IMG Chapter 91 I’ll Stay at the Hotel

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“I didn’t like the environment in first class, so I came over here. You don’t mind me sitting in your seat, do you?” Although Ye Luohan spoke as if he was discussing something, his expressionless face didn’t seem as if it was up for discussion.

Chen Hongliang’s heart thumbed even harder. That tone didn’t seem like he was discussing it at all. He was simply telling him matter of factly and wasn’t asking for his consent at all, okay?

Besides, even if he had guts of steel, he wouldn’t dare to tell Ye Luohan “no” unless he didn’t want to live anymore. A single word from each of Ye Luohan’s fans were enough to shame him to suicide.

“I don’t mind. You can sit there as long as you want,” Chen Hongliang quickly declared. He then went to find an empty seat nearby.

This was the first time he had heard someone say that they didn’t like the environment in first class and came to economy class to sit. How could the environment in economy class be better than first class? He really couldn’t understand the mind of the Male God superstar. Chen Hongliang silently cursed in his heart.

Except for this small episode, the rest of the trip was very smooth. After flying for close to a day, they finally docked at Sea Star Set’s transit port.

“Everyone is tired after riding the spaceship for an entire day. We need to get a good rest tonight when we get back. We will officially start shooting tomorrow and it will definitely be exhausting. I hope everyone can take care of themselves. And use your heart to complete this movie,” Qian Xuewen informed everyone after getting off the spaceship.

The crew had arranged hotel rooms for everyone. The assistant was handing out the room key cards so that everyone could go rest.

“Director, where’s my room card?” Ye Luohan lazily asked.

Qian Xuewen curiously looked at Ye Luohan and said, “Don’t you have a villa here?”

”The villa is a bit far from the filming location. I’ll also stay at the hotel with everyone,” Ye Luohan faintly said, unaware that his words were the same as dropping a huge bomb to everyone else.

“You want to stay at the hotel? Are you still sleeping or am I still sleeping?” Qian Xuewen looked Ye Luohan up and down in disbelief, as if trying to see if he was possessed or something.

Who didn’t know that his person had severe mysophobia and hated staying in hotels the most. Every time he participated in a shooting, he always stayed in his own villa or the crew would rent a villa for him. And now, he personally said he was going to stay at the hotel? This was too mysterious. Perhaps he was hallucinating?

In fact, the ones who were shocked with Qian Xuewen were the other artists and their agent. Since Ye Luohan was very popular, everyone was aware of some of his habits.

Since everyone was filming together, it was more convenient for them to stay at the hotel, and it would help develop relationships. Numerous artists would accumulate contacts during filming. When everyone first heard that they would be filming with Ye, they were so excited they could faint. After all, if they could make connections with Ye Luohan, it would be more advantageous than making connections with anybody else in the entertainment industry.

However, everyone soon realized that it was impossible for Ye Luohan to stay at the hotel, so the only time they would see him would be on set, which meant that their chances were decreased. But now, they heard that Ye Luohan would actually stay at the hotel. He would stay at the hotel with them. Many people’s thoughts instantly stirred.

“You must be the one that’s still sleeping,” Ye Luohan calmly said. It was unable to tell if he was speaking sincerely or teasing.

Qian Xuewen knew that once this person decided on something, it would be really hard to change his mind. He didn’t argue with him and had the assistant book a luxury suite before telling everyone to get in the hover car that came to pick them up.

After a whole day on the spaceship, many people were tired. But after hearing that Ye Luohan was going to stay at the hotel, they became excited one by one, fantasizing that they could become friends with Ye Luohan which would make their future in the entertainment industry smoother.

Since Sea Star Set was a Film World, the people that came here to film everyday were numerous. Because of this reason, most of the hotels here were very luxurious and comfortable since most of the guests staying at the hotels were celebrities of all statuses.

However, when the crew booked a hotel room, they would arrange the room according to the celebrity’s status. And someone of Ye Luohan’s status would naturally have the most luxurious suite. Not only was there the main bedroom inside the luxurious suite, there were also two additional rooms and a separate kitchenette. There was even a limited time for hot springs and other things. And the room that a newcomer like Luo Lingxing stayed in was lacking a lot. Of course it was lacking in comparison to Ye Luohan’s luxurious suit, but it was still warm and comfortable.

Qian Xuewen films always had numerous bigshots participating in them, and so the luxury suites in this hotel were all basically booked by this crew. Thankfully, they had a lot of investors this time or else renting the rooms would have already put them on a tight budget.

The more famous celebrities stayed on higher floors. And the higher the floor, the less rooms there were on each floor. Luo Lingxing and Chen Hongliang both stayed on the fourth floor along with many other newcomers like him. No one had any opinions on this since it was already good that they were able to participate in the filming.

“I’m staying right across from you. Come over if you need anything or give me a call. You should rest early tonight. We’ll definitely have to wake up early tomorrow,” Chen Hongliang instructed as he sent Luo Lingxing to his room.

“Mn.” Luo Lingxing nodded then closed the door. He did feel a bit tired.

Sitting on the bed, he mobilized the spiritual energy inside his body to travel along his meridians. The Power of Faith surrounding his body also flowed with the spiritual energy and was slowly absorbed into his body. And as the flow joined together and circled inside his body a few times did he finally stop cultivating.

Luo Lingxing now cultivated for an hour every night before sleeping, and the spiritual energy inside his body has gradually increased as well.

However, after he finished cultivating this time, Luo Lingxing furrowed his brow. He could clearly feel that the spiritual energy inside his body was a lot weaker than the spiritual energy inside his body in his previous life even at the same cultivation level. Although this was already considered amazing in this world, he was still forced to put importance on this situation.

In his previous life, his cultivation was constantly released and reabsorbed during battles, causing the spiritual energy to become even more condensed and more stable. And even after being here for so long, he had not released his spiritual energy even once. Although he could advance his cultivation, it was very unstable. Moreover, he would grow a lot slower in the later stages.

“Hahh…” Luo Lingxing sighed. It seemed that once he finished filming this movie, he needed to find a chance to release his spiritual energy.

Luo Lingxing slept late because he was cultivating. When Chen Hongliang used the room card to open his door the next morning, Luo Lingxing was still fast asleep on the bed.

Since the agents or assistants would sometimes need to wake up their artists or help them with other things, they would usually have their artist’s room key as well to prevent them from being late due to certain matters.

Looking at the soundly sleeping Luo Lingxing, he suddenly remembered that he had once woken Luo Lingxing up and was stomped into the group instead. Chen Hongliang couldn’t help but tremble.

The youth obviously looked cute and obviously normally, but who knew he would have such a bad habit when waking up. Moreover, his fighting effectiveness was startling.

Chen Hongliang was struggling to think of what method to use to wake Luo Lingxing up. He didn’t want to have a black eye the first time he went to the set. That would be too damaging for his image.

After thinking in circles, Chen Hongliang still didn’t think of an effective way. Looking at the time, if he didn’t get up now, then they would definitely be late. After gritting his teeth, he decided to use ear-splitting music to wake up Luo Lingxing. In any case, he definitely wouldn’t dare to touch Luo Lingxing. This way, he probably wouldn’t be hit by the guy who had bad habits when waking up.

Happily thinking that he had thought of a good method, Chen Hongliang first closed the door to the room, then opened his terminal to play music. Fortunately, the hotel had good sound proofing or else everyone on this floor probably would have been woken up by him.

Chen Hongliang couldn’t help but cover his ears. The music really was too loud. But if he hadn’t done this, he definitely wouldn’t be able to wake up Luo Lingxing.

Sure enough, not even a few minutes later, the lump on the bed showed signs of movement. Very slowly, the range became even bigger, and the youth sleeping under the blankets flipped over. Facing Chen Hongliang, his eyes suddenly opened and coldness flashed through his eyes. The startled Chen Hongliang subconsciously took a few steps back.

This was his first time seeing such a cold expression on Luo Lingxing. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was still clear-minded, he would have thought that he had become the other party’s prey, and in the next moment, he would be torn to pieces by the other.

Of course, Chen Hongliang wouldn’t actually be torn to pieces by Luo Lingxing. However, it was probably close to happening, since in the next moment, Luo Lingxing, who was awakened, was confused and didn’t recognize where he was. His body took action on its own, and a strand of spiritual energy was sent over. Chen Hongliang instantly fell onto the ground and screams followed. Fortunately, the music was still playing or else others would have been terrified from hearing the screams.

After Chen Hongliang’s bitter screams, the terror shown on his face, and he also had a bit of doubt. He clearly hadn’t gotten close to a certain person, so why was he still pushed to the ground in the end? How was he so unlucky?

And this proved that Luo Lingxing really had bad habits when waking up. It didn’t matter if he got close or not, in the end, it was best not to disturb this person’s sleep or else the unlucky one would be Chen Hongliang.

Luo Lingxing sat on the bed for a long time before he finally woke up from his confused state. He then looked at Chen Hongliang, who was lying on the ground, as if he hadn’t seen anything strange.

“Quickly get off the ground. The ground is cold.” After Luo Lingxing finished speaking, he walked into the bathroom. Chen Hongliang was in a complicated mood. Did he (LLX) think that he (CHL) was willing to lay on the ground? Wasn’t it all because a certain person had bad habits when waking up and that was why he was implicated? It was obvious that when a certain person woke up, they had no recollection of what they did. His face looked well-behaved, so he was too embarrassed to criticize him. In the end, he could only silently swallow his grievances. There probably wasn’t another agent more tragic than him.

Chen Hongliang wiped away the tears that didn’t exist and turned off the music. Although the process was very arduous, the results were still satisfying. At the very least, they would still have time to eat breakfast. Moreover, the breakfast this hotel provided was very diverse with great flavors. Chen Hongliang turned his grief into an even bigger appetite and ate until he was unable to move.

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