IMG Chapter 101 The Great Change to the Finale

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Perhaps Qian Xuewen originally had a short temper. Just as he was about to doze off, someone sent over a pillow. Lin Qingying just retired and someone had already provided a new candidate—Shen Chuxia

Shen Chuxia was also a double film queen who won the Golden Duck Award and Golden Fox Award. She was twenty-five years old. Although she was a bit older than Lin Qingying, she was better than Lin Qingying in all other aspects and more suitable for the role of Du Birou.

In fact, when they were first holding auditions, Qian Xuewen was set on having Shen Chuxia play the role of Du Birou. But unfortunately, she was in the middle of filming and couldn’t change her schedule. So he regrettably had to use Lin Qingying.

As a result, Lin Qingying caused so much trouble, and the film Shen Chuxia was working on just finished and her schedule cleared up. She was able to come over and continue filming. This matter made Qian Xuewen finally reveal a smile. They could finally break free from the loss Lin Qingying brought them.

Sure enough, it was a blessing in disguise!

After Shen Chuxia joined the crew, the shooting progressed surprisingly smoothly. Not only were the scenes Lin Qingying had filmed before reshot, the filming of the later scenes also progressed quickly. This made Qian Xuewen directly call Shen Chuxia a lucky star.

Although Shen Chuxia wasn’t very old, she was very mature and experienced. She was full of smiles from Qian Xuewen’s praise and she was very modest. The crew had a very good relationship with her.

“Director Qian, we finally finished revising the script.” The screenwriter came to look for Qian Xuewen with a head full of messy hair and a relieved expression.

After the crew began filming, Qian Xuewen would occasionally obtain inspiration. The screenwriter would have to work with him to revise the script. At that time, Lin Qingying’s performance wasn’t satisfactory, therefore, Qian Xuewen wanted to cut her scenes appropriately.

Although the actress for the heroine changed, Qian Xuewen felt that the revised script flowed better. He didn’t plan on giving Shen Chuxia more scenes. However, he added many new scenes for Luo Lingxing, especially after the release of the combined promotional photos of Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan. The messages and comments online never declined. And many fans had even established the “Han-Xing” ship.

The number of fans on the Han-Xing ship had grown exponentially, and it was even a growing trend. In order to appeal to the fans, he put into action the ideas he had formed when he saw Luo Lingxing audition. Qian Xuewen had the screenwriter revise the script once, and of course, the change was only the ending and it wouldn’t affect the beginning.

Qian Xuewen believed that once this finale was broadcasted, it would move and excite everyone more than the previous finale.

“Let me take a look.” Qian Xuewen took the script, and the more he read it, the more satisfied he became. He couldn’t conceal the smile on his face, and he was smiling so widely that all his wrinkles showed.

“Good. We’ll film the finale tomorrow. Xiao Liu, distribute the new script to everyone and have them read it over carefully. We can finally finish tomorrow,” Qian Xuewen excitedly said.

After two months of shooting, although they encountered some difficulties in the beginning, the later filming process was very smooth. And now, the only remaining scene was the finale. Once they finished filming it, they could pack up.

In fact, most people’s scenes have already been completed. All that was left was the main protagonist’s scenes with a few important supporting roles. Although Luo Lingxing, as the fourth male lead, didn’t have any scenes, he had scenes from the beginning of the movie till the end. Therefore, he received the new script along with the others.

Everyone saw the new ending for the script and was very surprised. This was the first time they participated in a shot where the ending changed while they were in the middle of filming. Previously, they would change certain parts of the movie, but this time, they directly changed the entire ending. This was probably the first time this had ever happened. However, it didn’t affect them much. The one who was most affected was probably the heroine.

However, Shen Chuxia didn’t have any opinions on this. On the contrary, she was very satisfied with this ending and had even given the screenwriter a suggestion to make the finale even more perfect.

“Ready, action!” As soon as the director shouted, the actors in the final scene prepared and quickly integrated into the scene.

The last scene was originally the triumphant return of Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan. They received the commendation of the national leader, and celebrated the award ceremony together. Qin Shaohui also became the youngest general in history and embraced the beautiful return and happy ending.

The beginning didn’t change. Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan narrowly escaped death and seized total victory. Although this battle was very fierce, they were able to protect their homeland and their fellow citizens from being harmed. They pushed the zerg who threatened them back to their planet forever and they wouldn’t make any big moves for at least another thousand years.

Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan brought back the brothers who forever fell asleep in space and came back victorious. The country’s leaders personally received them and greatly praised them. At the same time, they honored the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect the citizens as martyrs and helped make arrangements for their families as well.

At the ceremony, the leaders and the highest ranked superiors of the military district all gave a speech. Afterward, the soldiers who fought in the war received titles for their service.

One by one, the soldiers came onto the stage as they were awarded rank after rank. Now they had rank in the military, it meant that they held even greater responsibility.

“Qin Shaohui, please come onstage!” The host read the name from the list.

Qin Shaohui wore the stiff military uniform and went onstage with a solemn expression. He accepted the awarded military rank, and when that was complete, he didn’t get offstage since up next was Du Zixuan. Du Zixuan had also made great contributions and would be awarded the rank of colonel.

Qin Shaohui deeply gazed at Du Zixuan. His lips moved, but he didn’t say anything. And in the end, he followed Du Zixuan off the stage. All the people in front of the TV were fortunate enough to see this scene. The other people all went onstage by themselves and went off stage by themselves. Only Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan came offstage together, causing numerous fans to stir with excitement.

However, Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan knew nothing about this. Since Qin Shaohui had more important things to do at that moment.

Qin Shaohui didn’t return to his seat, and instead, slipped away with Du Zixuan.

“Where are we going? It isn’t over yet,” Du Zixuan said to the other person, and asked in question.

“I have something to say to you. Come with me,” Qin Shaohui said without turning his head. His palms were slightly wet with sweat.

The original script didn’t have this scene. In the first script, the two had their own thoughts as they attended the award ceremony, then returned to their hometown together. Qin Shaohui and Du Birou held a wedding ceremony, and that was the ending. But the ending has changed, and that was why they had this scene now.

The two men arrived in the woods behind where the ceremony was taking place where there was no one. From here, they could still hear what was happening in the ceremony, and it was as if it was background music for these two.

“You… What did you want to say?” Du Zixuan didn’t know why he was a bit nervous seeing Qin Shaohui like this.

“I like you. I want to live the rest of my life with you,” Qin Shaohui directly confessed. He had considered whether being so direct like this would scare the other person, but this was his personality. He wouldn’t talk in circles and say exactly what he wanted.

Don’t think that Qin Shaohui was calm just because he looked calm. In fact, he was very nervous.

Du Zixuan also didn’t expect that he would say that, and was momentarily stunned. Truthfully speaking, his heart was full of joy hearing this. However, when he thought of his younger sister who was at home waiting for their return, the joy turned into bitterness. “Huizi, my sister is still waiting for your return,” Du Zixuan said bitterly. He didn’t dare lift his head to look at Qin Shaohui.

“Zixuan, I only want to hear one thing from you. Do you like me? Don’t think about anything else and use your heart to reply to me.” Qin Shaohui looked directly at Du Zixuan and didn’t give him a chance to hide.

Du Zixuan knew his answer. He’d always know, but could he really say it out loud?

Seeing Qin Shaohui’s persistent and serious expression, the words he wasn’t able to say were blurted out. “I like you. I’ve always liked you.”

The handsome face that rarely showed any expressions suddenly revealed a huge smile on his face. The smile was as pure as a child’s.

Qin Shaohui brought the other person in his embrace and gently said, “That’s enough. As for Birou, when we return, we’ll help her find someone who will treat her sincerely. She deserves an even better person, okay?”

“Okay.” Du Zixuan also reached out to hug Qin Shaohui.

The harmonious picture of the two hugging with the ceremony happening in the background was very precious and beautiful.

After arriving at this part, there was actually one more scene which showed cuts of Du Birou’s side. The little girl who liked to follow her big brother had grown up. And by her side, there was already another exceptional man protecting her in place of her brother. The two looked at each other and smiled, the atmosphere was happy and warm.

“When your big brother and brother Shaohui returns, I’ll personally tell them that I’ll make you happy forever,” the handsome man gently said.

“Mm.” Du Birou shyly smiled and snuggled into the man’s embrace.

The scene moved further and further away, and the movie was reaching the end.

This final scene with Du Birou was the one Shen Chuxia suggested to the screenwriter. Although she had added an extra scene for herself, both the screenwriter and director thought that adding these few seconds would allow the audience to accept the ending easier.

After all, Qin Shaohui and Du Birou had a verbal marriage agreement from the beginning. But in the end, he ended up with Du Birou’s older brother. If that was the ending, there would definitely be many people who would pity Du Birou and hold resentment toward the protagonist. But adding this scene would make it much more satisfactory.

“Cut! It passes. We’re done!” Qian Xuewen watched over the last scene and said excitedly. All the staff members also cheered.

Everyone woke up early to work these past two months, and now they were finally finished!

“Congratulations. Congratulations!”

“Congratulations to you as well.” The actors were congratulating each other and were obviously very happy.

“We’ll hold a celebration banquet tonight at Bihai Hotel. Everyone will get drunk and be merry!” Qian Xuewen boldly said.

“Okay!” the actors replied one after the other.

Luo Lingxing was still wearing his costume and was unable to return to himself yet.

When he saw the new script, he was a bit shocked. However, he didn’t reject two men being in love. In the cultivation world, there were fewer female cultivators, and there were many cases of male cultivators being with other male cultivators. Moreover, all he cared about was his popularity. As long as it didn’t affect his popularity, he didn’t care how the ending changed.

“Congratulations on finishing the shoot,” Ye Luohan walked in front of Luo Lingxing and said with a smile.

Senior, thank you for your guidance during this time,” Luo Lingxing replied and bowed respectfully. This was taught by Chen Hongliang. With Luo Lingxing’s current status, it wouldn’t be shameful for him to bow to Ye Luohan.

“You’re welcome. I hope we can work together again in the future,” Ye Luohan said.

The others saw Ye Luohan talking with Luo Lingxing and became excited and also wanted to go up to chat with them. However, Ye Luohan’s aura was too powerful, and no one dared head over. And the lucky person who was able to speak with him spoke casually. The people who were watching were full of resentment for failing to meet expectations and not improving fast enough.

If they didn’t grasp such a good opportunity, it would be too wasteful, no?

Compared to the people who couldn’t hear their conversation, Chen Hongliang was very excited since Ye Luohan’s words meant that there would be opportunities to work together in the future. This was more surprising than anything else. Everyone knew that Ye Luohan disliked saying words just to be polite. Therefore, if he said those words, it signified that he meant them.

They made it. They made it this time! Chen Hongliang was unable to conceal his happiness, and he didn’t even notice when Ye Luohan left.

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