IMG Chapter 99 Truth Emerges

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The girls who received permission from the director originally planned to organize their information before posting it online. In the end, before they could organize everything, they were hit up by some friends on QQ. (That was correct, QQ was still as powerful as before and continued to develop along with Weibo). They were informed that someone had created a post to defame Luo Lingxing.

These women were Luo-fans. Once they heard this, they immediately went to look at the post. When they saw how they distorted the truth, their faces turned red from anger. They rolled up their sleeves and got ready to fight with these people. As for the girls who had wanted to share the information, they momentarily put that thought aside, and began organizing the true information that was related to the lies in the post. The speed in which they organized the information was shocking, and it was the fastest in the history of time. After a while, they were going to go on the platform and create a new post thread.

However, before they could create the new post, the OP of the gossip post commented something else.

OP: I originally planned to just come on and complain a bit, but I never expected Little A’s fans would work so hard to redeem this annoying actor. In order to prevent the passersby who are unaware of the situation from being tricked, I’ll say a few more things. The role Little A obtained is the new movie directed by a very famous director. As a newcomer, he should have worked hard to film the movie and not let the director’s care be wasted, but in the end, this annoying person acted self-important on set. He was very disrespectful to the film king and film queen, and he acts like he is the most important person in the world. Some people might wonder, but even morons know that they can’t offend film kings and film queens since it is very detrimental to their future. And yet this person did this so boldly and confidently since he has someone even more powerful behind him.

The protagonist of this movie is very famous and popular, and he’s a superstar. Ever since the first day on set, Little A has constantly hung around this superstar and always trying to curry his favor. In the end, he finally became intimate with him and is now acting arrogant and self-righteous.

The heroine of this movie is the film queen. On the first day of filming, she wanted to invite everyone to a meal in order to be friendly. In the end, Little A started putting on airs and even refused the film queen’s invitation. This time, I have pictures of what really happened. I’d like to see how a certain person’s fans redeem him now. [Photo] [Photo]

After the OP posted this, they also posted a couple blurry photos. They were probably taken at night and that was why they were blurry, but most people could probably still see it clearly. The comments exploded again.

“It really is Luo Lingxing. I always thought that this newcomer was a bit impetus. But I never expected him to actually be this annoying?”

“The crew set you’re talking of, could it be the recently popular ‘Interstellar Mecha’ that is directed by Qian Xuewen?”

”Who is the superstar that was on his side that OP was talking about?”

“There aren’t many people who are even more prestigious than film kings and queens. And combined with the recent rumors, isn’t it obvious who that person is?”

“Let me say it. Could it actually be the Male God?”

“You guys can talk about whoever you want, but don’t drag in my Male God.”

“That’s right. Is my Male God that easy to be hooked in? My Male God is reserved and wouldn’t favor a newcomer like this, okay? Don’t insult my Male God.”

This was like poking the Luo-fans’ hornet’s nest. The fans who originally weren’t sure that Little A referred to Luo Lingxing were now completely enraged and swished their sleeves in anger. The next comments seemed to have been flooded by Luo-fan. Some fans of other idols who couldn’t bear to see Luo Lingxing also came on to sneer at them, using this chance to rejoice in other people’s misfortune. However, it was obvious that their fighting spirit couldn’t compare to the Luo-fans, and their comments were completely overshadowed by all the Luo-fans’ comments.

“Feifei, have you organized all the information yet?” Lan Xiangshan anxiously asked.

“Wait a bit longer. It’ll be ready soon,” Gu Wenfei said from the side as she continued to organize the information without slowing down.

“Should we notify the director? We haven’t gotten the director’s approval for these yet so will it be okay to upload them?” Another girl, Xu Xinlei, said worriedly.

“It’s okay. I already asked the director. Plus, these were given by the director. Did you think that I had such great abilities to be able to obtain these materials?” Zheng Hanyu rolled her eyes and said.

These four women were staff members of the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ and they were also Luo Lingxing’s mega fans. As soon as they heard Luo Lingxing was being trashed online, they immediately took action. On one hand, they fought with the haters online and on the other, they organized the post with the truth and waited to watch them get slapped in the face.

“It’s finally done,” Gu Wenfei let out a huge breath of relief and a bright smile was pasted on her face.

“Hurry up and upload it online,” the other three people quickly urged her before sitting down in front of their quantum computers and prepared to fight in their new post thread.

Those haters wouldn’t be able to jump around for long.

“Post revealing the truth—address.”

The post reply was very simple and clear. The Luo-fans all copied and reposted it, and for a moment, the entire page was covered with the address for the new post. Even the people who came in afterwards could see the post of truths at a glance.

The name of the post of truths was very simple. It was called <Those Misled by the Gossip, We’ll Tell you Truth>

OP: Let me first say that this OP of this post is a staff member of the crew. Here is my staff member card. However, to prevent myself from being scolded by the director, I will cover my name. [Photo] As for the random nonsense that was posted in that gossip post, I can’t watch it any longer. They have deliberately distorted the truth to fool everyone. I hope everyone will rationally think about it.

First of all, the post regarding the little prince’s first drama that he participated in, since I’m not a staff member of that crew, I’m not too sure of the situation. However, I reached out to some friends who were staff members of that crew to learn the details. Here is our chat log. [Photo] [Photo] [Photo]

This post thread was just opened and a few photos were already posted. Especially the photos of the chat log, although it didn’t completely explain the situation completely, it did explain the reason behind why Luo Lingxing had auditioned for ‘The Enchantress.’

OP: I’m sure everyone will understand after reading the message log. The reason why the little prince was able to audition for ‘The Enchantress’ is because Director Qian vouched for him. Moreover, the reason why Director Qian knew him is because Director Qian is a guest professor for the Imperial University’s performing arts majors and would occasionally give them acting classes. The little prince’s performance was very good so Director Qian remembered him. Afterward, Director Qian’s friend was going to film a drama and Director Qian randomly recommended him. Is there a problem with that? All of this happened because our little prince’s acting is over the standard. He didn’t have to rely on any special means as was accused.

As for the thing about the Little prince being intimate with the superstar, you can already tell it’s nonsense. Since the male lead of the movie hasn’t been announced yet, I won’t say anything on this. However, once it has been announced tomorrow, I’m sure everyone will realize. Can a newcomer get close to a superstar like this just because they wanted to? If he doesn’t want to get along with someone, then no one can make them regardless of what kinds of means they have, and he wouldn’t react to it well. However, if he truly wanted to get along with someone, then he did it from the heart. Although I can’t tell you the male lead’s name, I can tell you that the little prince and the male lead’s relationship really is good. It’s so good that some people are green with envy, and that’s why they came on here to distort the truth and slander people.

As for the last matter, it’s were only two blurry photos. You say that the little prince didn’t honor the film queen and didn’t show her any respect. As far as I know, a certain film queen never invited us out to eat on the first day. This must be something the original poster of the other thread imagined. A certain person’s actions really are disgusting. I hope a certain person will delete their post soon or else I will report you for harming someone’s reputation.

As soon as the truth was revealed, the situation instantly flipped. The other person even showed their work identification card, so of course everyone believed them since the work ID cards of this era were special and couldn’t be easily duplicated. Therefore, no one had any suspicions about this.

The gossip’s post had been discredited, and was very quickly deleted by an administrator. And when Chen Hongliang learned of this gossip, he was extremely worried. This was one of the disadvantages of not having an agency behind them. Usually, when an artist encountered this type of situation, the agency’s public relations would resolve it. However, Chen Hongliang could now only contact the person himself to resolve the issue.

However, as he was in contact with the person to handle the problem, the matter was resolved in such an extravagant manner. He didn’t even have time to make a move yet, so instead, Chen Hongliang found someone to promote this post in order to thoroughly restore the truth. As for the passersby that once doubted Luo Lingxing, most had changed their opinion because of this.

This incident didn’t negatively impact Luo Lingxing. Instead, he had gained many fans.

In contrast to the very pleased Chen Hongliang, the other side were very depressed.

“What should we do now?” The original poster of the gossip thread asked the person beside them. “We’ll leave it like this for now. We’re just testing the waters for now. We’ll talk about the rest later,” that person said expressionlessly.

Originally, he was the one leading the comments that were unfavorable toward Luo Lingxing. In the beginning the momentum was very good, and the public opinion was guided by him. However, who would have known that the situation would take such an unexpected turn in the end.

He had specifically seized this opportunity to post the thread since Luo Lingxing’s photos had already exploded, so that meant he wasn’t revealing any spoilers from the crew.

And since the movie was being shot in secret, no one would dare to leak any secrets. Therefore, even if someone knew the truth, they wouldn’t dare to come online to redeem Luo Lingxing. Since if they did, the director definitely wouldn’t let them off. In the end, he didn’t expect that there would actually be some staff members who took the risk to redeem Luo Lingxing. This wasn’t something he had forecasted.

Of course, if the person in the shadows knew that a portion of the information that was released in the truth post had been approved by the director, who knew if he would have fainted from anger.

However, it didn’t end there. When the girls saw that the public opinion was turning for the better, they released the information they had wanted to post earlier. It was about the time when Luo Lingxing had fallen into the water and gotten sick but still persisted to finish filming. They specially created a new post thread for this.

As soon as the post was created, numerous Luo-fans were attracted to care for their idol and ask all kinds of questions about the idol’s well-being. Even many passersby clicked into the post to take a look. Of course, seeing that Luo Lingxing persisted in filming even while sick, many turned into his fans.

At this point, everyone was focused on Luo Lingxing falling into the water, falling sick, and persisting in filming. Nobody took interest in the gossip post anymore.

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