IMG Chapter 90 Termination of Contract

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To Luo Lingxing, ‘Interstellar Mecha’ was a very important movie. If he acted well, his road as an actor will go a lot more smoothly in the future. No matter what, he couldn’t back down for any reason.

“If you don’t back down from this role, then you’ll be going against Hua Hai Entertainment, which wouldn’t benefit you guys at all. Don’t forget that there’s still a year and a half to your contract.” Qiao Zhenhai had truly used up all his threats, but the results were still unsatisfactory.

“You…” Chen Hongliang glared at Qiao Zhenhai, wanting nothing more than to beat him up.

Luo Lingxing, who had kept quiet, suddenly spoke up, “How much is the penalty for breaking the contract?”

“What?” Luo Lingxing’s sudden question made Qiao Zhenhai unable to react for a second.

Luo Lingxing frowned. He hated repeating himself. This person wasn’t deaf, right?

“How much is the penalty for me and him to break the contract?” Luo Lingxing repeated the question.

Qiao Zhenhai heard clearly this time, but he didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to actually ask this kind of question.

“What do you mean?”

“Xiao Luo, you can’t let him take advantage of you like this,” Chen Hongliang and Qiao Zhenhai spoke at the same time.

Chen Hongliang understood Luo Lingxing’s intention, and knew he wanted to terminate the contract. However, after thinking about it, he was still very unwilling.

They had been shelved by the company and the company had never given them any opportunities. Their current situation would be exactly the same whether they terminated the contract or not. However, they wouldn’t have to pay the high penalty fee, or else it would feel like these villains were taking advantage of them.

“If we pay the penalty, then we won’t have dogs barking around us. It’ll be a lot quieter,” Luo Lingxing calmly said. He didn’t in the slightest think that talking about dogs right in front of the “dog” was anything bad.

“Pfft…” Chen Hongliang couldn’t hold it in and laughed out loud. Meanwhile, Qiao Zhenhai’s entire face was flushed, and he had clearly understood his words.

Qiao Zhenhai never imagined that the usually uninteresting Luo Lingxing would actually bring him such a shock, that he would have such a poisonous tongue and even call him a dog.

“Do you even have enough money to pay the penalty? You haven’t even appeared in any decent advertisements these past few years, so where would you get the money?” Qiao Zhenhai sneered. If he wasn’t chased out of the Su Family, then perhaps he might have money. But he was kicked out of the Su Family, and based on his previous works, he isn’t able to pay for the termination penalty or else he would have terminated the contract last year already.

Qiao Zhenhai was sure that Luo Lingxing was merely trying to scare him, and he couldn’t have really wanted to terminate the contract. In the end, when he saw Luo Lingxing pull out a purple card, his eyes almost popped out from staring.

“This… How is this possible? How do you have a purple card?” Qiao Zhenhai cried out in disbelief.

The purple card had a minimum required funds limit. He even didn’t have the ability to apply for a purple card, so how did this trash who was kicked out of the Su Family get a purple card?

“Is this enough money?” Luo Lingxing held the card and asked. Seeing that Qiao Zhenhai hadn’t spoken even after a long time, he thought it wasn’t enough, and so he furrowed his brow.

He didn’t know how much the penalty was. When he left home, his big brother had only given him this purple card. If it wasn’t enough to pay the penalty, he could only borrow some more money from his big brother. In any case, he didn’t like being bound, so he must terminate this contract.

“This is all the money I have on me right now. If it’s not enough, I can borrow some from my big brother. How long will it take to terminate the contract?” Luo Lingxing whispered and asked Chen Hongliang beside him.

When Chen Hongliang saw Luo Lingxing pull out the purple card, he was just as shocked as Qiao Zhenhai. However, after hearing Luo Lingxing’s words, he came back to his senses and quickly stopped Luo Lingxing who was about to make a video call. His lips couldn’t help twitching.

This purple card card contained a minimum of 10 billion. Not to mention the two of their contracts, even if he wanted to buy the entire Hua Hai Entertainment, it still wouldn’t cost that much.

“Enough. It’s enough,” Chen Hongliang said to Luo Lingxing. Although he didn’t know who he wanted to call, that person must have been the owner of this purple card. If that person was called now, it would definitely be seen by Qiao Zhenhai, which might cause some chaos in the future. Therefore, it was better to be a bit more cautious.

“How long will it take to terminate the contract?” Luo Lingxing asked again. They had to go to the set tomorrow.

“It won’t take long. It’ll be done in a moment,” Chen Hongliang replied.

He was also sick of staying in a company like this. If it wasn’t because he didn’t have enough to pay for the penalty, he would have left a long time ago. Since he had money now, he naturally didn’t plan to stay for a second longer.

“President Qiao, please start the process to terminate our contracts. We have other matters to take care of and it isn’t convenient for us to stay any longer,” Chen Hongliang said to Qiao Zhenhai with a piercing cold glare.

Qiao Zhenhai originally wanted to say something to ease the tension, since regardless of how Luo Lingxing obtained that purple card, the person behind him must have an extraordinary identity. It was best not to offend a person like that. He was even regretting speaking so sternly earlier.

Unfortunately, Chen Hongliang didn’t give him a chance to regret it. He kept urging and insisting he hurry up and finish the procedure of terminating the contract, saying that they were in a hurry.

Helplessly, Qiao Zhenhai could only process the contract termination in the end. He then regretfully watched Luo Lingxing and Chen Hongliang, who didn’t even turn their heads, as they left.

“Xiao Luo, we’ve terminated our contract with Hua Hai Entertainment. Which agency do you want to sign with in the future? I’ll find some information and we can analyze it together. This time, we must be careful to not encounter another one like Qiao Zhenhai,” on the road back, Chen Hongliang said to Luo Lingxing. He planned on looking up some information when he got home. He believed that once this movie was finished shooting, there would be plenty of companies taking the initiative to contact them since Luo Lingxing’s social status would be completely different then it was now.

However, Chen Hongliang didn’t expect Luo Lingxing’s answer.

“Brother Chen, I don’t plan on signing with any agency. Isn’t our current situation very good?” Luo Lingxing said. He didn’t like being restricted, and he also didn’t like having someone beside him give orders while he did things. Although he didn’t understand much about this era’s agencies, because of his impression with Hua Hai Entertainment, he didn’t have a good impression with any agencies. In any case, with the way they currently were, they didn’t have to worry about not having any opportunities. Once he cultivates to a bit higher level, the roles he’d be able to play would be even more extensive. There was no need for him to sign a “slave contract” for himself.

If Chen Hongliang knew that Luo Lingxing considered signing with a agency as a “slave contract,” who knew what kind of expression he would have.

“We currently have a lot of opportunities, but we won’t always be this lucky in the future. Having a company will give us some opportunities, making it easier on us,” Chen Hongliang sincerely said.

Since they returned to the entertainment industry, their experiences have been very lucky. Since without an agency helping them from behind, not many artists could find opportunities by themselves, unless it were those artists who had been in the entertainment industry for a long time and had a lot of experience. Those artists had already accumulated a lot of connections and resources. Those kinds of people might be able to establish their own studio or even their own agency. However, to these two partial newcomers, developing by themselves was still a far-fetched idea.

However, he also knew that if they signed with a big agency, there would be countless A-list celebrities in the company. And to those who had just started like them, they wouldn’t be able to obtain many opportunities. If they signed with a small agency, it was hard to say that they wouldn’t encounter another Hua Hai Entertainment… It really was very worrisome.

“Agency?” Luo Lingxing quietly repeated as if he was considering something.

Chen Hongliang saw Luo Lingxing’s expression, and said to comfort him, “Forget it. Let’s not think about this for now. We have to head to Sea Star Set tomorrow. As for finding another agency, we can talk about it again once the shoot is finished.”

This was the second time Luo Lingxing had stepped on a spaceship. The first time was when he came from the Luo residence to the Emperor Star. And this time, Luo Lingxing was still as shocked as before.

In his past life as a cultivator, he had also experienced going from one plane of land to another. To him, each plane was a completely new world, and it was the same in this interstellar world. To Luo Lingxing, each planet was a whole new world. It was just that in this world, the connection and frequency of contact between each planet was a lot more frequent.

Moreover, ascending to a new plane was basically a one-time event. Higher level planes were bound by the rules of heaven and earth, and it was harder to return to a lower level plane. Moreover, ascension was basically instantaneous, completely unlike the current situation where one could enjoy the vast cosmic scenery.

Seeing something luminous in the distance as well as an incomprehensible scope, it seemed that everyone could sense the vastness of the universe. And it felt like human beings were very tiny.

“Can I sit here?” a familiar voice came from behind Luo Lingxing, pulling the currently deeply moved Luo Lingxing back to his senses.

Luo Lingxing looked behind him and saw a divine handsome face that stirred the public’s anger. He saw the other party’s slightly raised lips and nodded his agreement.

Ye Luohan unceremoniously sat next to Luo Lingxing. Neither of them were people who spoke much, so they didn’t talk.

Chen Hongliang walked up from behind, and after clearly seeing the person currently sitting in his seat, he was unable to cover the shock that filled his face.

No way. He had just gone to the bathroom, so why did someone else sit in his seat? Most importantly, why was Ye Luohan here? This was economy class!

Chen Hongliang had originally wanted to buy first class for Luo Lingxing, but when he thought of the money that was just spent to terminate the contract, they should be saving money now. Although Luo Lingxing had a purple card in his hands, who knew who the owner of that card was? It was best if they didn’t spend too much money.

And this was the spaceship heading to Sea Star Set. The majority of the passengers were celebrities or staff members, so they didn’t have to worry about being disturbed even if they sat in economy class. That was what Chen Hongliang had originally thought, but who would have thought that while he went to the bathroom, his seat would be stolen. Moreover, the person who stole his seat was someone that he couldn’t afford to offend. T_T Chen Hongliang stood in the back as he looked at the person who stole his seat, conflicted. He couldn’t go up, and he couldn’t keep standing there either. It was a bit embarrassing.

Who knew if it was because Chen Hongliang’s resentful gaze was too powerful, but Ye Luohan inadvertently looked back and saw the resentment on Chen Hongliang’s face that he couldn’t hide in time.

Chen Hongliang was also started by Ye Luohan suddenly looking back.

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