IMG Chapter 96 Fever From Falling in the Water

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“Luoluo, drink some ginger tea.” At this moment, Ye Luohan carried two cups of ginger tea over, handing one to Luo Lingxing.

“Thank you.” Luo Lingxing accepted it, the hand that touched the cup was warm.

Upon seeing this, the female staff members gathered around became so excited that they couldn’t hold back their screams. One of them covered their mouth with their hands, afraid to disturb the two in front of her. But her eyes were shining as she looked at them.

“Xiao Luo, you alright? Do you need to rest for a day?” Qian Xuewen also walked over with concern, his heart feeling even more dissatisfied with Lin Qingying.

They originally didn’t have a lot of filming time. If they took a day off, then it would definitely affect the shooting schedule. However, he also wasn’t the type of crappy director who would disregard the physical safety of his actors in order to keep with the shooting schedule. And so, Qian Xuewen blamed this entire mess on Lin Qingying.

When the girls saw Director Qian arrive and break the pink and bubbly atmosphere surrounding Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan, they were very dissatisfied but they also didn’t dare offend their boss. They could only stick out their tongues at Director Qian before returning to their respective posts.

“Director Qian, I’m fine. I don’t need to rest,” Luo Lingxing replied with a smile.

Chen Hongliang stood to the side, a bit worried. “Do you really not need to rest? I think you should rest for a day.”

“Brother Chen, I’m really fine. If I can’t persist, I’ll say something. I was just a bit cold earlier, but I’m not cold anymore after drinking the ginger tea. The people who brewed the ginger tea are really skilled,” Luo Lingxing lightly said, praising the people who brewed the ginger tea.

Qian Xuewen heard these words and felt happy. He placed even more importance and fondness to Luo Lingxing in his heart.

“Then you rest for a bit and drink more ginger tea. I’ll move your scenes to the end.” Qian Xuewen looked at Luo Lingxing more kindly than before, then returned to stand next to the camera again with smiles on his face. When he passed a certain staff member, he smiled and said, “Xiao Luo said your ginger tea was very tasty.”

The staff member who brewed the ginger tea: o(*////▽////*)o

By the time the work day ended, it was already late in the night. All the actors were exhausted, and once they received the orders to rest, they immediately left with their agents and assistants to return to the hotel to rest.

Luo Lingxing’s physique was very weak and adding on the fact that he had fallen into the river during the day, if it wasn’t for his strong willpower, the work today would have been encumbered. Now that the work was completed, he withdrew his strong willpower and his body almost couldn’t hold on anymore.

“You alright? Can you hold on? We just have to get back to the hotel.” Chen Hongliang’s arm that supported Luo Lingxing was supporting half of his weight.

“I’m fine.” Luo Lingxing did his best to drag his tired and feeble body, moving forward step by step with Chen Hongliang. His body flashed hot and cold, making him very uncomfortable.

He hadn’t felt this uncomfortable in so long. Ever since he upgraded his cultivation, even if his body was injured, he would rarely feel uncomfortable from exhaustion.

His body felt much lighter all of a sudden. Luo Lingxing, who originally had his head down, looked up to sea Ye Luohan in the position that Chen Hongliang was originally in with one of his hands sandwiched under his armpit and the other holding his arm. His body seemed to be held in his arms.

And it didn’t need to be said that although this posture looked a bit weird, it was a lot more relaxed for him.

“Thank you,” Luo Lingxing thanked in a low voice. He was helping him now and had also helped him during the day.

“You’re welcome. I’m happy to help,” Ye Luohan replied, acting cool. However, he frowned, especially seeing Luo Lingxing’s current appearance.

“Why is your body so weak?” Ye Luohan seemed very dissatisfied.

In fact, he had realized at noon that this person’s body looked very well-proportioned, but when carried, one could distinctly feel his bones. He didn’t have an ounce of fat on him and was extremely skinny. No wonder his physique was so poor. He had to make sure he ate more meat in the future. He’d look cuter if he was chubbier.

Chen Hongliang, who was standing by the side, didn’t dare utter a word. His eyes widened, and his expression became more surprised as well. He didn’t know how to explain his current mood.

He was originally slowly helping Luo Lingxing walk toward the hotel, but in the end, Ye Luohan had walked toward them. He thought the other party had something to do and was about to move aside for him when he saw the other party stand in front of them and forcefully took Luo Lingxing from his arms. He was so shocked he didn’t dare speak. And now hearing their conversation, he kept thinking it was very strange but he couldn’t say why it was strange.

Chen Hongliang had to sigh. The Male God who everyone thought was unreached actually wasn’t that far from reach. It seemed that the Male God was at the very least very enthusiastic. It seemed that those rumors were untrustworthy.

Chen Hongliang sighed in his shock as he walked with Ye Luohan to send Luo Lingxing back to his room. “Thank you for sending Xiao Luo back. I can handle the rest…”

Chen Hongliang said respectfully but only received the other party’s cold gaze, scaring him so much that he swallowed the rest of his words.

How in the world had he provoked this great god? Chen Hongliang silently stood to the side and reflected.

Ye Luohan planned to see his good deed to the end and directly picked up Luo Lingxing and placed him on the soft bed. With Luo Lingxing’s current stage, taking a shower would probably be difficult, so it was better not to bother.

Luo Lingxing was a bit dazed and couldn’t even bother to think about showering. Moreover, his consciousness was also a bit muddled, making him feel strange. If it was in the past, regardless of how tired he was, his consciousness wouldn’t be in a muddled stage. At most, his body would be weak and unable to move.

“Ah, Xiao Luo, you have a fever,” Chen Hongliang exclaimed, thus resolving Luo Lingxing’s doubts.

So it turned out to be a fever. No wonder his mind felt muddled. Luo Lingxing thought it in heart about how long it had been since he had last caught a cold. It seemed that ever since he had started cultivating, he never once caught a cold. He didn’t think that over a thousand years later, he would actually experience being sick again. And it turned out to be so uncomfortable.

Ye Luohan, who was planning to leave, heard Chen Hongliang’s exclamation. The foot that was walking toward the door immediately paused as he did an one-eighty to return to Luo Lingxing’s bedside. He turned to Chen Hongliang and said, “Go buy some fever reducing medicine.”

“Okay, I’ll go now.” Chen Hongliang couldn’t care about why Ye Luohan had returned since he needed to quickly go buy medicine. If the fever worsened, it would definitely affect their upcoming work.

Ye Luohan placed his large hand against Luo Lingxing’s forehead and clearly felt the heat that burned hotter than the normal body temperature. Probably since he had fallen into the river during the day and he hadn’t rested, along with working hard all day long, which caused his immunity to decline and lead to the fever at night.

Looking at the blushed youth, Ye Luohan felt his heart throb. Luo Lingxing, who was in the midst of confusion, felt something distinctly cool being placed on his burning forehead. It felt very comfortable. And when that cool thing pulled back, Luo Lingxing instinctively stretched out a hand to grab that thing, not letting him withdraw. A moan of dissatisfaction even left his lips.

Hearing this, Ye Luohan’s body suddenly burned, and his gaze toward Luo Lingxing deepened immensely, as if there were countless storms inside of his eyes, but he didn’t let it show. Ye Luohan placed his other cold hand on the other party’s cheek, and the other party’s expression became more relaxed. From the corner of his (LLX) mouth come out numerous sounds that made him (YLH) feel limp.

When Chen Hongliang returned, he saw Ye Luohan sit by the bedside with a gentle expression and staring directly at Luo Lingxing. There was even some warmth in his expression that shocked Chen Hongliang to the point that he didn’t even dare to enter the door, afraid to break this beautiful scene.

Chen Hongliang couldn’t help rubbing his eyes to see if the scene that he had witnessed was an illusion or not. When he tried to verify it again, the scene was still as beautiful as before. Although Ye Luohan’s gaze had moved from Luo Lingxing’s body to his own, the gentle gaze already had a hint of coldness inside them and even a bit of annoyance. This made Chen Hongliang feel as if he had “destroyed the warm atmosphere.”

Boss, please don’t glare like that. He already knew he was wrong. He should have come back later. No, he shouldn’t have come back at all. Sob sob sob… Being an agent these days wasn’t easy.

“Give me the medicine.” Ye Luohan stretched out a hand toward Chen Hongliang.

Chen Hongliang eagerly offered the medicine with both hands, then very attentively went to pour a cup of warm water so that Ye Luohan could feed the medicine to Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing was basically confused from the fever and had already drifted off to sleep, so he naturally couldn’t take the medicine by himself. Chen Hongliang was originally going to wake Luo Lingxing up, but it was a shame that this Great Demon Ye was here. Even if he had a thousand lives, he still wouldn’t dare do it.

As a result, he was fortunate enough to see another side of the Great God Ye.

Ye Luohan pulled Luo Lingxing to half lay in his embrace, then used his hand to push the medicine inside Luo Lingxing’s mouth. His finger brushed against the soft lips, and he suddenly remembered the feeling of previously kissing this person, which made him constantly think about it as well as wanting to get another taste.

However, Ye Luohan remained rational and knew that the person currently in his arms had a fever. Moreover, there was also another eyesore inside the room with them.

He brought the cup to Luo Lingxing’s lips and tilted it slightly to let it moisten Luo Lingxing’s lips. He was probably thirsty since Luo Lingxing started to drink the water while he was unconscious, thus drinking down the fever-reducing medicine as well.

After the medicine was fed, Chen Hongliang quickly cleaned up the mess like a good lackey before moving his line of sight to Ye Luohan. He wanted to ask when he would leave, but didn’t dare open his mouth. He could only use his gaze to feel him out. 

Ye Luohan naturally sensed it, and although he wanted to stay to take care of Luo Lingxing, with his current identity, he wasn’t in the position to. It seemed that he was very annoyed with his current situation.

“Don’t sleep too deeply and make sure you check on his condition often. If he continues to have a fever in the middle of the night, make sure to notify me,” Ye Luohan thought for a moment before finally instructing.

“Okay, I got it,” Chen Hongliang immediately replied. Although he didn’t understand why he had to notify the Great God Ye if Luo Lingxing had a fever in the middle of the night, the right move was to agree for now so that he didn’t irritate the fussy Great God Ye.

Chen Hongliang finally sent Ye Luohan away, who kept looking back as he left. He finally let out a breath of relief. He turned to look at Luo Lingxing, who was still flushed, and sighed. He prayed that the fever would break in the middle of the night, then pulled a chair over from the side. He planned on sitting beside Luo Lingxing’s bed to watch over him.

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