IMG Chapter 97 Slow Recovery

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After taking the fever-reducing medicine and resting for a night, Luo Lingxing’s fever had already broken the next day, but his body was still a bit weak and tired.

As the saying went “sickness comes like a storm, but recovery is always slow.” The current level of Luo Lingxing’s physique wasn’t high, so even after his fever break, he would still feel a bit weak and powerless. With his current situation, he probably needed another two before before he could fully recover.

However, in order not to delay the filming schedule, Luo Lingxing didn’t have Chen Hongliang apply for leave for him.

“You should at least take the day off or else I’ll worry that your body won’t be able to endure it,” Chen Hongliang said worriedly.

“It’s fine. I don’t have many scenes today, so I can endure it,” Luo Lingxing smiled and comforted him.

Chen Hongliang no longer tried to persuade him, and instead took the cold and fever medicine as well as some things to supplement the body with him. This way, he could supplement Luo Lingxing whenever he needed it. If that didn’t work, he could just ask for leave.

When Luo Lingxing arrived on the set, he received a lot of concern from others who had probably heard that Luo Lingxing had a fever last night. Everyone came up to express their worry. Even some of the more popular and senior actors even personally came up or had their assistant go up to say a few words of concern. This kind of treatment could be considered very amazing for a newcomer.

“You don’t have a lot of scenes today, so rest some more over there,” Qian Xuewen said to Luo Lingxing.

“Thank you for your concern, Director Qian. I understand,” Luo Lingxing obediently replied.

Although Qian Xuewen had said this, he couldn’t delay their filming schedule just for one person. And so, when Luo Lingxing needed to act in a scene, he still had to act. After a whole day of this, everyone’s impression of Luo Lingxing became even better. The reason was that even if Luo Lingxing had to drag his weak and tired body, he was still very professional during his scenes. If his face hadn’t paled to the point of scaring others when the scene finished, no one would be able to tell that his body was still weak.

Toward someone who was dedicated to their work, no one could dislike them.

Of course, this sentence wasn’t absolute. There were some people who thought differently from the majority, and had wanted to display some originality. Lin Qingying was one of the people at the forefront of these thoughts.

When Lin Qingying saw Luo Lingxing now, she hated him even more than before. Hadn’t he only fallen into the river for a brief moment, so why did he actually catch a fever? He clearly looked fine now, and yet he was still making everyone circle around him. In her opinion, that person was doing this on purpose. Everyone was deceived by him.

Lin Qingying bit her bottom lip and glared at Luo Lingxing with resentment. However, she didn’t dare say the words she had in her heart.

Luo Lingxing had always been sensitive toward malicious gazes. Although Lin Qingying’s expression changed to an apologetic one when he looked over, she wasn’t able to fully hide her expression in time and was caught red-handed by him.

A cold light flashed through Luo Lingxing’s eyes. He knew exactly the reason why he had fallen into the river yesterday.

He had never been a saint. In his previous cultivation world, the strong were the ones who had respect, and the strong bullying the weak could be seen everywhere. If you were too compassionate, you have long been eliminated in the cultivation world. He wouldn’t intentionally wish to hurt anyone, but he also wouldn’t repay evil with kindness. Since how could one repay debts if they did that?

The reason why he hadn’t done anything to Lin Qingying thus far wasn’t because his body was weak but because he was too lazy too.

“Drink something to warm up your body,” someone suddenly sat down beside him and said in a low and magnetic voice. Those who heard this voice would naturally enjoy it.

This magnetic voice was accompanied by the screams of a few girls in the distance.

Luo Lingxing glanced to the side, and as expected, saw Ye Luohan sit down. He had a cup of milk tea in his hand and passed it over.

“Thank you.” Luo Lingxing accepted it with both hands, grasping it within his palms. It was very warm. He took a drink. It was slightly sweet and very delicious.

Ye Luohan didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving and continued to sit beside Luo Lingxing like this. The two didn’t speak, yet the scene was still very harmonious.

A few girls watched this scene with excitement, but didn’t dare to loudly scream, afraid of breaking this harmonious atmosphere. They all covered their mouths as they stared at the two of them, their eyes staring intently.

Fortunately, it was still daytime. If it was nighttime, it might’ve scared others.

Many actors also glanced over, but they quickly retracted their gazes. Although they had been surprised at how Ye Luohan treated Luo Lingxing in the beginning and held some envy and jealousy, everyone slowly got used to it after spending a few days together.

However, at this moment, a discordant sound broke the atmosphere.

“God Ye, can I practice my next lines with you?” Lin Qingying walked over in a grand manner, deliberately flicking her hair as she asked in a sweet voice.

A few of the girls saw Lin Qingying, who had suddenly charged into their lines of sights, and were eager to drag this person away. She was truly such an eyesore and broke the harmonious and beautiful scene. However, they only dared to think this in their hearts, and didn’t have the courage to actually act on it.

However, Ye Luohan didn’t even give her a glance. He didn’t even bother replying, as if he hadn’t heard her at all.

Lin Qingying suddenly felt very embarrassed and ashamed. She never thought that Ye Luohan actually wouldn’t give her any face. Even if the two hated each other, they should still act on the surface level and at least respond to her. Moreover, she had thought that she didn’t have any problems with Ye Luohan, but in the end, the other party couldn’t even spare her a glance, and instead, made a girl like her stand there very awkwardly. She dully stood there, wanting to leave but also couldn’t. She could just imagine how the others would sneer at her.

Those staff ladies were currently in a very good mood. When they saw Lin Qingying knock Luo Lingxing into the river yesterday, regardless if it was intentional or not, they still felt some resentment toward Lin Qingying. And now seeing Lin Qingying in this state, they were very delighted.

Lin Qingying refused to give up and could only try again. “God Ye, there are some scenes that I was unable to grasp. Can you give me some guidance?”

This time, Ye Luohan didn’t ignore her, but his words made the other party feel even more ashamed. It was even more embarrassing than being ignored.

“You can’t even do this well. You can directly go to the director and resign. I’m sure there are plenty of candidates who can do this job well.”

This was probably the longest sentence Ye Luohan had said since entering the crew.

Lin Qingying’s delicate face instantly went from white to green, green to red, red back to white. Even with the alternating colors, she still looked good.

In the end, Lin Qingying finally realized that she couldn’t stay here to continue humiliating herself. She lifted her skirt and quickly ran away, her eyes gleaming.

However, the director didn’t give Lin Qingying any time to recover and directly called her over, “Ye Luohan, Lin Qingying. It’s your turn!”

In this kind of situation where she had to face the person who had just humiliated her and when her mood hadn’t calmed down yet, how could she quickly enter the scene she was supposed to film? As expected, they filmed the scene numerous times but it never passed. Qian Xuewen already wasn’t in a very good mood and became even more irritated. He bellowed at Lin Qingying, his words were also naturally very harsh.

Lin Qingying, who had already felt very wronged, had tears pooling in her eyes. She couldn’t hold it in any longer, and the tears gushed out.

Seeing the situation, Qian Xuewen’s mood didn’t get better in the slightest, but he didn’t yell at her anymore. He called Lin Qingying’s agent to pull her aside to adjust her mood before calling the next group of people to film their scenes first in a not so nice tone.

The scene they were currently filming was when they were fighting the zergs in space. They naturally couldn’t find any zergs to act in the scene and could only add them in during post production. Which meant that this scene required the actor to act along with empty space to show the exciting and thrilling battle against the zergs.

“Open the outer space simulation and adjust it to Grade A,” Qian Xuewen said to the staff.

Luo Lingxing watched as several staff members turned on their system interface. They pressed something and their surroundings suddenly changed as if they were actually in space. It was really amazing.

Since Luo Lingxing had arrived in this world, he had attended numerous classes related to the system. During his last film, he had also seen actors use their system’s martial arts mode. However, those modes couldn’t really be seen with the naked eye, but now, their surroundings had undergone a huge change, making Luo Lingxing truly realize the role of the system.

“Open your system’s mecha simulation mode and adjust it to Grade B,” Qian Xuewen once again said to the actors who were about to shoot.

The so-called mecha simulation mode was in fact just a simulation and it wasn’t an actual mecha fight. This was a function that those with the celebrity system possessed since there were times that they had to shoot an interstellar battle scene. Those who had the military system also possessed the mecha mode function, but the mecha function of the military system was used for real battles and contained real guns and bullets.

And so, the country bumpkin, Luo Lingxing, realized the importance of the system for the first time. No wonder so many people gave him sympathetic eyes once they found out that he didn’t possess a system. Although in this scene, if they actually piloted a mecha, they could still film the scene. But not to mention the strong physique and great mental energy needed to pilot a mecha, just learning how to operate one wasn’t something that could be done in a short period of time. Moreover, no actor would learn how to pilot a mecha just for the sake of a film. In moments like these, the functions of a system were naturally very important.

Luo Lingxing received a bit more information on this day. He slightly sighed. And when he watched others filming, he sometimes forgot that his body was still weak and a strange light flashed through his eyes.

“Xiao Luo, I just posted your promotional photos onto the official blog. Make sure to forward them when you have time,” a staff member came over to remind Luo Lingxing.

“Okay,” Luo Lingxing nodded and replied. He then opened his own terminal to look for the Weibo post.

It seemed that after posting his last Weibo post, he hadn’t been back on to look. It seemed that artists who got off Weibo as soon as they posted something were rarely seen.

Sure enough, after opening the page, there were numerous mentions, comments, private messages, as well as new followers. Luo Lingxing quickly skimmed through it, then planned to head over to the official blog to repost the Weibo post.

“Brother Chen, help me find the official blog,” Luo Lingxing stretched out his terminal in front of Chen Hongliang and said with a smile.

Chen Hongliang thought that Luo Lingxing didn’t know which one was the official blog, so he didn’t question it. He directly found the official blog, then handed over the fine paper and brush to him.

Since Luo Lingxing had decided his method of posting Weibo posts for the future, Chen Hongliang always carried fine paper and a brush with him.

Luo Lingxing didn’t think that being able to do calligraphy was anything amazing since it was an essential skill in his previous life. Therefore, he didn’t know what others were feeling when they saw him skillfully write out those big and flowing characters.

He quickly wrote a few words, took a picture, then sent it along with the forwarded post.

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