IMG Chapter 87 Acting With the Male God

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Therefore, the artists inside this long were lucky enough to see a magical scene. Regardless of which angle Liu Guanghua’s hand came from, he still ended up empty-handed. It was like Luo Lingxing’s hands had eyes on them and would always accurately and quickly dodge. Meanwhile, his pair of eyes continued to stare at his script, and didn’t even spare Liu Guanghua a glance. His expression didn’t change either and remained calm.

“Haha…” After seeing this scene, the other artists in the lounge couldn’t help laughing out loud because it was too hilarious. Most importantly, Liu Guanghua was too angry as he glared at the laughing artists before ferociously looking at Luo Lingxing again. He gritted his teeth and said, “Do you know who I am? Since you dare act like this toward me, I’ll make sure that you can’t stay in this industry any longer!”

Liu Guanghua had planned to throw out a few more threats, but in the end, his name was called. It was clearly his turn.

“Just you wait. I won’t let you off,” Liu Guanghua warned before leaving.

“I’ll be waiting.” A clear voice drifted inside the lounge, but Luo Lingxing’s gaze never left the script, making others wonder if they had just hallucinated.

Liu Guanghua actually heard Luo Lingxing’s words. He originally stood there shocked, since this person hadn’t paid the least bit of attention to him, making him talk to himself like he was a jumping clown. In the end, when he clearly heard those words, he was so angry that he staggered and fell onto the ground in a sorry state. A burst of laughter instantly rose up again. This caused the other artists to feel even more worship and admiration for Luo Lingxing.

Liu Guanghua quickly stood up. He didn’t even have time to teach other people who took delight in others misfortune before hastily following the staff member to his audition, worried that he would make the directors wait. But in his heart, all this blame was placed on that young man’s shoulders. He definitely wouldn’t let him (LLX) go.

Generally speaking, the artists who had already auditioned could leave, but Liu Guanghua didn’t leave. He returned to the lounge where they waited for their audition, and saw Luo Lingxing at a glance. He couldn’t hide the pride on his face, or more accurately, he didn’t even try to hide the pride on his face.

“Hmph, you guys can just leave now,” Liu Guanghua arrogantly said.

“Why? We haven’t auditioned yet.”

Probably encouraged by Luo Lingxing’s behavior previously, an artist spoke of his dissatisfaction. He really had enough of this person. Who did this person think he was? Was being the young master of the Liu Group that great? This wasn’t the Liu Group. What right did he have to do what he wanted?

“Exactly. If you’ve already finished your audition, then you can leave, but we still have our auditions.”

Several other artists couldn’t help but speak up.

“Because this director has already appointed me for this role. Even if you guys audition, it’s just going through the motions, and it’s just a formality,” Liu Guanghua said unceremoniously, determined to win this role.

When the others heard this, there was shock as well as anger. Liu Guanghua’s words couldn’t be fully believed, but they couldn’t be disregarded either since this situation wasn’t impossible.

Rumor has it that the Liu Group had invested in this movie. Therefore, as the young master of the Liu Group who wanted to have a role, most directors would still give them face. Situations such as these happened all the time.

However, there were still those who got angry. Despite knowing the fact that their chances were small, if they gave up without auditioning, they would feel very regretful.

“May I ask who Luo Lingxing is?” a staff member asked.

“I am,” a clear voice came from the corner of the room. The staff worker and Liu Guanghua looked over at the same time. But when Liu Guanghua reached Luo Lingxing’s body, it turned very unfriendly.

He finally found out this person’s name. So it was Luo Lingxing. He had never even heard of this name before, yet this person still had the guts to go up against him.

“I’m Luo Lingxing,” Luo Lingxing said again.

“It’s your turn to audition. Please come with me,” the staff member said. Luo Lingxing obediently followed the staff member out, ignoring Liu Guanghua’s unfriendly gaze.

Even under Liu Guanghua’s warning, Luo Lingxing still dared to ignore him and go audition. Luo Lingxing’s courage also gave others a sense of perseverance. Those people sat down and quietly read their scripts, ignoring Liu Guanghua. No matter what, they had to audition in order to have a clear conscience. The audition room was clearly very large, probably to allow the artists auditioning to show their full potential.

The people participating in the audition selection, besides Qian Xuewen, were the assistant director, screenwriter, producer, and even some of the investors had sent a representative. The importance everyone placed on this audition was clear.

“You’re Luo Lingxing?” the assistant director looked at the audition list before turning to face the youth and asked, uncertain. This person looked to be very young, and looked to be underage.

“Yes,” Luo Lingxing answered.

“Go over there and change first. Don’t be nervous. It’ll be just like your acting class,” Qian Xuewen had a very good impression of Luo Lingxing, so he kindly said.

“Okay, thank you,” Luo Lingxing thanked him, then followed the staff member to the dressing room to change into the outfit Du Zixuan often wore.

It didn’t take long to change and Luo Lingxing came out very quickly. When he came out, the judges brightened up. Their expressions, originally impatient from the very long audition, had improved.

“Which scene do you plan to perform?” the assistant director asked.

“The scene where Du Zixuan follows into the expedition,” Luo Lingxing politely answered. He knew that he would be able to pick the scene he wanted to perform during the audition.

This scene left a deep impression on Luo Lingxing since he really liked this scene. It was also because of this scene that he decided to audition for the role of Du Zixuan.

Du Zixuan and the protagonist were good brothers who grew up together. The protagonist wanted to enter the military academy to join the military, and Du Zixuan didn’t want to part from the protagonist, Qin Shaohui, and planned to apply for the military academy as well. However, his body had been frail since birth, and wasn’t strong like the average man. Because of this, he had no hope of becoming a mecha warrior like Qin Shaohui.

If he wanted to attend the military academy with his conditions, he could only take the path of a military doctor. And so, in order to be admitted into the military academy with Qin Shaohui, he worked hard to study medicine, and eventually became the exclusive military doctor for Qin Shaohui’s squad. The scene Luo Lingxing wanted to act out was the one where Qin Shaohui thought of using a different method to join the battle after receiving orders to block the zerg’s attack and buy some time for the rear army. This battle was very dangerous and life-threatening. Du Zixuan wanted to go with Qin Shaohui. Although Du Zixuan wasn’t physically strong, his personality was very persistent and stubborn. He would face difficulties head-on and would never back down. His personality was very inspirational and very admirable. That was the reason why Luo Lingxing liked him.

“Okay, so it’s this scene. It just so happens that the person playing the protagonist is also here. You two can act together,” Qian Xuewen said excitedly. His words immediately surprised the other judges. Moreover, the even more surprising matter was coming up soon.

Just as everyone was dumbstruck, a person walked out from another dressing room. This person wore a trim military uniform, that didn’t have a single crease on it, would reveal wide shoulders, and his narrow hips showed a standard inverted triangle figure. The perfectly fitted pants wrapped around the long, powerful legs, making other’s blood rise. And along with that mesmerizing face, no one could take their eyes off of this person.

No one expected that Ye Luohan, who played the protagonist, would actually be here. Moreover, he actually agreed to act with a newcomer. This was simply too shocking. At the same time, everyone felt that this newcomer was super lucky to actually be able to encounter Ye Luohan.

Of course, the only ones who knew the truth were probably Ye Luohan and Qian Xuewen. In fact, it didn’t matter which scene Luo Lingxing wanted to perform, he had planned to have Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing out the fight scene as Du Zixuan and Qian Xuewen regardless. However, he didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to have such foresight and to have picked the scene himself. It saved a lot of trouble.

“Okay, since both of you are here, let’s start,” Qian Xuewen said, also reminding the others that they had to pay attention to their image. They were staring so much that their eyes were about to pop out.

Ye Luohan had a slight smile as he walked toward Luo Lingxing. Nodding to him, he said, “Then please take care of me.”

As soon as those words came out, a thump came from the site and someone had fallen down. However, it didn’t affect Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing.

“Senior, please look after me,” Luo Lingxing politely replied. Although the person in front of him looked young, it didn’t feel wrong to call him “senior” since this person could actually be considered his senior in the entertainment industry. Moreover, in the cultivation world, calling someone senior was decided by their cultivation and not age. Therefore, he didn’t feel like it was out of place.

Ye Luohan paused for a moment, his smile deepening as he said, “Then, Luoluo, are you ready?”

Luo Lingxing nodded, indicating that he was ready.

Both of them slightly closed their eyes, and when they opened it in the next second, their entire aura changed as they quickly entered their roles. The people watching widened their eyes in disbelief. It was as if they were instantly teleported into the scene inside the starship.

“You can’t go. It’s too dangerous!” Qin Shaohui shouted. No matter what, he wasn’t willing to let the person in front of him encounter danger.

“I’m a doctor. I have to go so that I can cure you as soon as possible.” Du Zixuan bravely faced Qin Shaohui, perseverance flashed through his eyes. No matter what, he had to go or else the danger would increase for this person.

Qin Shaohui examined Du Zixuan, his aura on full force like he was trying to suppress him using his own aura, and make him get rid of this idea.

However, even when Du Zixuan was almost completely overwhelmed by the other person’s aura, he had no intention of backing down. He even forced himself to face it head-on, and in this way, the two stared down at each other. Although they didn’t speak a single word, everything they wanted to express was clearly expressed through their eyes.

Qin Shaohui saw that he had no intention of changing his mind, and for the first time, he thought Du Zixuan’s perseverance was a bit annoying. He was powerless, but he couldn’t compromise either. “No! I don’t agree!”

“I’m going. I promised my younger sister that I would keep you safe,” Du Zixuan stubbornly looked at him without a trace of wanting to compromise.

“Is this only because you promised your sister?” Qin Shaohui’s profound eyes firmly stared at Du Zixuan as if he was trying to see through something.

Even under the strong pressure, Du Zixuan didn’t bow his head. But under Qin Shaohui’s gaze, he couldn’t help but look down, unable to look him in the eye. His voice became a bit softer, but it was still as firm as before, “Yes, that’s why I have to go.”

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