IMG Chapter 86 Ignoring Provocation

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“This person is one of the main candidates that was abuzzed online for the male lead of ‘Interstellar Mecha,’ Film king Li. However, it seems that his character isn’t that good. If you see him in the future, you should do your best to avoid him. If that’s impossible, then don’t get in conflict with him,” Chen Hongliang carefully warned Luo Lingxing.

“Oh,” Luo Lingxing calmly replied. To an insignificant person, he had never paid much attention to them.

With the passage of time, the spacious lounge gradually filled up. Artists constantly came and left, and the once quiet environment became a bit noisy. However, this didn’t affect Luo Lingxing from reading the script.

“I advise everyone who will be auditioning for Du Zixuan to give up or choose a different role, I’m determined to win this role,” an arrogant voice sounded in the lounge, causing many people to become dissatisfied.

Many artists who were planning to audition for Du Zixuan looked at the speaker with dissatisfaction. After clearly seeing who it was, they became unable to speak again. However, one could see from their eyes and expressions that these people were very angry. It was unknown why these people didn’t dare express it.

However, not everyone recognized this person. Some of the more courageous people or the ones who had debuted later were very dissatisfied with that person’s words. However, most were stopped by their agents, so no one came up to dispute with him.

“What right do you have to tell others to give up? Are others not allowed to audition just because you are?” someone muttered.

Who knew when the lounge became quiet. Therefore, even though his voice wasn’t loud, it was still clearly heard by that person.

“Because compared to me, you guys have no chance of winning.” That person smirked, his words full of sarcasm.

Luo Lingxing raised his head to look at that person. That person was probably around 20 years old. His facial features could be considered very proper and handsome. However, it was destroyed by his stiff expression. One could tell from a look that he was someone with improper thoughts, and a person like this was doomed to not be able to go far in the future.

Luo Lingxing stood up, startling Chen Hongliang who quickly grabbed him.

Luo Lingxing curiously looked at Chen Hongliang and asked, “What is it?”

“I’m the one who should ask you what you’re doing?” Chen Hongliang was so frightened that his heart just about stopped beating.

”Going to the bathroom,” Luo Lingxing obediently answered.

“You really scared me to death.” Chen Hongliang patted his chest. For a moment, he thought that Luo Lingxing stood up to teach that guy a lesson.

Luo Lingxing looked at him baffled before leaving the lounge. Chen Hongliang followed behind.

“What is that person?” Luo Lingxing asked Chen Hongliang, who was leaning against the bathroom wall, after dealing with his physiological needs.

“Liu Guanghua, the youngest son of the chairman of the Liu Group. He’s a true rich second generation. Since he thought the entertainment industry is fun, he debuted. His family let’s him do what he wants and was very happy to spend money to find resources for him. That’s why he’s been in the limelight these past few years and his popularity has increased rapidly. I’m afraid he’ll probably get into the crew using money this time as well,” Chen Hongliang told Luo Lingxing everything he knew.

“Why are they all afraid of him?” Luo Lingxing didn’t understand. Wasn’t he just someone with money, so why was everyone scared of him? If that was the case, then wouldn’t that mean that a lot of people were also scared of his big brother?

In fact, in some ways, Luo Lingxing had spoken the truth. There really were a lot of people who were terrified of his tyrant older brothers. However the reasoning for that was definitely different from Liu Guanghua’s.

“Isn’t it because he always uses his identity as the little young master of the Liu Group to put pressure on the agencies he doesn’t like and will even have the people he doesn’t like shelved. That’s why everyone knows that he’s the hedonistic son of rich parents. There’s no other choice since numerous people in the entertainment industry don’t have any backing.”

Speaking of this, Chen Hongliang let out a sign of anger, but he knew how difficult it was for those in the entertainment industry who didn’t have any backing. Didn’t he and Luo Lingxing experience it that year? There are numerous people who take joy from other people’s misfortunes and who will beat others while they’re down.

Luo Lingxing narrowed his eyes, his long eyelashes fluttering and making it impossible to see the emotions hidden within his eyes.

“Xiao Luo, we should head back. It’ll be our turn soon,” Chen Hongliang reminded.


When they returned, the auditions had already begun.

The audition this time is arranged according to the number of scenes each role has. The auditions for the same role will be arranged in the same batch. This way, one could know who their competitors were as well as their capabilities. Once everyone who was auditioning for the same role was finished, then the audition for the next role will begin.

Liu Guanghua frowned and seemed to be saying something to his agent. Everyone else was minding their own business as they looked over the AI script, trying to decrease their sense of existence. It was clear that they didn’t want Liu Guanghua to notice them. Some even looked very worried, at a loss, with a mix of resentment mixed in. These artists were probably also auditioning for Du Zixuan.

They were very hesitant in their hearts. They didn’t want to give up this opportunity, but they didn’t dare compete against Liu Guanghua either since all the evil deeds this person has done has circulated throughout the industry. “Get me a new lounge. There’s too many people here, and it smells,” Liu Guanghua very impolitely said, his features wrinkled.

His agent had a face full of embarrassment, and he kept apologizing to those artists and agents who were glaring at him. In fact, he also felt very bitter. He didn’t want to have this artist either. This artist was able to act in front of fans, but to those in the same profession as him, he was too lazy to even act. If he didn’t have the backing of his family, he would have long been chewed to the bone by the entertainment industry.

But in the entertainment industry, having a background wasn’t the only important thing. If they didn’t have any real skills, they would be finished sooner or later. Of course, who knew how many times this agent had reminded him, but it was a shame that he didn’t take it to heart at all.

Probably because his family had developed really quickly and had a lot of popularity that he felt superior to others, making him think that he was amazing, making him more arrogant, and making him consider everyone else as beneath him.

“Those who are auditioning for Zhao Pengxuan, please get ready and come with me,” a staff member entered and said to the artists.

Afterward, a dozen or so artists stood up and followed him to leave. There were several lounge rooms like this inside Huan Xing Entertainment. A dozen or so artists came out from this lounge, then that meant there were at least a couple dozen people in total. Sure enough, the competition was very fierce.

“Xiao Luo, there will definitely be a lot of people auditioning later. Don’t be nervous. You just have to act like you usually do during practice. If you don’t pass, I’ll find other resources for you,” Chen Hongliang whispered and instructed Luo Lingxing, trying to calm him down.

As a result, Luo Lingxing lightly glanced at him and saw that his hand was slightly trembling because of nervousness, and his eyes were wandering around. He didn’t refute his words out of consideration, instead gave a light “mn” as a reply.

Who knew what Liu Guanghua said to his agent, but Liu Guanghua finally got fed up and found a seat to sit down, and did not make any trouble.

Although there were a lot of people auditioning for each role, the auditions were still very efficient. Very quickly, after waiting a few hours, it was finally time to audition for Du Zixuan.

“Those who are auditioning for Du Zixuan, please come over here,” a staff member came over as usual to call them.

Hearing this, Liu Guanghua was the first to stand up and quickly walked toward the door. As he walked, he didn’t forget to glare at the others who also stood up. The corners of his lips raised, showing a sneer as he said, “Even if you guys audition, it’s useless. You might as well use this time to think about which other role you want to audition for. Du Zixuan’s role is mine.”

The artists inside this lounge basically weren’t big names, and many of them didn’t have any backing. They were angry with Liu Guanghua’s provocation but didn’t dare to speak up. There were even some more timid artists or agents who gave up on this audition after hearing his warning.

Perhaps in their opinion, they had just come to try their luck. If they really auditioned, they definitely didn’t have a chance anyway. And since that was the case, there was no need to offend this demon.

However, there were still many others left, Luo Lingxing being one of them. He was also the one who didn’t care about Liu Guanghua the most. Perhaps he hadn’t even spared a glance at Liu Guanghua from the beginning.

The staff member took the artists to audition in another lounge. Besides them, there wasn’t anyone else inside this lounge.

“Please make your preparations here. Someone will come get you when it’s your time to audition.” Once the staff member clarified the process, he left.

“Tsk. You’re overestimating yourselves. Even if you guys audition, it’ll all be wasted,” Liu Guanghua said with a sneer.

From the beginning, Luo Lingxing sat in the corner, reading the text script in his hands, completely considering Liu Guanghua’s words as background noise.

Liu Guanghua seemed to have noticed as well. No one dared to refute his words, but their emotions were exposed on their faces or in their eyes. It seemed that the teenager sitting in the corner was the only one who didn’t hear him, completely ignoring him. Liu Guanghua felt very uncomfortable.

No one had ever dared to ignore him like this before.

Therefore, Liu Guanghua acted even more arrogantly since he didn’t have his agent following him. To him, these people didn’t have any kind of backing, and they weren’t as popular as him either. Even if they were bullied, they definitely wouldn’t dare say anything.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Liu Guanghua walked in front of Luo Lingxing and arrogantly asked.

Turning the page, Luo Lingxing quietly read. Ten or so seconds later, he turned the page again and continued to quietly read. A drop of a needle could be heard in the entire silent lounge. The other artists didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. They all worriedly looked at Luo Lingxing. Meanwhile, Liu Guanghua’s expression gradually became uglier.

Motherf8cker! This person actually dared to ignore him. He (LGH) had even walked in front of this person, and in the end, the person pretended to not hear him. Was he (LLX) trying to embarrass him (LGH)? Since that was the case, don’t blame him for being rude.

Liu Guanghua was furious, and he lifted his hand, planning to violently grab and take away this person’s script. In the end, his hand drew a beautiful arc in the air in the next second, but his hand remained empty. He wasn’t able to grab anything.

When Luo Lingxing felt the air move beside him, he had already dodged to the side. Although the script was moved, his light of sight never strayed away from it. As for the barking dog standing in front of him, he didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

Liu Guanghua felt like he had lost face. He glared at Luo Lingxing even more ferociously, and he continued to reach out his hand to grab that person’s script. He didn’t believe that just because he missed the first time, he would miss the second time. He had to teach this person a lesson.

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