IMG Chapter 88 Receiving the Role

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Qin Shaohui looked at the top of the youth’s head. Taking a deep breath, he didn’t try to refuse anymore. However, it felt like there was a large boulder crushing his chest, leaving him breathless.

The scene changed into one of Qin Shaohui operating a tall mecha in space while killing zergs without holding back. Du Zixuan endured the discomfort in his body as he sat in the mecha’s co-pilot seat. He was ready to help replenish Qin Shaohui’s energy as well as treat his wounds at any moment. The two shuttered back and forth through space like this as if they were the last two people in the universe.

With the slow passage of time, Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan’s battle scene gradually came to an end. And in the end, a drop of a needle could be heard. Not a single person spoke. It was as if everyone had been pulled inside the scene, and they were actually seeing two people who had grown up together struggling together and fighting for their lives.

“Oh, my God. This is amazing! After seeing this scene, I can’t help but want to change the ending. What should I do?” the screenwriter suddenly said excitedly. Watching Ye Luohan look at Luo Lingxing, their body was so excited that it was trembling.

The ‘Interstellar Mecha’ actually had a female protagonist, which was Du Zixuan’s younger sister. However, the female protagonist didn’t have a big role and didn’t have many scenes. Strictly speaking, even if it was a men’s film, after seeing this scene, the screenwriter felt that the ending could be appropriately changed to achieve even better results.

The others, who were excitedly entranced in the scene, were pulled out by the screenwriter’s voice. They clearly hadn’t used a prop scene for the audition, but the effects weren’t inferior than if it was the real scene.

“Well? I told you his acting was good,” Qian Xuewen triumphantly looked at the others and said proudly.

“It’s really amazing. This is my first time seeing someone act with Ye Luohan without being suppressed, but having the same momentum,” the assistant director couldn’t help but say with a sigh.

He and Qian Xuewen were old partners. He knew that when he filmed in the past, all the actors acting with Ye Luohan were always suppressed by Ye Luohan’s aura. The director would NG numerous times before it passed. Moreover, even if it did pass, the performances of those actors were always very flat.

And this little newcomer who only had one work under his belt was able to act with Ye Luohan without being any inferior to him, his own brilliance wasn’t covered either. He had to say that this person had a gift for acting.

They really obtained a treasure this time.

The director, assistant director, as well as producer were very satisfied with Luo Lingxing’s performance, and even decided on the stop that Luo Lingxing would play Du Zixuan’s role. Right at this moment, a sound of discord sounded.

“I disagree,” the person sitting in the investor seat retorted. “If Ye Luohan hadn’t acted with him, his performance wouldn’t have been this good. The people before him all auditioned by themselves, this is too unfair to them. If Ye Luohan had acted with them, their performance would also be very good.”

“Xiao Luo’s performance speaks for itself. Even if the others acted with Ye Luohan, their performance would still be very unsatisfactory. What do you think we should do?” Qian Xuewen said without any anger.

The investor was sent by the Liu Group. Don’t think they don’t know what he wanted. He just wanted to push their little young master into the crew! They had seen Liu Guanghua’s performance, and if he wanted to join the crew with those acting skills, then it was just a pipe dream.

However, to give the investor some face, he didn’t directly refuse him, but he wouldn’t tolerate an actor who tried to get in through the back door in his crew. It was one thing if they had good acting, but his acting was so poor. He really didn’t have any self-awareness to come participate in the audition and even think that he would win the role.

“Let him act alone. If his performance is still good, then I won’t have a problem with it,” the investor provocatively said. To him, the reason why Luo Lingxing was able to act like that was entirely because Ye Luohan was acting with him. If he acted alone, it definitely wouldn’t be good, and he could just wait for a good show. And in the end, the role would go to his little young master.

Qian Xuewen wanted to laugh at the whole situation, but in order to convince everyone, he could only let Luo Lingxing choose another scene to perform by himself.

As a result, Luo Lingxing performed again, and it could even be said that he gave a huge and powerful face slap to that investor. Even if the investor wanted to find an excuse, he didn’t have a chance and could only be filled with chagrin and worry. Worried that when he went back, the little young master would find problems with him. And at the same time, secretly hating that this person couldn’t adjust to the circumstances.

And so, Luo Lingxing was chosen for the role of Du Zixuan, and no one was given a chance to refute it. Of course, no one was unhappy about it except for the investor.

“Congratulations,” Ye Luohan took the initiative to congratulate him, even though he rarely did things like this.

“Thank you.” After winning the role, Luo Lingxing was in a very good mood. A small smile was revealed on his face, and along with that tender face, it looked very pure and attractive.

The success of this audition meant that he would be able to enter the crew to film soon. It also meant that once the movie aired, he could gain a lot of fans and increase his Power of Faith, and his cultivation could improve again. Thinking of this, Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but smile. Ye Luohan saw the heartfelt smile on Luo Lingxing’s face and he also couldn’t help but reveal a smile on his own face. He had wanted to speak a few more words with him, but the child had quickly bowed and thanked the director before bowing and thanking him, then happily left the audition room before he could even remember to stop him.

Watching Luo Lingxing disappear from the door, Ye Luohan had a rare stunned expression on his face. And Qian Xuewen, who rarely saw Ye Luohan stunned like this, felt extremely happy. He also treated the remaining people who needed to audition even better.

“Well? What did the director say?” Chen Hongliang was waiting outside of the audition room, anxiously walking in circles. It was clear that he placed a high importance on this audition. When he saw Luo Lingxing come out, he immediately went up to ask.

“Hmph. Don’t be delusional. This role won’t be given to others,” a voice full of disgust came from the side.

Luo Lingxing didn’t pay the least bit of attention to Liu Guanghua, and he didn’t plan on letting an insignificant person affect his mood. Chen Hongliang also knew that they couldn’t stay here for too long otherwise someone would try to find trouble with them. They had just taken a step forward and couldn’t let someone block their way.

“The results of the audition will come out in a few days. Let’s go home first. It doesn’t matter what the result is as long as you did your best,” Chen Hongliang said to Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing nodded, not saying anything as he left with Chen Hongliang. He completely ignored a certain someone as usual.

Liu Guanghua watched Luo Lingxing’s image leave. He was so angry that his teeth started to itch, and he secretly decided that he’d find a chance to teach him a lesson in the future.

At this moment, the person representing the investor walked out of the audition room. The reason he had come here was to help the little young master win the role of Du Zixuan. In the end, Du Zixuan’s role was decided, so he naturally didn’t need to sit there anymore.

After Liu Guanghua saw this person, he immediately walked up and asked, “What’s the result?”

That person looked at Liu Guanghua, cold sweat dripping from his forehead. He was also very scared of this vicious and merciless little young master.

“Are you a mute? I asked you what the result is!” Liu Guanghua, who was already full of anger, felt even more furious after that this person was hiding something.

“Du Zixuan’s role was decided to be played by Luo Lingxing.” This person knew that there was a knife in front and behind him. In the end, he hardened his heart, threw caution in the wind and spoke.

Liu Guanghua originally thought that he would be able to hear his own name, and as he was about to show a prideful expression, the next second, he heard the name he most didn’t want to hear. His expression immediately became ugly, and his gaze was fierce as he stared at this person. He spat out word by word as he asked, “What, did, you, say?”

“The director and the others all unanimously decided on Luo Lingxing. I tried my best to refute it, but they have more people. They didn’t listen to me at all.” That person couldn’t help but shrink his neck. This young master was truly terrifying.

“You useless piece of trash!” Liu Guanghua was furious. He could sense that there were a lot of people around him waiting to watch a good show as they watched him, making him feel even more embarrassed. Moreover, it could have been anyone else, so why did it have to be Luo Lingxing? That person was deliberately going against him.

Luo Lingxing, was it? I definitely won’t let you off! Liu Guanghua secretly thought in his heart.

On the road, Chen Hongliang learned that Luo Lingxing was picked and was so ecstatic that he drove the hover car as if it was a spaceship.

“That’s great. Once this movie airs, your popularity will definitely increase a lot,” Chen Hongliang said with a smile. He looked at Luo Lingxing, emotions surging in his heart.

A year ago, he was still a youth who had sunk into the pits of darkness from being expelled by his family and shelved by his company. And in just a year, not only did he shake off the shadow of the past, he used his own strength to obtain the director’s approval, won the fan’s love, and was becoming more popular each day. He could predict that his future would be limitless. Moreover, all of this was obtained through the youth’s hard work.

A youth like him who had so much hope and optimism for the future, as well as the perseverance and willingness to work hard, as long as someone didn’t intentionally block him, he would be able to go far. Chen Hongliang was glad that he took Luo Lingxing’s hand a year ago. Although he had also sank into the pits of despair in the last year, fortunately, they persisted. Otherwise, how could they be where they are today?

“Mn. But I’ll need you to help me call time off from the school,” Luo Lingxing calmly said. There was a subtle perplexity in his tone that was hard to perceive.

He had just returned to school not too long ago, and now he was leaving again. He would definitely fall far behind on his course work this time. That long-winded department head might even want to have a word with him. Mn, it really was a depressing thought.

Thinking of the last time he came back, that department head had called him to his office for a chat, telling him that while in college, he should focus on his studies. As for acting or whatever, it could wait until after he graduated blah blah blah… Luo Lingxing felt a headache coming. He hoped that he wouldn’t be caught by the department head this time.

“No problem. Once the auditions are completely over and the official cast is set, I’ll help you request for leave,” Chen Hongliang promised very cheerfully. Although he would get a ton of eye rolls every time he went to request for leave, for the sake of Xiao Luo’s future, he would withstand all the eye rolls.

A stone in his heart had been released. Luo Lingxing temporarily pushed the long-winded department head to the back of his mind.

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