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Jun Ling Studio’s press conference was held in the assembly hall of the Jun Ling Building in the Emperor Star. This was also the headquarters of Jun Ling Studio. The building wasn’t originally called Jun Ling Building, but after Jun Ling Studio was established, Luo Lingxing bought the building with a wave of his hand and renamed it Jun Ling Building to make it their headquarters. When Chen Hongliang learned that the entire building belonged to them, he made an expression that was hard to forget.

He knew that Luo Lingxing was very rich, and he had directly invested 100 million Yuan to Sun Xuewen, but this was on a completely different level. Not to mention, this building was located in a pretty good location in the Emperor Star. The land on Emperor Star was extremely expensive. Some people might not be able to buy it even after saving for a lifetime. As a result, Luo Lingxing got the building with just a wave of the hand. Who wouldn’t be surprised?

And now the building only had them. Of course, they may soon be adding two more people, but it was still only four people using a huge building. It really was too extravagant. They were probably the only building like this in the entire Emperor Star.

Because both of the protagonists from ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ were attending this press conference, Chen Hongliang and Xiao Ming had already notified Sun Xuewen. Over the past few days, Sun Xuewen moved up the scenes with these two, making everyone work overtime or else they might not meet the deadline. So these past few days, it could be said that Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan were running around like spinning tops and were exhausted.

On the spaceship, Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing were very exhausted and fell asleep. Meanwhile, Xiao Ming and Chen Hongliang discussed the specifics of the press conference.

Since this was the first time Jun Ling Studio signed an artist, and the identity of the artist was a bit special, Chen Hongliang wanted to bring a spotlight to their studio. That was why Chen Hongliang sent many invitations to very well known local and foreign media outlets.

Because Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing still had to film, they didn’t have a lot of time off. Therefore, when they arrived at the Emperor Star, it was almost time for the press conference. Jun Ling Studio currently had no other employees. To help with the conference this time, Huan Xing provided employees for the event. When Chen Hongliang received the call from Huan Xing, he was completely stunned.

He really couldn’t understand what Huan Xing was thinking. Ye Luohan, who was the pillar of Huan Xing, left and signed with their studio instead. Even if they didn’t offend Huan Xing, wouldn’t they still have left a bad impression?

However, who knew that Huan Xing would actually take the initiative to help them. It was like they had robbed their wife, but the other party still helped them hold the wedding ceremony. Although this metaphor wasn’t pleasant, it was how Chen Hongliang was currently feeling.

However, no matter what he thought in his heart, Chen Hongliang was full of gratitude for Huan Xing’s help.

“Later on, you can go directly through the staff passage from the lounge. Xiao Luo and I will head to the location first,” Chen Hongliang said to Xiao Ming.

“Mn, I got it.” Xiao Ming nodded.

After getting off the spaceship, a special hover car came to pick them up. Perhaps it was because the press conference was about to start, but the reporters were all already at the assembly hall. Therefore, there weren’t many reports outside the building. No one saw Ye Luohan and Xiao Ming enter the staff passage of the building.

The assembly hall inside the Jun Ling Building usually held banquets, annual meetings, and other large events, so it was a huge space. It was enough to accommodate all of the reports and journalists who had attended.

“There’s still half an hour before it starts. Are all the reporters here already?” Chen Hongliang asked an employee who had come to help.

“A portion…are here,” the employee hesitantly said.

“How many came?” Chen Hongliang continued to ask. He never thought that everyone would come. After all, he didn’t specify who exactly they were signing. Adding on the fact that they were a newly established studio, it was normal for some big media outlets to not show up. However, when the press conference begins, those media outlets who didn’t show up might have so many regrets that their intestines will turn blue.

“Less than half,” the employee said with difficulty. He was in charge of receiving the reporters. He didn’t expect that even though the press conference was about to start, less than half of the people showed up. If this continued, then the conference would turn into a joke.

Chen Hongliang frowned. He thought that some media outlets wouldn’t show up, but he didn’t expect the number to be less than half. It seemed that those people really didn’t take their studio seriously. In fact, it made sense. This was how things worked in the entertainment industry. A newly established studio without any background or resources naturally would be treated as nothing.

However, people will always make a judgment of error. He believed that even if there were only these reporters, after today, their Jun Ling Studio’s name would be known and remembered by everyone.

“Should I go out and look for some more reporters?” The employee carefully observed Chen Hongliang’s expression. Although Chen Hongliang was Luo Lingxing’s agent, he took care of the entire studio. He was also told to cooperate with Chen Hongliang before he came here.

“No need. This is fine. Find someone to guard the gate. When the conference starts, not a single reporter is allowed inside,” Chen Hongliang calmly said.

“Yes, sir.” Since they didn’t arrive on time, then they naturally didn’t need to open the back door for them. Since they didn’t want to come, then they can just wait outside the building later. A conference where Ye Luohan signs a contract is a rare event.

After Chen Hongliang checked the various processes and made sure that everything would go smoothly, he went to the lounge to find Luo Lingxing. At this time, there was only five minutes before the press conference. The reporters who came were already all in place.

“Xiao Luo, it’s time,” Chen Hongliang said to Luo Lingxing.

“Okay.” Luo Lingxing nodded and followed Chen Hongliang to the backstage of the assembly hall.

From the backstage of the assembly hall, they could see the situation of the hall. The number of reporters who came actually wasn’t small, but compared to the number of invitations sent out by Chen Hongliang, it was much less. Coupled with the huge space of the assembly hall, it didn’t seem like a lot of reporters. However, this didn’t affect Luo Lingxing or Chen Hongliang. It could be said that the people who didn’t come were simply unlucky.

The reporters chatted in groups of twos and threes. As peers, they all knew each other since this industry was only so big. They would see familiar faces everywhere they went, and they would all get to know each other after a certain period of time.

“I wonder which artist Jun Ling Studio is signing. I hope it’s a bigger artist so we reporters have something to write about,” a reporter said expectantly.

Another reporter immediately began to pour cold water on their expectations. “Don’t expect anything. This is just a small studio that was just established. What kind of resources and connections could they have? What kind of big celebrity would be willing to sign with them? They’re not stupid. It’s probably some newcomer who had just debuted and was fooled to join them without understanding the market.”

“I think so too. In fact, I didn’t want to come, but it’s a shame that my chief forced me to come. What a waste of time. If it wasn’t for this, I would chase others and might even be able to uncover an exclusive story.”

“It turns out that you were also forced to come by your chief. Me too. It’s all because my company doesn’t have much status. This kind of work that others don’t want, we’d have to do,” a journalist said to himself.

Miao Honghong sat beside them and listened to their complaints. She didn’t pay attention, but looked intently at the questions in her hand. From time to time, she would revise and modify them. No matter how others viewed this press conference, she couldn’t back down. She had to do a good job. This was her principle.

In fact, it was because of her principle that she had a hard time these past two years. Because she was unwilling to skimp on her work or make up reports that weren’t based on fact, and the fact that she hadn’t come across any breaking news, so she has always been unknown at the company.

Of course, when she decided to become an entertainment reporter, she wanted to spread correct facts to the fans with an open and fair attitude. She didn’t want fans to be blinded by malicious and fabricated reporters. However, her work attitude obviously didn’t meet the requirements of the editor-in-chief and the silent rules that existed as an entertainment journalist. However, she still quietly persisted. Perhaps she wouldn’t be able to last long and will have to leave the industry soon, so she had to cherish every job.

“It’s starting,” a reporter said, reminding everyone.

The other reporters stopped chatting, but they were obviously not very interested in the press conference. Some even came empty-handed.

Chen Hongliang and Luo Lingxing were the first to come out and sit down. Luo Lingxing, as the founder of the studio, was going to be interviewed first.

“Hello, are you the founder of Jun Ling Studio?”

“Excuse me, did you really establish Jun Ling Studio just because you didn’t want to be restricted?”

“Did you know about Han Yameng’s drug abuse incident? What do you think about it?”

“Previously, Han Yameng hired keyboard warriors to slander you. He is now arrested due to drug abuse. Do you think he deserves it?”

“Can I ask if you’re involved in Han Yameng’s drug abuse case?”

The reporters began to ask questions one after another. Although they felt that this press conference wasn’t very interesting, the founder was still Luo Lingxing. He was a figure that had many topics related to him not too long ago. Maybe they could dig up some news from him.

Luo Lingxing didn’t open his mouth to answer the questions, but calmly swept his gaze around. He perfunctorily looked at the reporters below. Although many of the people had asked questions, if he listened carefully, he would find that almost all of the questions were irrelevant to today’s topic.

Chen Hongliang wasn’t able to be as stoic as Luo Lingxing. When he heard these questions, his expression darkened. Just as he was about to speak, a reporter asked another question.

“Can I ask what your plans are for Jun Ling Studio’s future?” Miao Honghong asked.

Chen Hongliang’s expression finally turned for the better. Someone finally asked a question related to today’s press conference. He didn’t want this conference to talk about other things.

Luo Lingxing also glanced at the reporter who asked the questions. His voice was clear as he said without rushing, “From the preparation to the establishment of the studio, Brother Chen has taken care of everything. As for the future of the studio, I believe that Brother Chen has the answers to the question.”

The reporters below obviously didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to answer like this. Even if what he said in the first half of the sentence was true, in general, shouldn’t he credit himself for establishing the studio? The reporters had rarely seen such a frank and straightforward person.

“Since we are signing our first artist today, we’re slowly getting on track. The recruitment of various departments will also start today. As long as you think you have the ability to endure hardships, the doors of Jun Ling Studio will welcome you,” Chen Hongliang took the opportunity to put up a job advertisement for free.

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