IMG Chapter 93 You Are My Nobleman

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Although Qian Xuewen’s films never had to worry about the box office, which director would dislike a higher box office?

The promotional photos were quickly finished, and the morning passed just like this. Qian Xuewen had everyone rest for a bit and have a meal before officially starting the shoot in the afternoon.

The artists who participated in shoots away from home would usually eat the meals the crew provided. Of course, since it was fast food that was provided to everyone, the taste and appearance wouldn’t be as exquisite as what one usually ate. Many artists were dissatisfied with this, especially those with a relatively higher status.

But everyone knew that what Qian Xuewen hated the most was when someone used their position for personal gain. Besides the issue of the rooms, everything else was done according to the book. Therefore, if others were able to eat it, why can’t you? Of course, if they truly couldn’t handle it, you could give yourself special treatment and have your assistant buy something from outside. Qian Xuewen would turn a blind eye.

Luo Lingxing stared at his plain and simple lunch box, took a bite, and he slightly furrowed his brows. “In fact, the meals Director Qian’s crew provides are already considered very good. In order to quickly finish the film, some crews would only provide nutrient packs, so you should be content with this.” Chen Hongliang saw through Luo Lingxing’s thoughts and comforted him.

Luo Lingxing was actually not a picky eater, but he was picky about the taste. If they had given these ingredients for him to cook with, the taste would definitely have turned out a lot better than this.

In his past life, he had never wronged his mouth or his stomach. In this life, whether it be at the Luo residence or the Han residence, the dishes the chefs made were always delicious. Therefore, this was the first time Luo Lingxing had eaten something that tasted so crude. It was a bit hard to swallow for the little prince.

Seeing this situation, Chen Hongliang was also helpless. Luo Lingxing currently only had him, the agent, by his side. If he went out to buy food for Luo Lingxing, there wouldn’t be anyone here to watch over Luo Lingxing. As he thought, it would be better to quickly find an assistant for him.

“Try to eat as much as you can. Once today’s shoot is over, I’ll take you out to eat,” Chen Hongliang whispered.

Luo Lingxing knew that he couldn’t be too picky right now. After working all morning, he was hungry. If he didn’t eat something, he would definitely be even more tired in the afternoon.

This was the scene Ye Luohan saw. The youth had a bitter face as if he was taking bitter medicine. He stuffed the food from the lunch box into his mouth with much difficulty. Although the youth’s expression didn’t change, it still made others feel like he was surrounded by suffering.

Ye Luohan glanced at his assistant then glanced at Luo Lingxing again. The assistant instantly understood what his boss wanted. He lifted the food he had just bought from outside and walked toward Luo Lingxing.

As his boss’ assistant, and as an assistant to a boss who had face paralysis, to be able to instantly perceive his boss’ intentions was a basic ability that he needed.

Although Luo Lingxing’s expression didn’t change much after seeing the food, his suddenly glowing eyes stared intently at the food, making others feel that he was super cute.

After the assistant delivered the food, he didn’t stay for long before returning. He saw that the corner of his boss’ lips had actually turned up in a small curve. Although it was small, it was real. The assistant thought it was really unimaginable.

On the other side, Luo Lingxing, who had received delicious food, was finally in a good mood. The suffering that had once surrounded him had instantly turned into warm and splendid flowers. After eating his fill, he was full of energy.

As expected, his current appearance had attracted many coveting eyes.

Although many people didn’t like the crew’s lunch box, and even if many people could have their assistants get take out, in order to show their dedication to the film, they would always eat the crew’s food for the first few days. The only person who didn’t have to worry about their image was probably Ye Luohan.

Therefore, when Luo Lingxing received the meal given by Ye Luohan, many people coveted it. Not only were they jealous that Luo Lingxing didn’t have to eat the crew’s food, what they were even more jealous about was the fact that the food Ye Luohan’s assistant had sent over was Ye Luohan’s food.

Not to mention that they had given him a lot. If they had received even a tiny bit, they would have been so happy that they would have fainted. In the end, the guy who was gifted the food not only didn’t go over to give his thanks, he also happily ate the entire thing clean. This was simply…. too rude.

For Luo Lingxing who “was happy as long as he had something good to eat,” he simply didn’t realize everyone’s current opinion of him. In fact, he probably wouldn’t care even if he knew.

“Hi, Luo Lingxing. Do you remember me?” a lively voice came from the side. Luo Lingxing looked up and saw the guy with the sunny personality who sat next to him during the previous audition.

“I’m from the previous audition…”

“Su Yang,” before the other person had finished speaking, Luo Lingxing spat out these two words.

Hearing that the other person had remembered his name, Su Yang was very happy. He smiled and said, “Yes, I’m Su Yang. When I went to the audition, I thought I had very low chances and only went with the mentality of giving it a try. In the end, I didn’t actually think I’d be chosen.”

In fact, he had seen Luo Lingxing during the opening ceremony and had wanted to greet him, but the first scene ended up being a scene between Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan. They also shot their promotional photos together later, so he didn’t have a chance to give his greetings. Now that it was their noon rest time, he hurried over.

As he said, he originally didn’t have any hopes of getting the audition. He just thought that he could gain some experience from giving the audition a try. In the end, he didn’t expect to actually be chosen. This was the luckiest thing to happen to him this year.

“Luo Lingxing, I think the only reason I was chosen was all thanks to you. You really are a lucky star,” Su Yang suddenly mindlessly said this.

Chen Hongliang sat on the side listening to their conversation. After hearing them say a few sentences, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch. If it weren’t for the pure and idiotic smile of the guy before him, he would have thought that he was deliberately sucking up to Luo Lingxing.

“The reason you were chosen is because of Director Qian’s will. What does it have to do with Xiao Luo?” Chen Hongliang finally couldn’t resist asking.

“My mom found someone to calculate my fortune at the beginning of the year, and they said that I would receive a nobleman’s help this year. In the end, I was really unlucky this year and nothing good happened to me. However, when I met Xiao Luo at the previous audition, I was actually selected. Doesn’t that mean Xiao Luo is this nobleman?” Su Yang really thought that Luo Lingxing was his nobleman who helped him or else he wouldn’t even dare to think that he would have been chosen. Although the role he played only had a few minutes of screen time, his face was still shown. To a little unknown celebrity like him, it was already a very, very amazing thing.

Chen Hongliang and Luo Lingxing were both stunned. Neither of them imagined that this would be the reason.

However, compared to Chen Hongliang who had a biased attitude against this kind of thing, Luo Lingxing was more likely to believe it since calculating fortunes wasn’t always inaccurate. If you had a profound cultivation, it wasn’t difficult to explore the twist of fate. It was just that if you did it too much, it would be harmful to one’s life. Therefore, most cultivators with profound cultivations wouldn’t easily calculate fortunes for others.

Of course, he wouldn’t say these things out loud.

Anyway, Su Yang truly thought that Luo Lingxing was his nobleman. Su Yang’s agent couldn’t help but facepalm. This was too embarrassing. Other agent’s artists were all very shrewd, so how was he so unlucky to get a simple and idiotic artist?

This little midday episode quickly passed, and they were busy again for the afternoon shoot since they had already officially started filming.

The scenes the director shot were in accordance with the main line and plot of the story. They first shot the scenes that were suitable for this staging before shooting the next suitable timeline and staging. The sequence of the movie was always shot out of order or else the first scene they shot wouldn’t have been the scene where Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan received their acceptance notifications.

Qin Shaohui, Du Zixuan, and Du Birou all grew up together. Later on, Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan joined the army while Du Birou attended a different school. There was a period of time where the three of them didn’t meet up for a while.

However, Du Birou was Du Zixuan’s younger sister. As long as Du Zixuan and Qin Shaohui returned home for their break, they would see Du Birou. The young girl yearned for love. And especially after Qin Shaohui joined the army, his figure had grown even taller and more burly, his temperament even more unyielding. Du Birou had always had a good opinion of Qin Shaohui, but now she had fallen even more. She secretly told her older brother, hoping that her older brother would help her.

Du Zixuan only had one younger sister, and he doted on his younger sister. Even if he had an inexplicable feeling in his heart, he would still create chances for his younger sister and Qin Shaohui to be alone from time to time.

Later on, because of the large-scale invasion of the zergs, Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan had to rush to the front lines and enter a life and death battle with the zergs. They were on the edge of life and death time and time again, further deepening the brotherhood between Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan.

Later on, the two gained military merits and returned to their hometown. Du Birou was waiting for Qin Shaohui as always. Du Zixuan knew of his younger sister’s determination and had even helped her chase Qin Shaohui. And in the end, the two married.

The above was basically the main plot of the ‘Interstellar Mecha.’ Although Du Birou was the female lead, she didn’t have many scenes, and didn’t even have as many scenes as Du Zixuan. However, this didn’t affect the progression in the movie since the movie was based on war and blood. Romance was just a bonus.

For today’s afternoon shoot, the one with the most important mission was probably the male lead, Ye Luohan, since there would be so many people acting with him. The characters in the film basically were all related to him somehow, and they would all film at least one or two scenes with him.

To the other actors, this was basically a fat meat pie that fell out of the sky  since they all wanted to act together with a ridiculously popular superstar. This way, they would be the topic of conversation for a bit at least.

However, this was simply a disaster to Ye Luohan since every actor who acted with Ye Luohan were all suppressed by his aura. Or perhaps because his sense of existence was too strong so it was harder to get into the scene. During the shoot, they ng-ed for various reasons. This made Qian Xuewen very angry. Who knew how many people he had scolded to tears today.

“How many times have I told you? You have to innocently look at Qian Xuewen here. There can’t be any sort of affection in your eyes. It’s not time for that yet!” Qian Xuewen very impolitely roared at Lin Qingying. This scene had been reshot numerous times already, and she made the same mistake every single time. It was simply intolerable.

“I’m sorry. I’ll try my best,” Lin Qingying lightly bit her lower lip and apologized. Her weak appearance could arouse the protection of men. It was a shame that the person in front of her was the ruthless Ye Luohan and the currently furious Qian Xuewen. Neither of them had protective sentiments toward the fairer sex.

“Go rest for a few minutes. Find the emotions of the scene, and we’ll shoot your part later,” Qian Xuewen waved his hand at Lin Qingying and said.

Lin Qingying’s assistant and agent witnessed the situation and rushed forward to take her to the side to rest while comforting her who was about to cry.

“Hahh… why can’t a single person smoothly shoot a scene with you? If this continues, how much time and film will I have to waste?” Qian Xuewen couldn’t help but grumble to Ye Luohan.

Sometimes being too exceptional wasn’t a good thing since it will make others look too inferior, resulting in the director having higher requirements during the shoot. Those who couldn’t keep up would continuously ng.

“Not everyone will ng,” Ye Luohan said pointedly.

Qian Xuewen followed his gaze and saw Luo Lingxing, who was currently happily chatting with a young man. He then remembered the scene from the audition and the first scene they shot today.

He couldn’t help but sigh. Although Luo Lingxing was a newcomer, his acting was a lot more outstanding than those older actors with richer experience. He really was an exceptional talent.

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