IMG Chapter 92 Taking Promotional Photos

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Luo Lingxing only calmly glanced at Chen Hongliang, not speaking. However, Chen Hongliang was a bit ruffled. Don’t think that just because you didn’t speak, I didn’t see the contempt in your eyes. Why do you think I’m putting so much effort into eating? Isn’t it all because of the bitterness I feel in my heart? I can only turn my grief into appetite!

Chen Hongliang was depressed as he followed Luo Lingxing to the set. Other people’s agents were full of vigor and bursting with life, yet he…

“Huh? Brother Chen, did you not sleep well last night?” a young agent came over to greet Chen Hongliang, and after looking at his face for a while, finally spoke.

“I’m fine. I slept very well. I accidentally bumped into something this morning,” Chen Hongliang had a bright smile as he said. In fact, tears had already flowed inside his heart.

Although he didn’t in fact have a black eye, he still fell to the ground from being caught off guard and had bumped his cheek. Currently, a small portion had definitely bruised, making him feel very embarrassed. T_T  It seemed like it would be better to find an assistant for Xiao Luo in the future. An assistant specially just to wake him up.

Qian Xuewen saw that everyone had almost arrived and called them to gather to start the opening ceremony. It was said that this habit had been passed down from long ago. The reason for this habit was to pray that the upcoming filming would go smoothly.

And so, even the artists who did not have shoot today or even this morning had come over long ago.

After the opening ceremony, filming the first scene was also very important. If the first scene went well, then it was also a good omen.

Therefore, in order to receive a good omen, they would usually have the actor with the best acting skills do the first scene. And similarly, the actors who could act in the first scene would obtain the director’s affirmation, so numerous actors would try their best to be picked for the first scene.

“Alright, all the departments should get ready. For the first scene, we will shoot when Qin Shaohui and Du Zixuan receive their admission notice,” Qian Xuewen stood in front of the video camera and said to everyone.

All the actors who had hope in their eyes immediately widened their eyes when they heard Qian Xuewen’s words. They didn’t have any opinions if Ye Luohan was to shoot the first scene, but why was the other person Luo Lingxing? There were even many artists who didn’t learn of this name until coming here.

For a while, all the actors were very dissatisfied, but they didn’t dare speak up about it either since the celebrities who had even more qualifications than them hadn’t spoken up yet either. It was clear that it was inappropriate for them to speak up, but their eyes toward Luo Lingxing were full of various emotions.

Chen Hongliang naturally sensed their gazes and he felt worry in his heart. Since the director wanted Luo Lingxing to shoot the first scene, it meant Director Qian had confidence in him. But at the same time, he also pushed Luo Lingxing’s into everyone’s field of vision on the first day, and this kind of attention wasn’t a good thing.

Hahh… Forget it. He hoped that nothing bad would happen during these few months of shooting. Chen Hongliang prayed in his heart, and at the same time, he realized that Luo Lingxing had really good luck. However, when your strength wasn’t up to par, it wasn’t always necessarily good to have such good luck.

Compared to Chen Hongliang’s worries and concerns, Luo Lingxing’s emotions were much simpler. He didn’t know what the first scene represented, so he only obeyed the director’s orders.

When Du Zixuan found out that Qin Shaohui was going to apply to the military academy, he was strongly determined to start studying medicine. His goal was to be admitted into the military academy along with Qin Shaohui in hopes that the two of them could fight side by side one day. Therefore, when he received the admission notice with Qin Shaohui, he truly was very, very happy.

Qin Shaohui didn’t know about Du Zixuan’s decision until they both received the admission notice. And the emotions he had been struggling with for so long were finally released now.

Before, Qin Shaohui didn’t want to be too far away from the childhood friend that he grew up with, but attending the military academy had been his dream since he was young. Therefore, he was conflicted for a long time before he had decided to apply to the military academy. When he received the admission notice, he thought that he would be happy for himself. But when he saw the actual notice, he didn’t know why but his heart felt slightly sour.

Therefore, when he heard that Du Zixuan’s admission notice also arrived, without saying anything more, he grabbed his own notice and went next door to find Du Zixuan. He wanted to know which school Du Zixuan applied for since regardless of how he asked in the past, the other party refused to reveal a single thing. This made his already sour heart be covered in another layer of haze.

“Xiao Xuan, I heard that your admission notice arrived,” Qin Shaohui walked into Du Zixuan’s bedroom with easy familiarity. Seeing the brightly lit face from looking at his own admission notice, Qin Shaohui’s heart felt even more depressed.

Could it be that he was the only one who felt reluctant to part? At this moment, Qin Shaohui wanted to rush up to steal Du Zixuan’s admission notice and rip it to pieces. But in the end, his reason prevailed.

Don’t think that this scene only had these short lines. It actually really tested the actor’s acting abilities since every emotion needed to be expressed through their expressions and eyes. However, to Ye Luohan, this wasn’t difficult and he had a mastery of this.

“Mn. It arrived today. Yours also came, right?” Du Zixuan smiled and replied.

“Mn,” Qin Shaohui calmly responded, his mood low.

Du Zixuan had always been keen and naturally sensed it. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I…” Qin Shaohui was about to say something but stopped himself in time, instead saying, “It’s nothing. Congratulations on getting into the school you wanted. Can you tell me which school it is now?”

Qin Shaohui pretended to be calmed and asked the question that had plagued him for a long time. Du Zixuan didn’t plan on hiding it any longer, so he directly handed the admission notice to Qin Shaohui. The smile on his face never disappeared.

Qin Shaohui felt that this admission notice was very heavy, and he didn’t want to look at it but he also didn’t dare not to look at it. Despite not knowing why he didn’t dare not to look at it, he finally could not hold back the longing in his heart. He opened the admission notice and looked at the familiar page and the familiar school. Qin Shaohui’s eyes slowly widened.

“You… This is…” Qin Shaohui was so surprised that he couldn’t even speak properly.

Du Zixuan’s smile deepened as he said, “It’s the same school as you. We’ll be classmates again in the future.”

Qin Shaohui looked at Du Zixuan’s smile. Thinking that they could be classmates again for the next few years and that they wouldn’t part, he finally revealed his first smile since coming here.

The two innocent youths happily laughed while thinking of their own dreams, taking a step forward. The sunlight flowing in from the window illuminated them, making them look even more brilliant and beautiful.

“Cut! You two did very well. This scene has passed!” Qian Xuewen looked at the scene they just filmed with satisfaction. Their first scene smoothly passed, leaving them with a good omen. Everyone was even more motivated now.

Originally, those jealous actors who were snickering at Luo Lingxing, couldn’t help but curl their lips, but they couldn’t find the opportune moment to say something. However, they were still very jealous that Luo Lingxing was able to act on par with Ye Luohan.

“We’ll have everyone take the promotional photos now,” Qian Xuewen suddenly said, catching everyone a bit off guard.

Generally speaking, if the first scene went smoothly, the director would take advantage of the flow to shoot a few more scenes. But for Qian Xuewen, he really did things that were out of the ordinary.

However, who made Qian Xuewen the main director? If he wanted to continue filming, then they would. If he wanted them to take the promotional photos first, then everyone could only obey.

In fact, Qian Xuewen had originally planned to shoot a few more scenes before the promotional photos, but Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing’s expressions just now were too good. They performed so well under the camera, making others entranced. Therefore, he planned to use this chance to take the promotional photos first and send a portion of them onto Weibo so that the fans also had something to look forward to. And at the same time, continue to hype up the ‘Interstellar Mecha.’

The first one to get their promotional photos shot was naturally Ye Luohan, who played Qin Shaohui. Ye Luohan wore a custom-made military uniform that was even more elegant and fine than the one he wore when he acted with Luo Lingxing during the audition. This suit highlighted Ye Luohan’s merits even better than the other one as well. Just by looking at the expressions of the onlookers, it was enough to show how excellent Ye Luohan’s appearance was.

Not only were the staff members surrounding him, there were also female artists. But now everyone only had one expression, and that was with their eyes and mouths wide open, drooling. It seemed they didn’t care in the slightest about their own promotional photos.

Luo Lingxing also watched from the side. Even if he was used to seeing handsome and beautiful people, he still couldn’t help but sigh at how good Ye Luohan looked.

In the cultivation world, there was never a lack of handsome and beautiful people. The more profound one’s cultivation was, the more outstanding their appearance would become. Moreover, their temperament couldn’t be compared to normal people’s either. And so, Luo Lingxing had long been immune to these things. And so when he saw the celebrities of this world, he wasn’t moved from seeing their appearances. Yet Ye Luohan was the second person who made him acknowledge his good looks. Of course, the first person was Han Junzhan.

Of course, the facts showed that Ye Luohan didn’t only have an excellent appearance, he also had his acting skills. His promotional photos were very worry-free, and he didn’t even need the guidance of the photographer to achieve results that even made the photographer exclaim in admiration.

After Ye Luohan finished shooting, a few film kings and queens went next before it was Luo Lingxing’s turn.

Because Luo Lingxing played a doctor, his military uniform was different from a normal person’s. His military uniform was white and his hem was a bit longer, which was a bit similar to a doctor’s white coat. However, it was even more exquisite and formal than a doctor’s white coat.

Luo Lingxing, who was wearing the white military uniform, also instantly changed his expression to fit the outfit. Those who saw this truly thought that Du Zixuan had come directly from the script. It could be said that Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing’s promotional photos were the most worry-free and had the best results.

Qian Xuewen watched from the sidelines. The more he looked, the more satisfied he became. He was ecstatic that he was able to find an actor like this.

Something suddenly caught in his line of sight, making him subconsciously look over. He saw Ye Luohan standing off to the side, watching him with a smile that didn’t seem like a smile. Seeing this, he felt scared in his heart, so he quickly returned his gaze to the stage where Luo Lingxing was.

Seeing this, something flashed through his heart, too fast for him to grasp. He looked at Luo Lingxing, then at Ye Luohan, then at Luo Lingxing again, going back and forth several times. He then finally grasped the thought in his heart.

“Xiao Liu, have Ye Luohan go up and take a few photos with Xiao Luo,” Qian Xuewen suddenly said. His words caused quite a stir amongst the actors.

Ye Luohan had no objections, and he calmly walked forward to stand next to Luo Lingxing. As a result, one wore a dark green and the other a pure white. They were clearly two very different color military uniforms, but they looked exceptionally harmonious together.

Photographers would never reject beautiful things. Seeing the two harmoniously standing together, without needing Director Qian’s orders, he directly grabbed the camera and took photos nonstop. Moreover, the more photos he took, the more addictive it was. He simply couldn’t stop.

Among the actors in the area, a woman looked at Luo Lingxing with great jealousy. She was the new film queen, Lin Qingying, who played the female lead.

Although the movie had a female lead, and it was also Du Zixuan’s younger sister, Du Birou, the female lead didn’t have many scenes, relatively speaking.

Lin Qingying glared at the two people on stage who were very close to each other, full of jealousy. According to reason, even if Ye Luohan was to take photos with someone, it should have been her, who was the female lead. So why did they have some nameless newcomer take a photo with him? What about female lead?

However, no one paid attention to her emotions. Qian Xuewen’s entire focus was on the two people on stage. He could guarantee that if these photos were released, it would definitely attract numerous fans and star chasers. When that happened, even before the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ became officially shooting, it would have already gained a certain popularity. And if they worked a bit harder in the later stages, then they definitely wouldn’t have to worry about the box office.

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