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In order to not anger himself and to improve his mood, Qian Xuewen decided that the next scene they would shoot would be between Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan. In any case, in the movie, Luo Lingxing had the most scenes with Ye Luohan.

Sure enough, Luo Lingxing didn’t disappoint Ye Luohan or Qian Xuewen. Although he had ng-ed once, it wasn’t because of the two of them but because a staff member had messed up. In any case, Qian Xuewen was generally very satisfied.

Qian Xuewen, who had been angry all afternoon, finally revealed a smile. He even personally praised Luo Lingxing, causing Luo Lingxing to receive countless gazes full of envy and jealousy. Chen Hongliang stood to the side, deeply worried.

Probably since it was the first day of the shoot, Qian Xuewen didn’t press the actors too hard. Once it got dark, he let everyone head back early to rest.

After a whole day of shooting, Luo Lingxing was a bit tired. However, his exercise the past few days was not in vain. His physique was already a lot stronger than during his previous shoot. This time, at the very least, he wasn’t so tired that he couldn’t stand up.

“Where are we going to eat?” What Luo Lingxing was longing for now was the grand dinner Chen Hongliang had promised during lunch.

“All you know is eating.” Chen Hongliang couldn’t resist rolling his eyes. However, he also knew that this child was very finicky about food. And so, he opened his terminal and searched for gourmet food in the area.

Lin Qingying, who was walking beside them, heard this. She smiled and said, “I know a really good restaurant nearby. Why don’t we try it together?”

Luo Lingxing glanced at Lin Qingying, his eyes full of suspicion. He didn’t understand why a stranger would talk to him so naturally. Perhaps everyone in this world acted familiar with each other?

Lin Qingying also saw the strangeness in his eyes and was instantly choked up. He didn’t dare believe that there would be someone who actually didn’t recognize him.

This wasn’t Lin Qingying being arrogant. If someone outside didn’t recognize her, then that was a possibility, but they were in the same crew. Moreover, she was even the crew’s female lead, the one who acted as Du Zixuan’s younger sister. Although she didn’t act with Luo Lingxing today, he still shouldn’t be this ignorant.

Thinking of this, Lin Qingying’s expression was a bit bad, and her smile was slipping. Seeing this, Chen Hongliang hurriedly tried to pacify the situation, “Xiao Luo, this is the actress who plays Du Birou, the film queen Lin Qingying. She’s the youngest film queen in history.”

After hearing Chen Hongliang’s introduction, Lin Qingying’s expression finally became better, her gaze filled with a sliver of pride. She was only 20 years old and obtained the Golden duck Award for best lead actress. Because of this, her worth doubled, or else Qian Xuewen wouldn’t have chosen her to play the lead female.

Although the Golden duck Award was only the lowest level of the five awards, it was an award that celebrities all over the world strived to obtain since the difficulty of obtaining all the other awards was too hard. Moreover, she was still young, so she still had an opportunity to obtain a higher level award in the future.

“Xiao Luo has always been picky about food. I’m afraid he’ll cause you a lot of trouble, so we won’t disturb your dinner,” Chen Hongliang politely refused Lin Qingying’s invitation.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not picky with food. We can just order what Xiao Luo likes,” Lin Qingying said, pretending to be magnanimous.

“I want to eat hot pot,” Luo Lingxing suddenly said. Lin Qingying’s face stiffened. It was clear that she didn’t want hot pot in the slightest.

For female actors who worried about their image, they would never include hot pot in their choices of foods, since eating hot pot could easily affect their image.

“Hehe, since that’s the case, we won’t bother you guys.” Lin Qingying forced a smile, then left with her agent and assistant.

Chen Hongliang helplessly looked at Luo Lingxing and said, “How could you speak so bluntly?” Although he didn’t like this woman very much either, wouldn’t speaking so bluntly like this offend others? Since she was considered an A-list celebrity, offending her wouldn’t do Luo Lingxing any good.

“Waste of time.” Luo Lingxing didn’t think anything of it. He kept feeling that the other party was getting close to him for a reason. Although he didn’t know what the reason was, he didn’t need to feign civility toward people he didn’t like.

And Lin Qingying, who took the initiative to leave, had a beautiful face with a dark expression. She wasn’t able to control her expression. She was so angry with Luo Lingxing that her teeth itched.

“Who does he think he is! He doesn’t even think of his own worth or status. Does he really think he’s a treasure after acting a few scenes with the Male God? He even spoke to Sister Lin that way,” Lin Qingying’s assistant angrily said.

“Qingying, don’t bother with people that like. With your status, taking the initiative to speak with him is lowering yourself.” Lin Qingying’s agent was also furious, thinking that the other person didn’t give them any face.

“Exactly. Asking him to eat together was giving him face, but he turned out to be so ignorant,” the assistant added.

Lin Qingying was coaxed by her agent and assistant. One sentence praised her, and the next sentence trampled Luo Lingxing. She was coaxed back into submission, a smile finally appearing on her face.

“Hmph. He’s just a newcomer. What the entertainment industry lacks the least are newcomers. With a personality like his, he probably won’t get far,” Lin Qingying arrogantly said.

The three people spoke unbridled, unaware that all their words were heard by Luo Lingxing. Although they weren’t close to each other, with Luo Lingxing’s cultivation, his hearing was particularly sharp.

On the other side, Qian Xuewen went to find the photographer after having dinner. The art designer had already finished working on the promotional photos, and they could be uploaded to their official blog at any time.

“Director Qian, you came just in time. The official blog has been overrun by the fans. They’re all demanding we upload the promotional photos.”

“Hehe… There’s no rush. Let’s stir up their appetite.” Qian Xuewen laughed, and the staff member who managed the official blog couldn’t help but roll their eyes and said, “If we keep stirring up their appetite, our official blog will be paralyzed by them.”

“Then upload some of the promotional photos from the supporting characters and the female lead. As for the others, we’ll upload two pictures a day. Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan’s photos will be uploaded on the last day,” Qian Xuewen said.

The staff member nodded, then chose some promotional photos of the newer actors and Lin Qingying to upload. He also knew that if they only uploaded a few photos of supporting actors, those fans definitely wouldn’t be satisfied. If they added the female lead, then they shouldn’t be in such a miserable state.

The Interstellar Mecha Official Blog V: Answering everyone’s call, and actively fulfilling everyone’s wishes. The exclusive promotional photos of the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ have arrived. Are you guys ready? [Image] [Image] [Image]

As soon as the promotional photos were uploaded, a huge wave of fans instantly ushered up to lick their screens. Of course, there were numerous fans who continued to shout to have the other people’s promotional photos released. They probably didn’t see their idol, so they continuously and tirelessly spammed the official blog, wanting the official blog to clear their innocence.

“Qi so-and-so is so handsome. He’s even more handsome wearing a military uniform. I’m gonna lick the screen~~~”

”Why are there only these? Where’s my Male God? Where’s my little prince? [unsatisfied]”

”Official blog, you dare not post the promotional photos of the male lead?”

“Where’s the male lead? Official blog, come out. I promise I won’t beat you to death.”

“The goddess is so beautiful. Goddess, marry me!”

“No wonder Goddess Lin is the new film queen. She looks so pure and beautiful. Looking forward to—”

”I can tell from just a look that they’re trying to stir our appetite. They will definitely only release a small number of promotional photos each time. Official blog, you’re too evil.”

“When will they release the promotional photos for the others? Even if you don’t release the promotional photos, you can at least release the list of actors participating in this movie. Official blog, quickly come out. @Official blog”

”List of participating actors. List of participating actors. List of participating actors. Important things must be repeated three times @Official blog”

”I heard that the little prince participated in the audition as well. I wonder if he’s participating in this movie?”

“Let’s go to the little prince’s Weibo page and ask. I’m afraid we won’t get any answers here.”

“Sigh… The little prince hasn’t posted a Weibo post in a long time. He’s only posted two Weibo posts in total. It’s not enough to lick the screen with…”

At the beginning, the comments were still sort of normal. Although numerous fans were clamoring to call out the official blog overlord that there were even countless @ signs, who knows from when, posts regarding the little prince dominated. Everyone’s comments held all sorts of resentment and pride. The two different styles were actually harmonious together, making it all quite the spectacle.

Every time the crew uploaded a promotional photo, the comments were not all one-sided. The celebrities that had more fans would naturally have more comments and quickly swallow up other people’s comments. However, the situation below the Weibo post that the ‘Interstellar Mecha’s’ official blog released was a rare occurrence.

This Weibo post wasn’t related to Luo Lingxing in the slightest, but it was persistently overtaken by the Luo-fans. It had to be said that these fans were as tough as nails. Usually, once the official blog released the promotional photos, the mentioned artists would forward the official blog post to increase publicity. This time, Lin Qingying and the others also naturally received notice in advance.

Originally, Lin Qingying was very unsatisfied at having her own promotional photos released early, since the more important the role, the later the photos were usually released.

“In fact, having your photos released early isn’t necessarily bad. Look, the people who had their photos released with you all have average popularity. Amongst these people, it’s clear that the person the fans will take notice of is you, the lead. There are also relatively more comments related to you,” the agent comforted Lin Qingying.

“Exactly, Sister Lin. Everyone else serves as the background to make you look better,” the assistant also fawningly said.

Lin Qingying read the comments, and it was true that there were more comments about her. She became a bit happier and hit the button to forward the official blog post, adding on a sentence.

Lin Qingying V: I’ll work hard. I hope everyone can see a brand new me/  the Interstellar Mecha official blog post…

However, shortly after the post was forward, Lin Qingying wanted to continue reading the comments below the official blog post related to her, but in the end, she found that the wind of the comments had already completely changed. The entire screen was full of the “little prince.” If one didn’t know, they would think that they were filming an ancient drama.

“Who’s this ‘little prince’?” Lin Qingying asked her agent.

The agent seemed a bit embarrassed since she knew that Lin Qingying seemed to be a bit unfriendly toward that person. If she said it now, it would only add to the fire. But since the other party asked, she had to speak even if it wasn’t anything good.

“The little prince is the endearment Luo Lingxing’s fans call him,” the agent braced herself and said. And as expected, in the next moment, Lin Qingying’s expression changed. Although she didn’t say anything, the two could see it. Lin Qingying was definitely in a terrible mood right now.

Why was that person everywhere?!

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