IMG Chapter 98 Defaming Post Fight

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“It’s well written.” Ye Luohan stood beside Luo Lingxing and picked up the piece of paper with the large characters. He looked them over, nodded in appreciation, then very naturally placed this piece of paper in his space button. The others who had wanted to come over to appreciate it were stunned, and even Chen Hongliang couldn’t help lifting the corners of his lips.

The great god’s style was a bit abnormal. How familiar was he being or how thick was his skin? The way he took it was way too natural, okay? Those who didn’t know would have thought that Ye Luohan had written those characters himself.

Meanwhile, the concerned person in this matter didn’t think anything of it. The characters his wife wrote naturally could only be appreciated by him, so he put it away. Was he supposed to leave it out and let others see it?

As for Luo Lingxing, he also didn’t think anything of it since he had to dispose of the paper every time he finished writing something. This time, someone took care of it for him, so of course he was very happy.

If anyone knew that this was how Luo Lingxing handled his calligraphy, they would definitely endlessly lament.

“Okay, we’ll stop here for the day,” Qian Xuewen said, using a megaphone. Everyone let out a breath of relief since they could finally get off work now. The calligraphy was already taken away by Ye Luohan and they couldn’t see it anymore, and since that was the case, it would be better if they rested instead.

Just as they were about to leave, a few female crew members stayed behind, walked up to Qian Xuewen, and asked, “Director Qian, since the little prince’s promotional photos have already been released, can we post some information about the little prince on Weibo?”

“As long as there aren’t any spoilers. And you can’t post too much either,” Qian Xuewen said. He knew that girls this age like to show off information of their idols on Weibo, especially the girls that were part of the crew. Therefore, he wouldn’t restrict them too much.

“Thank you, director. We promise we won’t post any spoilers.” After the girls got approval, they ran away cheering.

It was now eight in the evening, the most active time for netizens. It hadn’t even been an hour since Luo Lingxing’s promotional photos were released. The comments on their official blog had already accumulated to a terrifying number. It didn’t matter if they were comments by fans or haters, this number had already surpassed the total number of comments on all the promotional photos that had been released over the past few days. Moreover, the comments seemed to continue to grow.

The staff members managing the official blog thought that if they release Ye Luohan’s promotional photos tomorrow, then the comments would explode. That would be even more terrifying. It really was very exciting and emotional to think about.

“Aaaaaahhhh! Let me scream a bit more. Aaaaaah!!”

”OMG, what did I just see? What did I just see? I just saw the little prince’s promotional photos. The little prince was actually chosen.”

“Wowow… As expected of the little prince. He really got chosen. How amazing. I finally have some eye candy to hold me over.” For them to be so excited, they were probably a Luo-fan.

“Huh? Who is this guy? He’s very handsome. He really suits this outfit.” This was said by a passerby that was attracted by the photos.

“Last commenter, this is our little prince, Luo Lingxing. He was in ‘The Enchantress’ previously and played Little Prince Luo. Do you want me to link you to the video?”

“I was drawn by the pictures. This guy looks very mysterious. I’m really excited for this movie to be aired.”

“This passerby has turned into a fan. Luoluo is very handsome in this photo. I just finished ‘The Enchantress.’ It was so beautiful. I’m so excited for this to be aired.”

“Tch. Do you guys really think your little prince is anything special? A newcomer who had just debuted is in Director Qian’s movie and as the fourth male lead at that. No matter how you look at it, he walked in through the back door. Luo-fan’s really are all morons.”

“For a newcomer to be able to join this film set, it would be unbelievable if he didn’t use any special means. As for what kinds of means… hehe.”

Our little emperor is a lot more handsome than him. He also has acting skills and previous works on his resume. He also auditioned for the role of Du Zixuan. He’s so much better, and they had already decided on him originally, but in the end they used someone else for the promotional photos. Hehe, I don’t want to speak about the messiness of this.”

“Hehe, with your Liu so-and-so’s acting skills, if the director has even a bit of skills, they wouldn’t select him. He should be honest and go shoot those brainless idol dramas. He shouldn’t be dreaming about joining a movie.”

“That’s right. Besides, compared to our little prince, Liu so-and-so can’t think too highly of himself. His nose and eyes are small, and his temperament also can’t compare to our little prince’s. How can he compare to our little prince.”

“A certain person’s fans really think their idol is untouchable. Do they really think that besides him, there’s no one else?”

Where there were people, there were more rivers and lakes. Especially in the entertainment industry where dragons and fish mixed together. Under the halo of others praise, there will also be groundless criticism and people trying to discredit you.

The comments below the official blog started off as harmonious, and it was mostly Luo-fans who were excitedly leaving messages. However, other idol’s fans gradually came to discredit Luo Lingxing and fight with the Luo-fans, causing the number of comments to skyrocket. In the end, the managers over the official blog had no choice but to disable the comments function or else the fans would make the site collapse.

And the contents of the comments from the other idol’s fans made the official blog’s manager furrow their brow since those fans clearly implied that Luo Lingxing used abnormal means to obtain his role. The performers and production team criticize their idols, but when they defame Luo Lingxing, they were also defaming the crew at the same time. If a passerby who wasn’t aware heard this, they might believe it and it would negatively impact their movie.

Thinking that this would also negatively affect Liu Guanghua, his fans were very dissatisfied. Although they didn’t name any names, the crew members knew who they were speaking of with a glance. Although they weren’t there when the circumstance they were speaking of happened, after working on the film together for a period of time, they knew how Luo Lingxing performed. Everyone took it all in. He had acting skills and the looks, he didn’t need to rely on going through the back door.

The promotional photos released by the official blog seemed to be a fuse, and very quickly someone created a gossip post on a very popular forum. The topic was <Gossip About a Certain Newcomer Who Just Debuted and is Jumping About Everywhere>.

Original Poster: Today we’ll talk about the annoying newcomer who just debuted. We won’t name them to avoid conflict with their fans. I can’t stomach looking at them. All the posts will be complaints, and we will use Little A to replace that annoying person’s name.

As everyone knew, the amount of people who debuted in the entertainment industry each year didn’t surpass a thousand, but it was in the hundreds. However, there weren’t that many opportunities in the industry. So what would they do to gain reputation and leave their mark? Of course it was to work hard and use various means and various abilities to gain those opportunities. Only by doing this will they be a subject of topic, have some reputation and popularity.

But newcomers were still newcomers. Those who had just debuted in the entertainment industry needed to be firm and down-to-earth. If they wanted instant success, then that was just a daydream.

Fine, after saying this much, I cut to the chase. As someone who has half a foot in the industry, I’ll tell you what I know about Little A. He hasn’t debuted for a year yet and only has one film under his belt which was a historical drama where he played the seventh or eighth male lead in the film. Little A is a first year university student in the performing arts department in the Emperor Star. Back then, that drama went to his university to cast the roles. As a first year, he didn’t have the qualifications to join the audition, but the director was a good person and gave a small quota for the first years. Moreover, Little A wasn’t part of this quota, and on the day of the audition, I’m not sure what means he used to gain an audition spot and get selected.

How can a person who didn’t even have a quota get picked in the end? This is something that really makes one think.

After that film, Little A gained a tiny bit of fame, but it isn’t uncommon for someone to gain fame from one film. Usually, they would receive more films of the same grade and continue playing a supporting role before moving on to the second male lead, then finally to the male lead. These kinds of newcomers are said to have made it. Having these kinds of achievements is considered very good.

However, if a TV actor wanted to get into movies, it was actually very difficult. Even if they were well known for a while and very popular, they would also have a hard time getting into a movie. Yet, this Little A must be very skilled. He actually got a role in a movie for his second work. Moreover, it’s a movie directed by a famous director, and it’s for a minor role that has many scenes. Everyone can guess just how crafty this person is.

I originally wasn’t going to say this, but this person’s actions on the set really gets on people’s nerves and is unbearable to watch. The original poster doesn’t have any qualification or power and cannot even fight against a newcomer. So I could only post on the forum to vent. Everyone can take a look, but don’t read too deeply into it.

As soon as the post was released, the administrator became fired up. The people who saw the post wouldn’t abide by their last post and ignore this, but instead, they would want to read even deeper into it.

“I know who the annoying person the original poster is talking about without even looking deeper into it. This person is really capable of soaring in the industry as soon as they debuted. I’ve never seen anyone soar like him.”

“I also know who it is. I previously thought that he developed very quickly, and I never expected him to have these kinds of shady means. No wonder a certain someone couldn’t compete against him.”

“Sigh… The entertainment industry these days is filled with annoyances like him. How could someone like him be in the entertainment industry? He’s going to corrupt our children.”

In the beginning, all the comments were slandering that annoying person, but later on, others heard about the post and the direction of the wind instantly changed.

“OP, you really have the guts to start this post. If you’re that brave, you should reveal yourself!”

“Hehe, the OP is also annoying. I’m a staff member who’s currently on the same set as Little A. Why is my knowledge of Little A completely different from what you said? If you have the ability, then reveal yourself and let’s have a face off.”

“Previous poster, how do you know that the person you know is the same person the OP is speaking of? What if you two are talking about different people?”

“Hehe, previous poster, are you brain dead? You guys are able to tell who Little A is but I can’t? Your IQ really is worrying.”

“If the OP isn’t willing to reveal themselves, then don’t spout bull crap here.”

“To the previous, previous poster, you said you’re a staff member on his crew. How can you prove it? How do we not know that you aren’t a troll hired by that annoying person.”

“If someone actually hired online trolls, the trolls would be you people who defame others. Little A is very hard working during the shoot. Everyone can see it, yet he’s being defamed by you guys like this. It’s simply too disgraceful.”

“This annoying Little A, aren’t they talking about Luo Lingxing?”

“It should be. The most popular movie right now is ‘Interstellar Mecha.’ That movie’s director is also very famous.”

“Doesn’t the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ prohibit leaks? How do you guys know they’re talking about Luo Lingxing?”

“The official blog just posted Luo Lingxing’s set photos today, and then this post was created right after. It can’t be a coincidence. In fact, it looks like they purposely waited for Luo Lingxing’s photos to be released before creating this post thread. That way, it can’t be considered a leak.”

“Hehe, finally there’s someone who can’t watch anymore and pointed it out. All the Luo-fans’ faces must hurt from all the face slaps, right? As a newcomer, he should earnestly and steadily make his way to the top from the bottom. If he soars this high so quickly, isn’t he afraid of falling to his death?”

“I think you’re just jealous of our little prince.”

“I won’t say anymore. I’ve had enough of fighting with you guys. I can sense my own IQ dropping. Those who want to know the truth, go to the next post thread.”

“Hehe, that annoying person’s fans really are brainless. Do you think you can redeem your idol just by creating a new post thread? The eyes of the masses can see clearly and can tell he’s a ruthless white lotus who will only use an innocent expression to face others. He’s willing to do the deed, but is he willing to own up to it?”

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