IMG Chapter 85 Gathering of the Big Names

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Ye Luohan was too lazy to discuss this with him. He and Qian Xuewen could be considered old acquaintances, the kind that was currently being discussed online. The first movie he acted in when he entered the entertainment industry was directed by Qian Xuewen. However, everyone thought that they had some friendly interactions, but they didn’t know that they were actually friends despite their gap in ages.

Therefore, others may be very respectful and reserved when speaking to Qian Xuewen, but he was very relaxed. Moreover, since they were very familiar with each other, he was unable to respect this guy.

In front of others, they acted like a serious senior, but in front of Ye Luohan, Qian Xuewen acted like an old child. He was childish and even sometimes caused trouble without reason.

“When is the audition?” Ye Luohan asked indifferently?

“You still haven’t told me how you know that Luo boy yet,” Qian Xuewen asked without hesitation.

The Luo boy Qian Xuewen was speaking of was Luo Lingxing. He had an impression of this boy. When he held an acting class in the Imperial University, this boy had a thorough grasp of the character role from the ‘Records of the Demon Cultivator’ like he had studied it multiple times before. Regardless of anything, this boy left a deep impression on him.

He had also watched ‘The Enchantress,’ and although there were parts where Luo Lingxing’s acting were still a bit immature, overall it was still very remarkable.

What left the deepest impression on him was the boy being mentioned by the person in front of him.

At that time, he was distressed over casting. He had an idea of the celebrities who were suitable for the other roles, and some roles even had more than one celebrity that were suitable for it, so he was just waiting for the audition to start. However, he was a bit uncertain about Du Zixuan’s role because after filtering through the celebrities in his close circle, he couldn’t find a single person that matched the role.

At this time, Ye Luohan softly said a sentence.

“You can find Luo Lingxing to try it.”

With that sentence, he didn’t say anything else. Regardless of how he asked, no more words were said.

Qian Xuewen had a bit of an impression when Ye Luohan mentioned Luo Lingxing’s name and tried his best to recall who that was and found his works to watch. He felt that this person was indeed quite suited for the role, then had his assistant call this person’s agent, while he himself continued to ask Ye Luohan why he mentioned this name.

Luo Lingxing was a newcomer in this circle, after all. If the name wasn’t specifically mentioned, he wouldn’t have remembered him (LLX) at all since the entertainment industry was huge. There were plenty of celebrities that were more famous than him (LLX), so it was normal for a little newcomer to be forgotten.

However, not only was this newcomer remembered by someone, that person was someone like Ye Luohan. This in it of itself was something that was unimaginable.

Ye Luohan was probably annoyed by Qian Xuewen’s insistent questions. He placed the red wine in his hand down, his black eyes brightly stared at Qian Xuewen. Qian Xuewen, who was being stared at, felt a chill through his whole body and he couldn’t help but shrink back a bit.

“I just want to know,” Qian Xuewen muttered his grievance.

Sure enough, wanting to hear gossip wasn’t easy. But wanting to hear Ye Luohan’s gossip was even harder.

However, what Qian Xuewen didn’t consider was that Ye Luohan would display a helpless expression. And in the end, he obediently told him what he wanted to know.

“I met him when I was visiting Director Yang’s set last time,” Ye Luohan helplessly said. He also knew that if didn’t say it, this person would persist and keep bothering him.

In order to save his own ears, he could only find a reason to bluff his way past the question.

Qian Xuewen got an answer and realized that it wasn’t what he had thought, so he suddenly felt very uninterested.

Yang Chuanzhi’s crew contained Meng Lianggu, and Ye Luohan and Meng Lianggu were good friends. Everyone in the circle knew this. Therefore, it was reasonable that he met Luo Lingxing while visiting the set.

Although he didn’t know what he was thinking, he knew that he wouldn’t get any other answers, so he stopped asking Ye Luohan.

The film Qian Xuewen will be directing ‘Interstellar Mecha’ will most likely have Ye Luohan as the male lead. Before they even started publicizing the movie, it was already a hot topic. Moreover, the number of celebrities who wanted to participate in this movie were too many to count. Everyone tried to use every resource and opportunities that they could to get into this crew. It would be best if they could get accepted after the audition since if they really did get accepted into this film, their path to stardom would go a lot smoothly.

Although the roles of the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ that were opened for audition were made public, not every artist was qualified to audition or else the audition would take up too much time.

Before the auditions began, a specialist would compile the data of all the artists who wanted to audition as well as their roles. Afterward, Qian Xuewen and the others would remove the unsuitable people, and arrange for the rest of the people to wait for the audition.

If someone tried to cast a wide net instead of focusing on catching one fish, then they would definitely be ruthlessly eliminated in the first round. Therefore, the more careful artists didn’t dare bite off more than they could choose. At most, they would sign up to audition for two roles.

The real audition began not long later. Since there were still a lot of celebrities who were auditioning, it was held in batches. The more important roles would start the audition first, then the rest would be auditioned in order.

Luo Lingxing chose to audition for the role of Du Zixuan, so he was placed amongst the first batch of people who were auditioning.

On this day, Chen Hongliang picked him up early from school and took him to get his hair and makeup done. He needed to go to the audition in his best condition and look his best as well.

“Hello, little prince. We meet again.” The makeup artist cheerfully waved her paw in greeting.

“Sister Zhang, I’ll be troubling you.” Luo Lingxing nodded to her and smiled as he thanked her.

He didn’t expect that the makeup Chen Hongliang found for him would be the same one from the crew of ‘The Enchantress.’

“Little prince, no need to be so polite. Come sit down. After seeing this face a few times really makes others jealous,” Zhang Manya pretended to be jealous as she said.

Luo Lingxing blushed and didn’t answer.

“Oh, still shy I see. Haha…” Zhang Manya laughed as if she found something funny.

“Alright, quickly do his makeup or else we’ll be late,” Chen Hongliang quickly jumped out to help his artist out. He knew that Luo Lingxing wasn’t good at dealing with women. He was very pure and innocent. This made him very satisfied but also very concerned at the same time.

After all, whether he shoots TV shows or movies in the future, it would be inevitable for him to have female co-actors. How could an innocent and blushing man like him shoot them then?

However, what Chen Hongliang didn’t know was that Luo Lingxing may not even have the chance to shoot with women in the future. Of course, these were all things that will happen in the future.

Zhang Manya was someone who could prioritize. Moreover, she was very professional. The speed of her makeup was quick, and her makeup results were very amazing.

“Little prince, good luck at your audition,” Zhang Manya said with a smile.

“Thank you.” After Luo Lingxing thanked her, he followed Chen Hongliang to the audition location, which is at Huan Xing Building. This building was the headquarters to the empire’s largest entertainment company, Huan Xing Entertainment. And the main company in charge of the ‘Interstellar Mecha’ is also Huan Xing Entertainment.

Most importantly, Huan Xing Entertainment is also Ye Luohan’s agency. Therefore, the artists who came to participate in this audition were even more certain that the male lead was Ye Luohan, causing them to become even more excited and even more determined to win the audition.

Luo Lingxing and Chen Hongliang entered the Huan Xing Building. The lady at the front desk welcomed them, her smile sweet and her tone warm as she asked, “Excuse me, Mr. Luo Lingxing, are you here to participate in the audition?”

“That’s right,” Chen Hongliang answered with a smile.

“Please come with me.” From start till now, the front desk lady maintained a small smile, her attitude was also very polite. It was enough to show the quality of the staff here.

Chen Hongliang didn’t think that someone would come to welcome the artists, making his impression of Huan Xing Entertainment even better.

As expected of this country’s largest entertainment company. Their service and attitude was very good. A small company like Hua Hai Entertainment really couldn’t compare. Chen Hongliang couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

“Please rest in the lounge for now. Someone will come inform you when the audition starts,” the lady from the front desk gave them an introduction.

“Thanks,” Chen Hongliang quickly thanked. That person left afterward, probably going to welcome the next person.

This lounge was public, and there were already several artists waiting for the audition inside. He was even familiar with some of them, but they didn’t suddenly greet each other.

The people who were already waiting inside only glanced at Luo Lingxing when he entered before turning their entire focus back on their AI script. They could only study a bit more before the audition so that they could have more certainty during the audition.

Luo Lingxing found a place to sit, then took out his text script to look it over.

“Huh? Are you reading a text script?” a surprised voice came from the side.

Luo Lingxing turned to that person who looked fair and bright, his smile also made people feel very comfortable. “Mn,” he replied.

“There aren’t many people who read text scripts these days. Hello, my name is Su Yang.”

Su Yang took the initiative to stretch out his hand and introduced himself with an open smile.

Reading the text script will indeed cause others to be shocked. Luo Lingxing knew this. However, the other person very enthusiastically introduced himself, which was rarely seen, but it wasn’t annoying either.

“My name is Luo Lingxing,” Luo Lingxing replied.

“I know you. ‘The Enchantress’ has been very popular recently. Your portrayal of the little prince was very amazing. My little sister really likes you,” Su Yang said with a smile.

“Thank you,” Luo Lingxing answered.

Just as Su Yang wanted to say something, an impatient voice interrupted him.

“Can you quiet down? The audition will start soon, so can you stop disturbing others?” a male artist sitting inside said with dissatisfaction.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be quieter,” Su Yang quickly apologized to that person, then playfully stuck out his tongue to Luo Lingxing, before quietly reading his script.

However, the quiet atmosphere didn’t last long. It was broken by the person who came in.

“Oh my God! Why is he here?”

“Li Yuanbo is actually here to participate in the audition as well?”

“I didn’t hear that he was coming. I thought that after the fuss on the internet, he wouldn’t come.”

“I wonder which role he’s going to audition for? If we’re auditioning for the same one as him, then we’re screwed.”

Several artists who had come first sat in their seats as they whispered and discussed with sighs. However, when Li Yuanbo looked over, they still respectfully stood up to greet him.

Li Yuanbo only nodded, then looked around his surroundings. His resolute brow couldn’t help but furrow, displaying a trace of impatience.

When his agent saw this, he naturally knew what he (LYB) was dissatisfied with, then asked the receptionist lady beside him, “Excuse me, are there any private lounges here? Brother Li rushed here overnight on the plane, so he’s a bit exhausted.”

“Sorry, the private lounges are already full. However, the lounge next door has less people. Why don’t you go next door?” the receptionist lady patiently said.

Hearing this, Li Yuanbo’s brow furrowed even tighter, but he knew that today’s audition was very important, so he didn’t show it directly. Instead, he followed the reception next door.

Luo Lingxing looked at the wide space where only a dozen or so people were sitting, and didn’t say anything.

Chen Hongliang didn’t expect this person to come. Moreover, since the receptionist had said that all the private lounges were full, then how many big name artists had come that they didn’t even have a private lounge for Li Yuanbo?

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