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Miao Honghong herself was very excited. She didn’t expect Ye Luohan to give her such a long answer. She suddenly felt like a meat pie had fallen on her head, smashing her and making her dizzy, but she was still very happy.

However, she wasn’t the only one surprised. Luo Lingxing, who hadn’t opened his mouth since the beginning, suddenly spoke again and said, “Luohan is a very admirable actor. I have learned a lot from him and am very happy to work with him.” The reporters became excited again. It wasn’t just because of their answers, but because of the interaction between them. Even if there wasn’t any news regarding them, the Han-Xing shippers were still very active recently.

“The question session has come to an end. Since this is a signing conference, we will naturally focus on the signing. Everyone, please witness this historic moment of Jun Ling Studio,” Chen Hongliang stood and said. There was clear excitement in his voice.

Chen Hongliang placed the two copies of the contract down, one in front of Ye Luohan and the other in front of Luo Lingxing. None of the reporters spoke. They all concentrated on recording the historic moment of Jun Ling Studio.

Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan each signed their names on the document then stood and shook hands.

“Happy cooperation!”

“Happy cooperation!” the two said in unison.

The photographers were desperately shooting, lest they miss even a single moment.

At this moment, Ye Luohan officially joined Jun Ling Studio. At this moment, Jun Ling Studio, which hadn’t been established for long, was thrust into everyone’s vision and became the talk of the town.

The reporters who came to the press conference came with a lack of interest, but they left in a haze. They all had a strange, satisfied expression on their faces.

Those who failed to enter the building did not participate in the press conference. At this moment, the reporters who had gathered outside and saw the reporters who had participated in the conference come out, their expressions were filled with envy and jealousy. Some reporters saw an acquaintance and quickly used all sorts of means to get close to them just to gleam a hint of what had happened inside. Unfortunately, they were all met with the same two words: No comment!

Those who liked to show off, in particular, were even more angry and antsy. At the same time, they also regretted having missed such an opportunity.

This day was destined to be extraordinary.

“What in the world are you guys doing? You didn’t get any information on such an important matter. Is the company raising you all for nothing?” The editor-in-chief of a certain media company fiercely disciplined these reporters. His entire face turned the color of pig liver. He held the invitation letter sent by Chen Hongliang in his hand.

This media company wasn’t interested in Jun Ling Studio, so they didn’t attend the press conference. When they learned that the person Jun Ling Studio signed was Ye Luohan, he immediately sent a reporter over, but unfortunately, he was blocked outside the building, unable to enter. Therefore, they missed hearing the information first-handedly.

The editor-in-chief was really regretting it now. A small thought at the beginning now caused him so many losses. Those media companies who had participated in the press conference had already created piles of reports, and the amount of attention was raising. It was such a good opportunity, and as a result, it was wasted.

The most important thing was that because of this matter, they had probably offended Jun Ling Studio. Now with Ye Luohan, even if Jun Ling Studio was only just established, they would soon be incomparable. Offending such a studio was not a good thing for a media company who relied on artists to eat.

There were many media companies in similar situations such as this. Each one wanted to go back in time or wanted to eat medicine that would ease their regrets. Unfortunately, such good things didn’t exist in this world.

Miao Honghong was very excited after attending the press conference. The first draft of her report was gradually taking shape in her mind. As long as she returned to the company, she could start writing.

After Miao Honghong returned to the company, many colleagues looked at her with conflicted eyes that included envy, jealousy, and even red eyes. However, Miao Honghong ignored everything. There was currently nothing more important to her than writing the report.

“You have such good luck. The protagonist of the press conference actually turned out to be the Male God. It seems that you gained a lot this time.” Chen Yingran said sourly. She never expected Ye Luohan to show up at the press conference. If she had known earlier, she would have never given such a good opportunity to Miao Honghong. Even if Zhao Yinghou’s interview conflicted with the timing of the press conference, she would have pushed it aside to attend the press conference.

Dammit. This woman really benefited!

“Honghong, you were really powerful this time. Your report will definitely dominate the headlines.” Other colleagues also stepped forward. Some celebrated with her while others were sour.

However, Miao Honghong wanted to quickly write the report. She didn’t want to pay attention to anything, but she knew that she couldn’t ignore her coworkers. She couldn’t let their relationships turn stiff. Fortunately, the editor-in-chief appeared at this time.

“Are you guys all so free? There’s no work left?” As soon as the editor-in-chief’s words came out, the others immediately returned to their seats.

When the editor-in-chief looked at Miao Honghong, his expression instantly changed from stern to gentle as he said, “Honghong, write this report well. I will definitely arrange the best space for your report. Do your best. I believe in you.”

“Thank you, chief,” Miao Honghong replied excitedly. She was then even more vigorous as she wrote the report.

There were many cases like Miao Honghong, who went from being a small reporter who wasn’t valued in the company to being valued by the editor-in-chief because they had participated in a press conference.

Therefore, this day was destined to be extraordinary. The reporters who had participated in the press conference hurried back and frantically wrote their reports. The internet, newspapers, and periodicals were all full of reports about the contract signing between Jun Ling Studio and Ye Luohan. Even passersby could see these familiar words just by casually clicking a website. Some people would feel curious, so they looked up more things regarding the press conference.

And the fans who had watched the press conference online were even more worked up. There were all kinds of screams, especially after the two protagonists, Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing, posted on their Weibo.

Ye Luohan V: I am very happy to join Jun Ling Studio :)~  Luo Lingxing V: I am honored to have God Ye join us. We will work even harder in the future.  The two people posted their Weibos roughly one minute apart. The fans who were camping on their Weibos naturally realized this.

Ye-fan 1: The Male God actually posted an emoji. I must have opened the post wrong. How could the Male God be so cute! Ye-fan 2: Wowowow… Did you watch Jun Ling Studio’s press conference? Did you watch it? The Male God was really too handsome during the conference. His domineering side was explosive! Ye-fan 3: Ahhh…  Is the Male God planning to go from an iceberg emperor to a cool and handsome bully? Did the heavens turn upside down? So cool. I love this kind of Male God. 

Han-Xing fan 1: The Male God actually signed a contract with the studio the little prince established. Moreover, he became the first artist that Jun Ling Studio signed. These official posts must be throwing us sugar, right? They’re blatantly throwing us sugar, right? Han-Xing fan 2: Male God, I really respect this dog food. I fully accept this dog food. Han-Xing fan 3: The little prince and the Male God flashed a smile when they shook hands at the end. It was full of tender feelings. It was a strike to my heart. I’ve already lost too much blood. No need to save me. 

Luo-fan 1: The little prince is the real one with a domineering side. Didn’t you see how he sat there from start to end, without saying a word like a powerful chairmen? His expression said “find my agent for any matters”. He looked so cute. Luo-fan 2: Little prince, can I ask if you’re missing a sweeper? I can eat, sleep, and act cute, and I’ve even attended college. Luo-fan 3: Is Jun Ling Studio still seeking employees? When the official post was released, I became determined to accept this job. Even if there’s no salary, as long as I can see the little prince and Male God everyday, I’ll die without any regrets.  Han-Xing fan 1: Previous poster, wait for me. I’ll go as well. 

Ye-fan 4: I just graduated from college this year. I’ve already found a job, but I still want to go as well.

Luo-fan 4: I’ve decided to quit my job and apply to work at Jun Ling Studio. It doesn’t matter what offer they give me, I will definitely work hard and grasp this opportunity.  

Ye-fan 4: I admire the previous poster. I…I have also decided to follow you. I will also apply.

Han-Xing fan 1: I wish you guys luck. If you get the job, you can’t forget to give your first-hand accounts of the situation. Our happiness will be left in your hands.

Everyone online was going crazy, but this didn’t involve Luo Lingxing or Ye Luohan. After the press conference finished, Luo Lingxing invited Ye Luohan to a meal. It would be considered an act to officially welcome Ye Luohan and Xiao Ming to Jun Ling Studio.

“Brother Chen, are we leaving the Emperor Star tomorrow afternoon?” Luo Lingxing asked.

“Mn. We’ll return to the set the afternoon after tomorrow to continue filming,” Chen Hongliang thought about the schedule and said. However, he wasn’t going to return together with everyone since Jun Ling Studio was officially on track. He was still busy with a lot of matters. As soon as he thought of the busy days ahead of him, he felt aggrieved and exhausted.

He thought of how he was at the lowest point of his life two years ago. At that time, he really thought that his life would always be like that, but who knew that a year later, not only did he not leave the agent circle, it would also progress more and more smoothly. He even opened Jun Ling Studio with Luo Lingxing, and the first artist they signed was Ye Luohan. A miracle wasn’t enough to describe this. And the one who brought all of this to him was the boy in front of him.

“Then I’ll go back home tonight. I haven’t gone back in a while. Come pick me up tomorrow morning,” Luo Lingxing calmly said. It seemed that after the new year, he rarely saw that person. For some reason, there was a trace of longing in his heart.

Ye Luohan was sitting in front of Luo Lingxing. Hearing those words, his movements paused for a minute before returning to normal. However, there was a faint arc at the corner of his lips. Perhaps Luoluo didn’t completely lack feelings towards him or else he wouldn’t have referred to that place as home.

Perhaps if he worked a bit harder, he’d be able to hug this beautiful person one day.

“All right, I’ll pick you up tomorrow,” Chen Hongliang readily agreed.

He knew that Luo Lingxing had been busy recently and rarely went back home. He was afraid that the Major General also missed him a lot. After all, they were in their honeymoon period. Even if they were separated for a little bit of time, they probably missed each other very much. It was so difficult for Xiao Luo, who was so young but still worked so hard and endured it bravely.

In fact, Chen Hongliang had misunderstood. Whether it was Luo Lingxing or Han Junzhan, it wasn’t how he had imagined.

After all, Luo Lingxing’s feelings for Han Junzhan weren’t deep now. Although he occasionally missed him, they were far from being a loving couple. Of course, Han Junzhan would indeed miss the other very much if they were apart for so long. The key point was that he was never in fact away from Luo Lingxing for long. They stayed on set together and saw each other and chatted every day. It was just that everyone else didn’t know.

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