campus, otherwise you may not have another opportunity in the future,” Luo Lingxing said to Chen Hongliang with a calm smile and then elegant disappeared from his sight while carrying his backpack.

“That boy really is… We haven’t seen each other for a year and he actually changed so much. But his changes have all been good up until now,” Chen Hongliang murmured while sitting in the car.

He had a premonition. Luo Lingxing already wasn’t the same Luo Lingxing from a year ago. His return to the entertainment industry may perhaps cause a small storm and he was very excited for that day to come.

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