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The reporters couldn’t help but twitch their lips. Three black lines slid down their faces. Even if the founder was unreliable, how could the agent also look unreliable? Was it really okay to advertise a job at a signing conference?

“Are there any plans to train artists?” Miao Honghong continued her efforts as she asked another question.

“At present, the scale of the studio isn’t large. All the departments are still developing, but we will develop as quickly as possible so that we can provide the best environment and most professional skills training for our artists,” Chen Hongliang replied.

“Is the artist being signed today also a newcomer?” After Miao Honghong asked a few questions, she brought the topic back to the artist that was being signed today.

Except for Luo Lingxing’s first sentence, it had always been Chen Hongliang answered. He had been sitting there in the background for a while as an ornament. However, he was an ornament that couldn’t be ignored.

“When will the artists signing on come out?”

“Are you holding this press conference because this is the first artist you’re signing with the studio?”

As soon as Miao Honghong’s questions fell, the other reporters also began to ask their own questions. Although they didn’t seem very focused, it was still better than the start of the conference.

“Since everyone is looking forward to the artist that is being signed, then it’s better to let him come out and answer your questions himself,” Chen Hongliang replied with a smile before looking toward the backstage entrance.

The reporters’ gaze followed Chen Hongliang’s. When they saw the figure walk out step by step, their eyes widened in disbelief. Their mouths hung open, and they couldn’t return to their senses for a while. The entire venue was so quiet that even a drop of a needle could be heard.

“It seems that everyone is shocked by the appearance of God Ye.” The smile on Chen Hongliang’s face became even brighter. He knew that this was going to be the case after Ye Luohan appeared.

His heart finally calmed. Look, this was the normal reaction. Those who were as calm as Xiao Luo were unique.

The reporters closed their open mouths one by one. When they saw Chen Hongliang, who was smiling brightly, they couldn’t help but want to step up and slap him a few times.

How could they not be surprised? How could they not be shocked? Who was that? It was only the highest person in position in the entire entertainment industry. With their identity, it would usually be impossible to even see his face. Yet, they were actually able to see him at a small press conference. If they weren’t shocked, then they aren’t human!

Hold on. Didn’t God Ye come from the backstage just now? God Ye came out as soon as Chen Hongliang said that the person who was signing with them should come out, no?

So, what was the situation? Could it be that God Ye is the artist that Jun Ling Studio was going to sign?

The reporters felt that they had uncovered the truth, but at the same time, they were also hysterical. The jaws that they had picked off from the ground, fell back down. No one was willing to pick it back up again.

“May I ask if God Ye is the artist you’re signing?” a reporter meekly asked. The others instantly perked up and prickled their ears to listen carefully.

“Of course,” Chen Hongliang crisply replied as he shifted his gaze around.


They couldn’t suppress the shock that came from their bodies. Who could slap them and wake them up? Was this a dream?

They definitely weren’t dreaming. God Ye actually wanted to sign with a newly established studio like Jun Ling. Was this a joke?

“Great God, may I ask why you’re signing with Jun Ling Studio? They were only established not too long ago, right?”

“Great God, you have been with Huan Xing ever since you debuted. Can I ask why you’re suddenly changing?”

Great God, it’s said that you renewed your contract with Huan Xing last year. It shouldn’t have expired yet, right? Do you plan to break your contract?”

“Great God, what prompted you to leave Huan Xing and choose Jun Ling Studio instead? Is there a huge secret behind your choice?”

“Great God…”

The reporters were like faucets being turned on. The questions poured out one after another like droplets. In order to not be suppressed by others, some even shouted so loudly that their voices became hoarse.

It could be said that the venue was quiet before, but now it was extremely loud. If outsiders entered at this moment, they might think that it was a vegetable market. The scene was chaotic. If the security guards weren’t blocking the front, the reporters might have rushed forward already.

“Everyone, quiet down. If you have a question you want to ask, you can ask one by one. If you act like this, our Great God won’t know which question to answer.” Chen Hongliang stood up to maintain order and signaled everyone to calm down.

The reporters naturally didn’t want to let go of such a rare opportunity. They had thought that this was going to just be an ordinary press conference, but who knew that such a huge bomb would be dropped. This news was going to make the headlines. It would be a huge headliner!

Naturally, nobody wanted to miss out, but they also knew that in this situation, no single person could benefit. So they held back their excitement and waited for the questions to be asked. They secretly planned what question they would ask when it was their turn.

Meanwhile, most of the reporters there were remorseful. If they had known that God Ye would show up, they would have prepared the questions earlier. If they tried to think of questions now, they would miss something.

However, when they thought about it, the reporters who didn’t show up must have been a lot more remorseful than they were. At least they still had the chance to ask questions, but those people didn’t even have a chance.

These reporters felt both regret and delight in their hearts. As they thought, those reporters and media outlets who didn’t come must be blue with regret. Since this press conference was broadcasted live, the moment that Ye Luohan appeared, everyone noticed. Those media outlets who received invitations but didn’t show up wanted to go back in time.

Meanwhile, countless reporters and cameramen gathered outside the Jun Ling Building. They all hoped to have the opportunity to make up for their mistake and get inside. However, it went like this sometimes. Opportunities only came by once. If you don’t grab hold of it, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

The helper who was in charge of the venue finally understood the orders Chen Hongliang had given him. If the reporter didn’t come, then they will have to live with their regret, wishing to turn back time. Unfortunately, there was no cure for regret in this world.

“Alright, let’s start asking questions. We’ll start with the reporter over here. We’ll go one by one. Each person can only ask one question,” Chen Hongliang said with a smile.

Although everyone felt that the number of questions per person wasn’t enough since they all had countless questions to ask, but since the main character was Ye Luohan, they didn’t dare disagree. Getting the opportunity to even ask a single question was already really rare.

If you didn’t have any achievements, then nobody would have questions for you. No one would take you seriously. However, if your status is high enough, the questions would be innumerable. Even if they compressed the question into one, they would still feel very honored.

“May I ask why you chose to leave Huan Xing and join Jun Ling Studio?” the first reporter stood up and asked.

“Because I wanted to,” Ye Luohan had a cool expression as he briefly said.

The reporter who asked the question didn’t react. He wasn’t used to Ye Luohan’s way of speaking. He stood there stunned and frozen, obviously not expecting Ye Luohan to answer him so briefly.

The second reporter quickly stood and asked his own question, “Great God, did you sign with Jun Ling because you have problems with Huan Xing?”


“Great God, your contract with Huan Xing shouldn’t have expired yet but you’re already leaving. Are you breaking the contract?”


“Great God…”

The reporters raised their questions, but Ye Luohan replied with one or two words. Even if this was the case, everyone was still very excited. As long as the other party was willing to reply, then their report will definitely be released by their company.

Miao Honghong was also excited. The moment she saw Ye Luohan come out, she was already excited. She originally thought that this was going to be a press conference that nobody wanted to come to or cared about, but she didn’t expect it to turn out like this. She could predict that after returning, her position inside the company would likely change.

No matter what, she definitely wanted to seize this opportunity.

She prepared more than a dozen questions before coming, but she had already asked a few at the beginning. Since there was only one opportunity to ask a question next, she had to think carefully. She definitely couldn’t waste this opportunity.

However, when it was about to be her turn, she realized that even though she hadn’t asked a single question, all her questions had already been answered since the other reporters had asked them. Moreover, the answers were only a couple words long.

Miao Honghong quickly turned her brain. She wanted to ask a different kind of question to stand out from the generic questions the others had asked. Her eyes focused on the stage. She looked between Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan a few times, and a vague question gradually formed in her mind. At this moment, her turn came.

“Great God, you previously worked with Luoluo for your past two works, and now you’re at the same agency as Luoluo. Does that mean you two will still have chances to continue to cooperate in the future?” Miao Honghong calmly asked, but in fact, her heart was quickly beating with nerves.

As everyone knows, Ye Luohan basically did one film a year these past few years. Not many people have been able to work with him, and the only person who was able to work with him twice was Luo Lingxing. Moreover, Ye Luohan also took on a role in a TV series this year because of Luo Lingxing. No matter how you looked at it, this kind of relationship didn’t seem ordinary. However, they couldn’t ask that kind of question directly.

After hearing Miao Honghong’s question, the other reporters’ eyes immediately widened. They felt remorse in their hearts because they didn’t think of this question. They all asked about the studio and Huan Xing, so it would be hard to shine when they wrote their reports. However, this little, quiet woman did something out of the ordinary.

It was a shame that they gained clarity too late and had already lost their opportunity. So they could only pick up their spirits and listen carefully to Ye Luohan’s answer.

Ye Luohan no longer had his iceberg expression. Although the curve at the corner of his mouth was small, so small that it could be overlooked, everyone still thought that he smiled. It was a very rare scene. The photographers naturally couldn’t miss this. The sounds of cameras clicking rang nonstop.

“Luoluo is a very dedicated actor. It’s always a pleasure working with Luoluo. If I have the opportunity in the future, then I hope that we can work together again,” Ye Luohan replied.

All the reporters there were stunned again. They didn’t expect that Ye Luohan would break away from his habit of single worded responses and actually speak a full sentence. And it was a long sentence, at that. Suddenly, the other reporters express all kinds of envy and jealousy for Miao Honghong. With this alone, the reporters would write several unique reporters when they went back.

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