IMG Chapter 100 An Eye for an Eye

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After a few days of adjustment, Luo Lingxing’s body finally recovered. In the past few days, his scenes had been adjusted a lot. Therefore, Luo Lingxing had been making up scenes all morning. There were times when Director Qian suddenly gained inspiration, and he would suddenly change the direction of the scene. In any case, it was so exhausting that even some veteran actors wouldn’t be able to handle it. However, Luo Lingxing never complained once.

“We’ll shoot the scene by the river this afternoon, is that all right?” Qian Xuewen asked Luo Lingxing. He was worried that this youth had some psychological shadow from falling into the river the last time.

“It’s fine with me,” Luo Lingxing replied with a smile. He very obediently ate his lunch, rested a while, then migrated to the river. According to Director Qian, they needed to complete the river scene in one shot, this way, everyone won’t have to run back and forth. As he said this, Director Qian’s gaze unknowingly flicked to Lin Qingying. The meaning in his gaze was self-explanatory.

Lin Qingying gritted her teeth. While her heart felt uncomfortable, she still obediently agreed.

Everything was prepared and all the actors had also arrived. Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan sat by the river bank tinkering with the ingredients they brought. On the other hand, Lin Qingying stood by the river, pensively staring at the fish. It was obvious that she wanted to catch a few fish to eat.

While talking with Ye Luohan, Luo Lingxing kept an eye on Lin Qingying who was by the river. A glint slightly flashed passed his eyes which was not in the frame of the camera. Then, a thread of spiritual energy suddenly shot toward Lin Qingying.

Just as Lin Qingying started playing Du Birou and was about to say the first line, she suddenly felt herself being ruthlessly pushed, and her body fell directly into the river. She subconsciously screamed.

“Ah! Help me!” Lin Qingying constantly splashed around in the river. The sharpness of her scream was so penetrating that numerous people had to cover their ears.

The people who saw this had rushed to the river to save the person since this had happened not too long ago. Who knew that it would happen yet again.

However, once everyone arrived at the river bank, they all froze in place as they had a strange expression on their faces. They all left Lin Qingying to struggle in the river, and no one rushed forward to rescue her.

“Oomph…Ye Luohan, save me!” Lin Qingying saw people coming over but no one jumped into the river to help her, so she cried out even louder.

Qian Xuewen’s face went from dark to red, red to dark again. It was obvious that his anger had reached a critical point.

Lin Qingying’s agent couldn’t help but cover her face, obviously embarrassed. However, this person just had to be the artist under her. Moreover, their company greatly supported this artist in recent years, so she thought nothing could happen to her.

Therefore, Lin Qingying’s agent could only jump into the water and pull out Lin Qingying, who was still splashing in the water, to the shore.

Everyone was even more unsatisfied with Lin Qingying. The water clearly only went to her waist yet she shouted as if she was in very deep. Who was she acting for? Did she want Ye Luohan to jump in to save her? She really schemed too much.

Everyone speculated the reason why Lin Qingying fell into the water, plus she had just called Ye Luohan’s name. Everyone was enlightened and their thoughts all turned toward the same direction. When Luo Lingxing fell into the water a few days ago, it was Ye Luohan who saved him. In the end, Lin Qingying was jealous and pretended to fall into the water herself so that she could form some sort of relationship with Ye Luohan. It was a shame that her methods were too unsophisticated and she didn’t put enough effort into it. She actually chose to fall by the river bank where it wasn’t life-threatening. If she had the ability, she would have fallen into the middle of the river. 

At this point, most people’s impression of Lin Qingying had plummeted.

“What the hell is wrong with you? You fell into the water just by standing by the shore? What can you even do?” Qian Xuewen finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and cursed at Lin Qingying.

He couldn’t hold back his anger after that. When they were filming this scene a few days ago, Lin Qingying had pushed Luo Lingxing into the river. And now, she intentionally fell into the river herself, causing them to delay the filming yet again. If they continue on like this, they won’t have enough time. Therefore, Qian Xuewen was very dissatisfied with Lin Qingying.

“That’s not it! Someone pushed me from behind. Someone pushed me,” Lin Qingying hurriedly explained. She also didn’t understand why she had fallen in when she was standing perfectly fine. At that moment, she felt some kind of force pushing her from behind. And after she fell into the water, she felt a force continuously push her down. She wanted to push her head above water, but she couldn’t stand up at all. Because of this, she had drunk a bellyful of water and her stomach was now swollen. She really wanted to throw up.

After Lin Qingying was rescued, she still had lingering fears. But she also realized how shallow the river was, and thinking about how hysterically she cried while she splashed in the river, she felt unwell. Her expression turned even uglier.

Who the hell was it? Who wanted to frame her? And make her look bad?

“Someone pushed you? You were the only one standing by the river earlier. Do you think we’re all blind?” Qian Xuewen’s patience was almost exhausted and he was about to explode.

“Someone really did push me.” Lin Qingying didn’t know how to refute it, and she could only dully repeat it. She felt very wronged, and at the same time, she hated the person who framed her to death. If she found who tried to frame her, she would definitely make them pay a heavy price.

“Lin Qingying, we were all watching from the side. At that time, you were standing by yourself at the river bank. Moreover, the river water isn’t even that deep. Even if you had accidentally fallen in, you could have immediately stood up,” a female actress who usually didn’t get along with Lin Qingying took this opportunity to say.

Lin Qingying fiercely glared at that person. She didn’t want to bring up her embarrassing actions from earlier. This person was obviously touching a sore spot on purpose. “I…I really don’t know what happened?” Lin Qingying knew that no one would believe anything she said right now. She could only pretend to act pitiful and wait for this to blow over.

“Director Qian, I’ll take her to change her clothes first so that she won’t catch a cold,” Lin Qingying’s agent suddenly said.

Qian Xuewen was obviously very impatient and waved them off, letting them leave. However, it seemed like they wouldn’t be able to film this scene again today.

Many staff members had complaints toward Lin Qingying. It was very tiring to carry all the machinery over here, okay? And every time they prepared it, their efforts all went to waste because of one person. How could they not complain?

Luo Lingxing stood behind the crowd, watching the drama. His expression didn’t change at all.

He had said before that he wasn’t a saint. He would have sympathy for those who deserved it, but for those undeserving, he wouldn’t be merciful at all. This was probably related to his birth and his experiences.

In his previous life, Luo Lingxing was born into the imperial family. He had an honorable position, and others were always yielding to him, currying favor to him, protecting him. Nobody ever dared to frame him. Moreover, during that time, the imperial family represented the supreme power. Even if they killed someone, no one would complain.

Later on, Luo Lingxing became a cultivator, and since he was naturally gifted, his cultivation developed very quickly. He was a well known person amongst cultivators of his age, so he was even harder to provoke. Luo Lingxing, who grew up with these experiences and this kind of environment, would usually act according to his desires. He wouldn’t think too much into his actions since he had those kinds of resources and ability. Moreover, he had always distinctly separated gratitude, grudges, jealousy, and hatred.

If Lin Qingying had accidently pushed him into the river before, then he wouldn’t have made a big deal out of it. However, if the other person was malicious toward him, he wouldn’t condone it either. Or else that would be cruel to himself.

As for Lin Qingying falling into the water today, he didn’t feel the least bit guilty since she had brought this upon herself. It was a full circle. Karma wouldn’t have come to bite her in the ass if she hadn’t done anything bad.

Qian Xuewen had wanted to completely finish all the scenes by the river today. In the end, they were delayed because of Lin Qingying again. If they couldn’t film the scene next time, then he would feel even more furious. In the end, he was very unhappy as he let everyone pack up and return to film a different scene.

However, it seemed that the matter wasn’t finished yet. Lin Qingying probably received a shock after falling into the water and felt even more aggrieved. Therefore, when she went back, she developed a fever. And naturally, they couldn’t continue filming her scenes. Even if Qian Xuewen became even angrier with her, he wouldn’t take an actor’s health lightly. So he could only give her an approved vacation and let her visit the hospital to be treated.

After that, Lin Qingying rested for three days in a row. Even when her fever broke, she still rested at the hotel. This had numerous people becoming even more dissatisfied with her. Especially compared to Luo Lingxing who had persisted in the shoot even when he was sick. Lin Qingying had basically dug her own grave.

“She really is delicate. When Luoluo was sick, he still persisted and filmed and didn’t cast off his work. As for her, she uses all sorts of excuses to shirk her duties. She’s too unreasonable.”

“Bitches are unreasonable. It’s very normal. What’s the point of arguing with her? Let’s quickly walk to the front. I heard Luoluo is filming right now.”

“Let’s go.” The few women rushed forward. As a result, they heard Qian Xuewen’s angry shout in the distance.

“If you can’t film then quickly get the hell out of here. Or am I supposed to go beg her? If she doesn’t want to film, then there are plenty of people who are willing!”

“I’m very sorry, Director Qian, but it really can’t be helped. We will pay the penalty fee.” Lin Qingying’s agent was also very bitter about this. In order to make Qingying’s audition successful, their company had to pay a huge price before she was able to obtain this female lead role. But now…

The agent could almost imagine how pissed off the boss would be once they returned. Thinking of this, she was also full of complaints toward Lin Qingying. If it wasn’t for her, she wouldn’t be here getting yelled by Director Qian.

Lin Qingying must be really confused. Thinking that just because she had the company’s support, she could provoke Qian Xuewen? Doesn’t she know that if she provokes Qian Xuewen, mixing into the TV and movie circle will be harder in the future? It seems like this person didn’t have much of a future. When she returned, she had to see if she could switch to a different artist. If she continued to handle Lin Qingying, she’d eventually be dragged down by her.

“What’s going on?” Gu Wenfei quickly asked the friend beside her.

Xu Xinlei whispered back to the lady who had just told her the news and said, “Lin Qingying doesn’t plan on filming anymore. She’s going to pay the penalty and leave?”

Hearing this, Gu Wenfei was shocked. “No way. She’s actually going to give up such a good opportunity? Did she lose her mind after falling in the river?”

“Who knews? But I heard that she’s been overly suspicious while staying in the hotel these days. She also said she saw ghosts and refuses to stay at the hotel any longer and keeps making a fuss about going back home. Which leads to our current situation.”

“Damn. She saw ghosts? It’s possible. Someone like her is sure to have done lots of evil deeds. So the ghosts probably visited her to seek revenge. Once she leaves, the crew might become even more harmonious,” Lan Xiangshan happily said.

“I’m thinking the same thing,” Xu Xinlei also smiled and replied.

While those two women were speaking, the matter on the other side seemed to have ended. Lin Qingying’s agent already left. Qian Xuewen was still fuming and glaring. 

It wasn’t that he wanted to make Lin Qingying stay, but they had already filmed numerous scenes with the heroine. If they changed actresses now, Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan, who had the most scenes with her, would have to reshoot. Thankfully, they hadn’t shot many of those scenes yet. If they edit out a few scenes as well, they wouldn’t have to reshot much. The most important matter now was to find a suitable actress.

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