IMG Chapter 89 Company Interference

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Before the crew officially announced the shooting, Luo Lingxing would still have to attend classes.

As soon as he entered the classroom, Luo Lingxing felt that the atmosphere inside the classroom was different from before. Everyone looked at him with gazes full of different emotions. Some were envious and some were full of jealousy.

Luo Lingxing didn’t pay attention to the gazes on his body. He was already immune to these kinds of stares, since he was a genius in his previous world that attracted envy and jealousy from numerous people. Compared to the stares he received in his past, these people were a lot more restrained.

However, it was obvious that Luo Lingxing had underestimated them. When he sat down, he was immediately surrounded by everyone, both men and women.

“Luo Lingxing, I heard you participated in the audition for the ‘Interstellar Mecha.’ Is that true?” a man asked, his eyes full of envy.

The others perked up their ears, waiting for Luo Lingxing’s answer.

For those of them who were still in school, especially the first years, being able to debut into the entertainment industry was already an amazing feat. Getting the opportunity to participate in a film, even if it was just a supporting role, wasn’t easy. If one was able to obtain an audition, then they would be an amazing existence.

This was something that was rarely seen for these first years. Someone of this degree was around them, so how could they not be full of envy and jealousy? Of course, more people were interested and wanted to understand the entertainment industry more so that they could prepare for their own future debut.

“Mn,” Luo Lingxing calmly replied. He didn’t think this was something to show off. Of course, he also didn’t think it was something he had to hide.

“So it turned out to be true. Luo Lingxing, you’re really amazing. We just started school and you already obtained an audition. I’m so jealous.”

“Luo Lingxing, what was the audition like? Can you tell us?” another classmate asked, his eyes sparkling. They were obviously very interested.

“Luo Lingxing, did a lot of celebrities participate in the audition? Did any of the film kings or queens join in?”

“Luo Lingxing, do you know a lot of celebrities? Can you introduce them to me in the future?” Everyone was excited asking questions. Their attitude was even more fierce than paparazzi looking for their next scoop.

“No wonder he’s the little prince, he was able to get more work so soon. I’m so excited for the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ to air. I heard that the Male God is playing the protagonist.”

“Really? The Male God is? My God! The little prince is actually going to be acting with the Male God. This is so exciting,” a woman excitedly hugged her companion, even going as far as jumping in place as if she wouldn’t be able to express her excitement if she didn’t do this.

“Little prince, if… If you really do act with the Male God, can you help me get his autograph?” a woman suddenly shyly asked.

As a result, it was like opening the bee’s nest, and all the girls started to learn from her. They even pushed the men that were originally standing near Luo Lingxing to get closer to him, making Luo Lingxing not know what he should do.

“Tch. Isn’t it just an audition? Who knows if he’ll actually get chosen. You guys act like he’s already been chosen,” a voice filled with bitterness said, which was very noticeable and abrupt amidst the voices of excitement.

“Exactly. How can someone who just started college be selected for a movie like this? Those who can join Director Qian’s shoot are all big names,” another man added.

“That’s right. Don’t think there’s anything amazing about just participating in the audition. You have real ability only if you’re able to get selected.”

”Besides, Director Qian hasn’t clearly said who will be playing the male protagonist yet, so it might not even be the Male God. If that happens, wouldn’t you guys be hyped up for nothing?”

As soon as these people spoke, the excited people from earlier all gradually calmed down. It was exactly as they said. Luo Lingxing had only attended the audition. The role hadn’t been determined yet, and he had a very low chance of being selected.

But even if that was the case, to Luo Lingxing’s fans, being able to participate in the audition was already the biggest recognition toward their idol. The others were definitely jealous.

”Whether or not he’s chosen, the little prince was still able to attend the audition. That means the little prince’s acting skills were recognized. He’s a lot better than those of you who are still in school and attending classes,” a woman was unwilling to give in and retorted.

“Director Qian had an open audition and anyone was able to go audition.”

One of the men wasn’t convinced and said with his mouth pursed.

“Since anyone can go, then why didn’t you?”

The man was choked up and didn’t know what to say.

“Besides, everyone knows that Director Qian will screen out a batch before actually beginning the audition. For the little prince to be able to attend the audition means that he’s better than a lot of people. Don’t spray foul words just because you’re jealous.”

Luo Lingxing watched as a few of the women protected him, making the men not even dare to say a few words. He couldn’t help but lament that the fighting power of women sometimes didn’t lose to men. Toward these women who were protecting him, Luo Lingxing was actually very grateful. Although he had already been picked for the role and he could have said it out loud to back up these women, he still chose to stay silent in the end.

This was just some bickering between classmates. If he rashly spoke out news that hadn’t been publicly announced yet, it would affect the crew in the end. He wasn’t that foolish.

However, he would remember in his heart the people who were good to him.

In the end, the bickering stopped as soon as the teacher stepped up to the podium. They were currently still students, and they were still a bit afraid of teachers.

Qian Xuewen was very efficient. From the open auditions to picking the roles, he didn’t even need two weeks. Moreover, the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ was planned to be aired as an annual blockbuster, so the shooting will also be pushed up. And along with the post production advertising, they would just about make it for the annual screening.

The final list of participants for the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ hadn’t been publicly released online yet, however the official accounts released news that the actor’s promotional photos will be revealed one after the other. When the time comes, everyone will naturally know who the participating actors would be.

Chen Hongliang and Luo Lingxing had already signed a work and confidentiality contract with Qian Xuewen. The school had also approved the leave of absence, so in the next couple of days, he would have to rush to the set.

The shooting of the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ would take place at the Sea Star Set, which was a famous Film World. It contained professional film equipment and background scenes. Crews that were shooting Interstellar films would generally choose to shoot at this place.

Luo Lingxing left the school and returned to the Han residence, planning to tell Han Junzhan that he would be out shooting a film over the next two months. He won’t be coming back during that time, so he didn’t need to be picked up. However, he wasn’t able to see Han Junzhan, so he could only tell Aunt Lin.

The day before they planned to leave the Emperor Star, they received Hua Hai Entertainment’s phone call. The boss told them to return to the company.

Although neither Luo Lingxing or Chen Hongliang wanted to go, their contracts were currently still at Hua Hai Entertainment, so they had to go to at least keep up appearances.

“The president is waiting on the top floor. You two should quickly head up,” the front receptionist lady quickly said when she saw Luo Lingxing and Chen Hongliang.

Chen Hongliang completely ignored all the gazes that seemed as if they were going to watch a good show. He directly led Luo Lingxing to the president’s office.

“Why are you looking for us?” Chen Hongliang impatiently asked.

Qiao Zhenhai didn’t pay attention to Chen Hongliang, instead, he looked Luo Lingxing up and down, his eyes filled with admiration but also deep regret.

In fact, he used to be very optimistic about Luo Lingxing in the past, but unfortunately, he didn’t have a system and was also kicked out of the Su Family. Even if he was optimistic about him, he wouldn’t dare oppose the Su Family.

It was just that he didn’t expect that after being shelved for a year, and without the help of the company, he could actually encounter someone like Qian Xuewen and even participate in the movie he was about to shoot. This made him have a whole new level of respect for Luo Lingxing. However, it was still all useless. An artist that didn’t have any background or the support of their company wouldn’t be able to go far in the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry was filled with vicious and greedy people.

Chen Hongliang saw that Qiao Zhenhai only stared at Luo Lingxing with all his focus, not saying anything and became even more impatient. He had been displeased with this boss for a while ago. Who would treat an artist under them the way he did?

“What the heck do you want? If you don’t need anything, then we’re leaving,” Chen Hongliang spoke up again, then pulled Luo Lingxing to leave.

Qiao Zhenhai’s eyes flashed with displeasure. He didn’t plan to beat around the bush and directly said, “I want you to give up the role of Du Zixuan. As compensation, I’ll give you the role of the first male lead in ‘Bright Eyes.’”

After listening to Qiao Zhenhai’s words, Chen Hongliang just laughed.

If someone who didn’t know the ropes heard this, they might think that they gained an advantage from this since Luo Lingxing’s role as Du Zixuan in the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ could only be counted as the fourth male, and the first male lead in this other movie would naturally be more influential than a supporting role.

However, those who understood a bit would know that movies directed by Qian Xuewen were very influential. Let only the fourth male, even if it was an even smaller supporting role, it would still be more impactful than the male lead of ‘Bright Eyes.’ Moreover, ‘Bright Eyes’ was simply a dud film.

“Impossible,” Luo Lingxing lightly opened his lips and firmly said. His voice wasn’t loud, but it was enough for the three of them to hear.

Qiao Zhenhai was even more displeased. He furrowed his brows and looked at Luo Lingxing as if he didn’t know what tact was.

“You must understand. You’re currently still an artist at my Hua Hai Entertainment. As your boss, I have the authority to choose your films. If I want to remove you, then you’ll be removed.”

Hearing this, Chen Hongliang didn’t intend to show Qiao Zhenhai any respect because he knew a person like this didn’t need any respect since he was completely shameless anyway.

“President Qiao, you should know that all of Xiao Luo’s current opportunities were obtained through our own connections. They have nothing to do with the company, and the company also has no right to interfere with Xiao Luo’s participation.”

Qiao Zhenhai smiled sarcastically and said, “Your contracts are still in my hand, so that means you must listen to me or else don’t even think about obtaining any opportunities from us in the future.”

“We’ve never received any kind of opportunities from the company in the first place. We don’t care about it!” Chen Hongliang clenched both his fists, trying to control himself so that he doesn’t impulsively punch the man in front of him.

Qiao Zhenhai choked for a second and said a bit threateningly, “Do you two plan on breaking the contract?”

“The contract doesn’t state that opportunities that we have found ourselves have to be allocated by the company,” Chen Hongliang stood his ground and did not back down in the slightest.

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