IMG Chapter 95 Falling in the Water During Filming

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The pace was much faster than the first day, and the duration of the shoot was a lot longer as well since the longer they stayed here, the more money it cost. Even if the investor had invested a lot, they couldn’t be wasteful.

Probably since he overworked Ye Luohan too much yesterday, Qian Xuewen finally found his conscience and let him rest a bit while they shot someone else’s scenes first. And this included the scene between Luo Lingxing and Lin Qingying.

Although Du Zixuan, the role Luo Lingxing acts, is the older brother of Du Birou, the role Lin Qingying acts, today was the first time they acted together.

“Please take care of me later, Sister Lin,” Luo Lingxing politely said to Lin Qingying.

Lin Qingying was a bit surprised by Luo Lingxing suddenly coming over. However, she quickly adjusted her mood, her smile returning as she said, “Xiao Luo, please take care of me as well.”

When Lin Qingying turned to leave, Lin Qingying frowned when no one was paying attention. She didn’t know what Luo Lingxing’s goal was. He was clearly very impolite to her yesterday, so how could he act like nothing had happened just now. Was her deliberately putting on a show in front of everyone? If that really was the case, then this person was really too scheming.

In fact, Lin Qingying actually misunderstood Luo Lingxing. Although Luo Lingxing didn’t really like her, he didn’t hate her. It was just that if he didn’t have to get too close, then he wouldn’t. But he was very dedicated to his work. Chen Hongliang had told him before that while on set, he had to treat everyone with a smile. Even if he didn’t like them, he couldn’t make it obvious or else he could easily offend others and cause groundless accusations online. Chen Hongliang had reported all the things to watch out for and Luo Lingxing had always remembered them very clearly and very obediently followed his orders.

The scene Luo Lingxing and Lin Qingying were shooting was after both Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan received their admission notice. In order to celebrate the two of them being admitted into college, they took Du Zixuan’s sister, and the three of them went to have a barbecue by the river.

Du Birou wanted to eat fish, so they planned on fishing by the river. Du Zixuan, who doted on his sister, naturally wouldn’t make Du Birou go to the river by herself, so he went with her, only leaving Qin Shaohui on the shore to pack up.

So the scene involved Ye Luohan a bit, but Ye Luohan only needed to sit by the shore in the background.

In order to make the shoot more realistic, Qian Xuewen brought everyone to film at a man-made river. Although it was artificial, the area was still very beautiful. Fish and shrimps swam in groups at the bottom of the river, and it wasn’t inferior to a natural river in the slightest.

“Ready, action!” They banged the clapperboard, and Luo Lingxing and Lin Qingying instantly entered their roles.

“Big brother, look at all the fish and shrimps in the river. Let’s catch some and have Big Hui grill them,” Du Birou watched the fish and shrimps at the bottom of the say and said expectantly.

“The river is too dangerous, and we already brought enough food with us that we won’t be able to finish them all,” Du Zixuan replied.

“But I want to eat fish,” Du Birou acted spoiled and tugged on Du Birou’s sleeve.

Du Zixuan was the weakest when his younger sister acted spoiled , so he agreed.

The river was deep and wide, but there were exposed rocks in the river that could be stepped on to cross it.

As soon as Du Birou heard her brother’s consent, she quickly leaped onto one of those rocks. She held a sharp branch in one hand, planning to skewer a fish.

Du Zixuan was shocked when he saw this, scared that his sister would accidentally fall into the river. He quickly followed behind his sister and carefully protected her.

“Get back to shore first. I’ll help you catch the fish,” Du Zixuan said to his sister.

“No, I want to catch them myself,” Du Birou refused. Her eyes glanced back to shore from time to time. She had to let Brother Hui see that she wasn’t a delicate little girl.

In fact, Lin Qingying was scared when she stepped on the rock. The rocks were deliberately placed there to make the river seem even more natural, and they were all relatively large with a smooth surface. As long as one didn’t make any large movements, they generally wouldn’t fall into the river.

Du Zixuan was helpless and could only grab his sister’s clothes from behind to prevent her from accidentally falling into the river.

“Be careful,” Du Zixuan reminded Du Birou from behind.

Lin Qingying could feel the person behind her grabbing her clothes. Thinking of how that person treated her last night, fire burned in her heart, but they were currently filming a scene. Even if her mood was bad, she couldn’t show it. And especially since she had to focus entirely on where she put her feet or else she would fall in the river, and that would not be any fun.

Falling into the river? Lin Qingying watched her own feet step on the rock as well as the clear river water. Who knew what she was thinking, but a sweet smile rose from her mouth.

“Ah!” A shrill scream suddenly sounded from the people standing by the shore, and a “plop” followed shortly after. It was the sound of something heavy falling into the water.

However, to Luo Lingxing, this all sounded a bit far away.

“Someone fell into the water!” someone from the shore called, and then everyone saw a figure jump quickly jumping into the river before anyone else could react.

Luo Lingxing blinked in confusion in the cold water. He didn’t understand how he suddenly fell into the river while they were still shooting. Before he could even think too closely about it, he felt a figure quickly swimming toward him before carrying him. A hand held onto him as the other hand quickly paddled back to shore.

“Where’s the doctor? Quick! Quickly take a look at those two.” Seeing Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan come back up, Qian Xuewen quickly called out.

That was correct. When Luo Lingxing fell into the river, the first person to jump in to save him was Ye Luohan. His attention was originally focused on Luo Lingxing who was caught up in the scene, so he was also the first person to be able to react. 

The moment when Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan came up, the more attentive staff members delivered two large bath towels to them. Ye Luohan was completely draped over Luo Lingxing’s body, tightly holding onto the person. His expression was very gloomy and serious.

The accompanying doctor checked the two over the two people and confirmed that there was nothing wrong with them before ordering people to brew some warm ginger tea for them. Ye Luohan carried Luo Lingxing to the temporary dressing room, wanting him to change or else he’d definitely catch a cold.

“Thank you,” Luo Lingxing said to Ye Luohan once his feet landed on the ground.

In fact, he never lost consciousness from the start, even when he fell into the water. He was just a bit stumped, so he only just now realized that he was in Ye Luohan’s arms.

Ye Luohan moved his lips, wanting to say something but he was a bit vexed. In the end, he didn’t say anything.

When the two finished changing and came back out, they heard Qian Xuewen’s angry scolding.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Do you know how to act or not? Who told you to turn during the scene?” Qian Xuewen bellowed at Lin Qingying. He still had a bit of lingering fear from Luo Lingxing falling into the water. If Ye Luohan hadn’t reacted quick enough, then they might be in a hospital right now.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean it.” After being scolded stupid, all Lin Qingying knew how to do was apologize. She had a wronged expression on her face, her clearly pitiful state caused a protective instinct in others. However, at this time, no one dared to come forward to bear Qian Xuewen’s wrath.

While they were filming, Lin Qingying sensed that Luo Lingxing was really close to her. If she turned around, the other person would definitely fall. In the end, when she reacted, Luo Lingxing had already fallen into the water. At that moment, she was a bit afraid, but after being scolded by Qian Xuewen in front of everyone, she once again felt resentment toward Luo Lingxing. If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be treated like this.

From the start of the scene till now, the spotlight that should have been hers was stolen by Luo Lingxing. The treatment that should’ve belonged to her was occupied by Luo Lingxing. She often heard Director Qian praise that person but only received scolding herself. Why? She was a film queen. Could it be that she still couldn’t compare to a newcomer that had only just debuted? What does that leave her reputation then? All of this made her very jealous and resentful.

“You didn’t deliberately bump the other person to make him fall into the river? If it was on purpose, then would you still be here now?” Qian Xuewen was very irritated.

Lin Qingying bit her bottom lip, her eyes full of tears, and her expression very pitiful as if she was being bullied by someone. She looked as if she could cry at any moment.

Ye Luohan walked to Qian Xuewen’s side, and just so happened to pass by Lin Qingying.

Lin Qingying saw this and hurriedly said in a pitiful tone, “Ye Luohan, I really didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t know he would fall. I…”

As she spoke, tears actually fell. Regardless of who it was, no one would be able to say strict words after seeing this scene. However, it was a shame that the person in front of her was Ye Luohan.

“You won’t be spared if it happens again!” Ye Luohan left those words as he walked past Lin Qingying, without leaving an intention of stopping, let alone planning to comfort Lin Qingying who was currently sobbing. She was pretending. These were really tears that uncontrollably came out.

“What’s going on?” Luo Lingxing asked Chen Hongliang.

Chen Hongliang was obviously very angry and said, “What else? When Lin Qingying turned earlier, the person who was protecting her from behind was knocked into the river. You’re usually very clever, so why are you so slow this time?”

When Chen Hongliang thought of the previous scene, he also had some lingering fears. If something really happened, he would feel guilty for a lifetime. That was why his voice was very stern. Luo Lingxing curled his lips. In fact, with his skills, he could have avoided it entirely. But since the script didn’t say that Du Birou would turn around, he wasn’t prepared at all. From when Lin Qingying turned around to when he fell into the water, not even a few seconds had passed. Moreover, his cultivation wasn’t high enough for him to walk on air yet, so he could only take a swim in the water.

In fact, falling in the water wasn’t dangerous for him. He just didn’t dare say it out loud or else he was certain that Chen Hongliang would be even angrier.

“Xiao Luo, how are you? Feeling a bit better?” A female staff member walked over to ask with concern, a trace of regret passed through her eyes.

Their little prince was still young and his body was so thin, so how could he bear to fall into such a freezing lake?

“How could Lin Qingying act like that? She actually knocked  you into the river. If the Male God hadn’t reacted quickly, perhaps…” There were some things the woman couldn’t say, but her tone was very indignant.

“Xiao Luo, you need to be careful when you shoot with her in the future,” the woman reminded.

“Thank you for everyone’s concern. I’ll be fine now.” Luo Lingxing curled the corners of her lips, smiling as he thanked everyone.

He was warmed by everyone’s concern. And he naturally wouldn’t refuse everyone’s kindness.

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    While they were filming, Lin Qingying sensed that Lin Qingying was really close to her. If she turned around, the other person would definitely fall. In the end, when she reacted, Lin Qingying had already fallen into the water. At that moment, she was a bit afraid, but after being scolded by Qian Xuewen in front of everyone, she once again felt resentment toward Lin Qingying. If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be treated like this.

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